Multiply Reach of eCommerce Marketplace with Mobile Apps

Create a Superior Online Shopping Experience with Yo!Kart Marketplace Solution and Mobile Apps for Buyer.

eCommerce Marketplace with Mobile Apps

Why Embrace eCommerce Mobile
Maturity with Yo!Kart?

According to BCG, digitally influenced purchases will grow to $3.9 trillion by 2022. Pushing the consumers to place orders online require value propositions which enhances the “on-the-go” behavior. Here are more such values that are offered with Yo!Kart mobile apps.

better Shopping Experience
Better Shopping Experience

With Yo!Kart mobile apps, you can display information in your regional language (Including RTL design flip).

New Marketing Channel
New Marketing Channel

eCommerce mobile apps enable you to engage generation Z and millennials audience with ease.

Make Data-Driven Decision
Make Data-Driven Decision

Accelerate your growth by bringing clarity in the customer journey with Firebase and Google Analytics.

Features of Yo!Kart Mobile Apps for Buyer

Yo!Kart, a leading multivendor eCommerce platform that provides feature-rich mobile apps for Android and iOS operating systems (OS). Available for buyers, the eCommerce mobile apps enable a user to place an order on-the-go. Here are a few additional features:

Voice Search

According to the latest market trends, people have become more accustomed to voice search. Add Value through a mobile app for buyers that supports voice search for customer satisfaction and expands mobile boundaries.

Easy login

To provide the customer omni-channel experience, the buyer's app has been integrated with easy login and registration. Allowing customers to login with social media channels or mobile number.

Social Sharing

Give your customers to advocate your brand on social media through social sharing features. Create more organic content and reach the larger audience easily.

Push Notification

One of the easiest ways to connect with your mobile audience is through push notifications. This feature allows brands to do personalized and direct marketing.

Buyer-Seller Messaging

Through the Mobile app built by Yo!Kart buyers can message the seller regarding any query. Easy messaging features ensure customer satisfaction and increased rate of conversion.

Multilingual with RTL Support

Yo!Kart mobile app is multilingual through MSN Language API. Also the mobile app also supports Right to left languages.

In-App Notification

To make the customer journey to conversion even more smoother, businesses should send in-app notifications. This feature allows brands to interact with the customers without any hassle.

Google Firebase Analytics

The SDK automatically captures some key events, user property and the owner can set custom events too. This feature allows the owner to measure events that uniquely matter to the business.

PPC Advertising

Mobile app advertisements are able to get the maximum ROI. Mobile app owners must realize the importance of this feature for their mobile apps.

Deep Linking

To create a unique user experience, mobile deep linking is an essential feature for buyer’s apps. It provides convenience in content promotion and also new opportunities for monetization.

Yo!Kart Mobile Apps Pricing

We add convenience for your buyers to make purchase decisions by designing user-friendly eCommerce marketplace mobile apps. The value we deliver comes at a competitive price.

Buyer Apps
Buyer iOS App
Buyer Android App

*Requires a minimum purchase of GoQuick Package

*No source code provided for Mobile Apps

Seller App

From sellers' perspective, Yo!Kart seller app contains features such as order details, transaction details, and buyer-seller communication. Further, the app makes it easy and convenient for sellers to list products and manage orders easily.

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Crafting Micro Moments with Custom eCommerce Marketplace Mobile Apps

Consistent achievements in design thinking have enabled us to reach important milestones and deliver user-friendly custom eCommerce marketplace mobile apps. From inspiration to product discovery, we can assist you to establish your mobile presence from scratch and transform a custom mobile commerce solution into an important touchpoint for your business. In addition to our past work based on Yo!Kart mobile app for buyers, check our custom eCommerce mobile apps and the industries we serve.

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