Pre-integrated APIs ― Leverage Interconnected eCommerce ecosystem

Orchestrate success with bespoke plug & play APIs and enhance possibilities for the business and the users.

API Integrations for Seamless eCommerce Operations

Real Time Shipping Management

Automate and streamline your store’s shipping processes like managing orders, creating shipping labels, and retrieving live shipping rates quickly with ShipStation API. From express shipping to the lowest delivery rates, the module fetches a variety of shipping options to convert more potential shoppers into buyers.

AfterShip API
Real-Time Shipment Tracking

Allow your customers to keep track of all shipments in real-time with AfterShip API. The module streamlines the user experience driving additional sales to your eCommerce business. AfterShip can be easily mapped with the enabled ShipStation API to auto-import tracking number and order info from ShipStation Store every 3 hours.

ShipStation API
Real-Time Sales Tax Calculation

Perform thousands or millions of sales tax calculations for multiple orders accurately and in seconds with TaxJar and Avalara - highest-rated sales tax compliance software. Pre-integrated in Yo!Kart, the tax service APIs allow admin to automate sales tax compliance in the online marketplace. Also, any tax updates are incorporated automatically in the marketplace.

Avalara & Taxjar API

Simplify your store's shipping operations with ShipEngine and effortlessly streamline logistics for eCommerce. Further, integrate with multiple carriers and provide access to real-time shipment tracking for smooth order fulfillment and seamless customer experience.


Streamline creating orders via automated waybill generation and shipping labels using Aramex. Access a diverse selection of reliable shipping solutions, track shipments in real-time, and deliver customers a captivating experience, encouraging repeat business. The Shipping API calculates accurate rates based on domestic/international shipping addresses and product weight for efficient deliveries.


Optimize your store’s shipping capabilities with EasyPost, API partnered with over 100 global carriers, granting access to competitive rates, and hassle-free order fulfillment. Gain end-to-end flexibility and enhanced control over logistics and give customers comprehensive visibility throughout the shipment process.


Simplify shipping complexities, expand market reach, and deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction with Shiprocket API. With advanced features like a shipping rate calculator and automated label generation, take complete control of shipping operations.


Payment Facilitators To Streamline eCommerce Operations

From Stripe to PayPal to M-Pesa, Yo!Kart comes pre-integrated with 20+ payment gateways to streamline the sales conversion funnel. The incorporation of reliable payment solutions ensure secure, hassle-free eCommerce transactions in real-time. Furthermore, these payment gateways provide end-to-end capabilities to help businesses get complete control over the flow of funds in the marketplace.

Stripe Connect API
Split Payment Instantly Between Users

Automate payouts and control the flow of funds in multi vendor marketplaces with Stripe Connect API. It offers real-time split payments between users (buyers, sellers, admin) and works in 35+ countries. Stripe Connect is highly compliant, secure, and provides instant onboarding/verification to new & existing users, further streamlining eCommerce payments.

PayPal Payouts API
Send Payments to Users Instantly With PayPal Payouts

Transfer seller’s earning, advertiser’s commission, or buyer’s credit/refunds with PayPal Payouts API. It supports 24 currencies and facilitates transactions in 180 markets worldwide. Users can request credits withdrawal through PayPal Payout using their respective dashboards.

Facilitate Digital Transactions With Trusted Payment Gateways

stripe Connect
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Drive Success through Seamless User Experience and Advanced Analytics


Establish captivating user experiences and comprehensively understand user journeys through one-to-one interviews, behavioral insights, and consistent feedback using Hotjar. This API facilitates the retrieval of performance data for specific pages, sections,or the entire store using recordings, heatmaps, and surveys, allowing admins to make data-backed improvements.

Facebook Pixel

Unlock the power of data-driven Facebook advertising with Facebook Pixel. Analyze ad conversions, optimize campaigns, and create audiences for future targeting. Gain insights into user behavior, track interactions, and maximize the effectiveness of marketplace promotions.

Facebook Pixel
Google Tag Manager

Effortlessly manage tags for remarketing, conversion tracking, and site analytics with Google Tag Manager. Gain a deeper understanding of user behavior, optimize conversion rates, and drive targeted campaigns with ease.

Google Tag Manager
Bing Webmaster

Optimize your store's visibility on Bing search with Bing Webmaster API offered by Google. Monitor site performance, submit sitemaps, and diagnose potential issues to improve search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, and expand your customer base.

Bing Webmaster
Shopify Store

Shopify Store

Shopify Store
Upgrade Your Shopify Store with Yo!Kart's Single-Vendor Shopify Plugin: Simplify eCommerce Integration for Increased Sales!

Transform your Shopify store into a feature-rich eCommerce platform with Yo!Kart's pre-integrated Single-Vendor Shopify Plugin. Automate inventory management, import products, and other information to drive recurring sales.

