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How to setup your multivendor ecommerce marketplace with yo!kart?

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Pick a suitable package

Go Quick

The Go Quick plan comes with self-hosted YoKart platform, giving you more control of the multistore’s design at just $999.
(Special Offer: Now pay $250 only and rest after 3 months)
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Go Custom Lite

GoCustom Lite plan offers self-hosted ecommerce system with in-built Yo!Kart features along with partial custom design. This package is best suited for growing businesses.

Go Custom

The Go Custom plan offers a website design created from scratch and meets business goals of large enterprises.

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Get The Ecommerce Marketplace Installed

Installation is Free

Being a startup friendly platform, YoKart does not charge for installation.

In Case of Startup Package

The startup plan is a hosted plan, which means that we will provide hosting.

In Case of GoQuick Package

You own the full control as you use your own hosting.

In Case of GoCustom Lite and GoCustom Package

With Go Custom and Go Custom Lite package too, you host a custom marketplace on your servers.

Server Requirements
Configure Important settings

It’s time to set up important settings in the ecommerce marketplace after the installation of your ecommerce marketplace gets completed. Configuring these settings will enable people to buy products from your multivendor store.

It is required to setup important settings such as, country and state information at first. The next important thing would be setting up payment gateway.

In a multivendor store, suppliers play a vital role and adding them beforehand is highly recommended. Everyone including admin, suppliers and buyers will have their own login and separate set of features. Additionally, affiliates can also be configured.

Add Product Information

Product additions by you

As an admin of the multistore, you have the power of adding product information in one go with bulk Import/Export feature.

Product additions by Merchant

Merchants can add the product information, both manually as well as in bulk with YoKart’s import/export feature.

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With YoKart’s powerful Import/Export feature, adding information about new products becomes easy. It supports many file formats including xls and xlsx. In addition to this, it also supports the open office format, ods

Launch your multivendor store

After adding products, the next step involves launching the online marketplace for public. In this phase, you can start a campaign to spread the word about the launch of your ecommerce marketplace, give rewards or discounts for each buy, and more.

Additional marketing efforts can be put through email marketing, and strategic tie-ups to provide exclusive offers with specific credit cards.

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Manage your marketplace

After creating a little awareness about your marketplace, the next step is to manage it efficiently. YoKart comes with a variety of features, which make your work easier by increasing your productivity.

By using YoKart’s report feature, you can know about new signups, products sold, new affiliates, tax report, commission, and more.

You can also check order details, such as referral rewards, payment status, shipping information, withdrawal requests, and much more.

Launch your multivendor ecommerce store with Yo!Kart

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How YoKart can help you launch a profitable online marketplace?

YoKart is built by a team of professionals, which includes ace web developers, UX designers, digital marketers, and more. By choosing YoKart, you will save on total budget and months of coding.

It’s fast
It’s scalable
It’s secure

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