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New-Age Marketplace with Crypto Payments

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Myntist is a new-age ecosystem of resourceful platforms that leverages contemporary technology to empower users with creative monetization channels ― keeping sustainability at the core of its operations. In its Yo!Kart-powered marketplace, users can trade physical products and digital assets and earn via native crypto and fiat currencies.

According to Statista, The User Base in The Digital Assets Market is Expected to Reach

994.30m By 2027

Ideation - Analyzing Requirements

As part of its digital ecosystem, the client had a vision for a new-age marketplace dedicated to digital assets. The platform was conceptualized to adopt a C2C & B2C business model ― fostering communities and allowing users to profit from their skills, passion, and household items resale.

Furthermore, the business plan visualized a platform with omnichannel sales for users by integrating existing sales channels, long-term user engagement with royalty-driven sales, the flexibility of crypto and fiat payments, a custom front end that encapsulates the client’s brand ethos, and more.

Execution ― Crafting the Vision

Evaluating the client's vision, our Agile team harnessed the customizability of Yo!Kart's versatile and robust system to craft a stellar platform. We incorporated the requirements for web and mobile apps and fused them with the system to seamlessly blend the platform with Myntist's existing ecosystem of products. The platform offers key functionalities tailored to meet the business goals and captivate users with experiences they want to keep coming back for.

Crypto payments support

To engage users of today, the contemporary marketplace allows users to transact via multiple payment methods. With Metamask integration, Myntist native cryptocurrency $MYNT is supported along with regular (fiat) currencies on the platform. Buyers can pay for the products with a currency of their choice.

Multiple Selling modes (Auction/Royalty)

The platform can capture a diverse user base with multiple selling modes available. Sellers can put products up for Auction for a defined timeline and minimum value ― buyers can bid over the seller-defined value or existing bid(s). Additionally, sellers also have the opportunity to earn sustained royalty commission(s) on resale of already sold items.

Seller Shop integration

Sellers with existing sales channels can unify their sales across channels. The Myntist platform has been integrated with Shopify and eBay modules allowing sellers to import selling and bidding (eBay) products from their Shopify-powered stores or eBay profiles over to their Myntist storefronts.

AI-driven Efficiency Enhancers

The Myntist platform is tuned to leverage the benefits of AI by integrating new-age tools into the platform. Sellers can fast-track generating detailed product descriptions, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of this critical but repetitive operational function. Additionally, sellers can get reports of projected revenue from the platform relative to the competition.

User Interface Customization

The team employed their industry expertise in pleasing user experiences and encapsulated the branding requirements of the client to craft an intuitive and captivating front end. Multiple design elements were tailored to fit the business objectives along with supporting media personalizations ― making the design blend alluring experiences with logic and efficiency.

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