Additional Third-Party Add-Ons to Increase Efficiency

MSN Translator

MSN - Microsoft Translation Text API
Real-time text translation supports 90 languages

Powered by Microsoft Translator Text API, Yo!Kart delivers a cognitively designed eCommerce marketplace that is inherently multilingual. The API provides real-time text translation support for 90 languages ensuring a global business reach. It automatically detects the language of the text and provides translation into the preferred language in a single request.

MSN - Microsoft Translation Text API

Email Marketing Tools

MailChimp Email Marketing API

Send/Schedule targeted emails to potential customers’ inboxes with MailChimp API in Yo!Kart. It empowers business owners to automate email campaigns and reach the right audience.


Stay connected with your customers and personalize messages based upon your audience behavior with Aweber API. Another powerful email marketing tool to jumpstart your marketplace growth, Aweber enables businesses to deliver effective email campaigns.

Currency Conversion Tools

Fixer Currency Conversion API

Incorporate the latest currency conversion rates automatically with Fixer API in Yo!Kart. The module fetches real-time exchange rate data for 170 world currencies, which is updated every minute. A secure currency conversion API with response time in milliseconds.

Currency Converter

A standard currency converter API that offers both free as well as premium currency conversion services. The module is pre-integrated to ensure a seamless conversion to any currency your customers may wish to transact.

Twilio Messaging & Notifications API

Messaging & Notifications

Twilio Messaging & Notifications API

Send personalized SMS to users (sellers and buyers) in over 150 countries quickly and effortlessly using Twilio API. Once enabled, it offers potential users an option to register/sign-in using their phone number instead of an email address. It is a faster way to attract new users and interact at any time.

FCM Push Notification API

For Push Notification

FCM Push Notification API
FCM - Firebase Cloud Messaging

Cross-platform cloud messaging service by Google to send push notifications to users for free. Quickly setup and configure FCM API in our multi vendor marketplace platform to deliver personalized information on new products, special offers, and discounts to subscribed customers.


Notify your online marketplace users quickly with push notifications on web applications using Engagespot. The API allows the admin to send user-specific notifications instantly. Engagespot module comes pre-integrated for quick setup.

Zendesk Live Chat API

Live Chat

Zendesk Live Chat API

Initiate a conversation and provide ongoing support to your eCommerce marketplace customers on any device using Zendesk’s real-time chat software. Activate the live chat API within the admin dashboard to automate responses and deliver a rich conversational experience without delays/interruptions. This increases customer satisfaction by anticipating queries and offering help when required.

Social Login Integrations

Simplify users’ access to your online marketplace with instant social media login.

Facebook Login
Gmail Login
Apple Login
Instagram Login
Google Analytics API

Google Analytics

Google Analytics API

Analyze the number of visitors, page views, and other traffic data on your marketplace with Google Analytics API. The powerful web analytical service provides rich data insights to calculate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. From measuring an average session duration to conversion rate, Google Analytics is handy for eCommerce business owners. Follow these steps to correctly configure Google Analytics from Third-Party settings.


Google ReCaptcha


Prevent automated or fraudulent account sign-ups in your eCommerce marketplace using Google ReCaptcha. The Google-developed anti-spambot feature uses an advanced risk analysis engine to block bots or fake users. Configure Google reCaptcha under third party API* to enable reCaptcha on all registration forms in your store. Follow the steps on the Google website to generate the site key and secret key for integration. The module enhances security on the website and mobile devices.

Google Maps API

Google Maps

Google Maps API

Embed the latest maps, routes, and places in your marketplace with Google Maps API to create seamless real-world interaction on your marketplace. Enable your buyers to track orders and delivery routes in Yo!Kart easily. The platform allows the admin to configure Google maps and generate the user's current location quickly. Go to Third Party API within the admin dashboard to add Google Map API key.

Integrate any on-premise or Third-Party API of your choice with Yo!Kart.
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Yo!Kart Mobile App For iOS and Android

Drive Growth With Ready-To-Launch Mobile Apps

Yo!Kart provides intuitive mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms to capture the extensive smartphone penetration in eCommerce. Invest now to leverage the mobile capabilities of today.

Yo!Kart Mobile App For iOS and Android
  • Push Notification
  • Geo-targeted campaigns
  • Buyer-Seller Messaging
  • Multilingual With RTL Support
  • In-App Notification
  • PPC Advertisements

Exclusive Benefits With Yo!Kart Multi Vendor Platform

Lifetime ownership

Get complete source code ownership (excluding framework) with every purchase of Yo!Kart.

No recurring fees

One-time payment with no hidden processing fee or recurring charges of any kind.

Flexible Payments

Nominal upfront payment with an option to pay the remaining amount in milestones.

Free Installation

Deploy Yo!Kart-powered marketplace on your choice of domain and server at no additional cost.

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