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Leverage robust growth capabilities of Yo!Kart B2B ― a complete turnkey Pharmaceutical B2B solution for popular e-Pharma use cases i.e. Medical Equipment & Supplies, Contract Manufacturing, Raw materials marketplace, and more.

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Launch a B2B Pharma Marketplace

B2B Pharma Marketplace ― Your Gateway to Thriving Industry

The global pharmaceuticals industry is projected to grow to $81 bn by 2028 with a promising CAGR of 11.57%*. eCommerce, a pivotal driver of this growth, has gained significant momentum in recent years ― creating room for online disruption via multiple business model possibilities.

Capture the opportunity at the right time ― while the market is maturing to embrace digital channels, with a B2B Pharma marketplace that aggregates supply chain participants, and solves their key pain points in the multiple sub-niches within this industry.

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eCommerce Features Central to B2B Pharma Marketplace Success

The solutions to key challenges in the Pharmaceutical industry determine success of the value chain. Lead with a competitive advantage by including features in your B2B Pharma marketplace platform―that assist in giving these solutions ― and allow all platform participants to perform their roles effectively and efficiently.

Cover Multiple Industry Use-Cases

Cover Multiple Industry Use-Cases

The Pharma & Healthcare industry covers multiple use case opportunities for online B2B platforms. It has businesses spread across its value chain. These include those involved in raw materials supply, contract manufacturing (CMO), contract packaging (CPO), trade of medical equipment and supplies, healthcare staffing, and even R&D-as-a-service. With Yo!Kart B2B, you can cater to any of these use cases with a rich-featured online B2B marketplace platform.

Adapt to Price Volatility In Pharma

Price Volatility In Pharma

Products in the pharmaceutical industry are subject to pricing volatility. Giving sellers the capabilities to stay open to negotiations is significant to user interactions in the B2B Pharma industry. Adding features such as versatile Request For Quote options intuitively across the platform and Hide Prices functionalities along with the regular checkout, allows B2B users to negotiate price volatility.

Safeguard against Spurious Medical Supplies

Safeguard against Spurious Medical Supplies

The Pharmaceutical industry is plagued with instances of spurious products making inroads into the market. Safeguard your B2B Pharma platform with features that foster genuine product distribution. Allow sellers to offer downloadable product certification, and give marketplace operators authority to control operations. Also, give the buyers a direct communication channel to contact the sellers.

Offer Holistic Buying Experience

Offer Holistic Buying Experience

Precise product information is integral to purchase decisions in a B2B Pharmaceutical marketplace. Features such as an intuitive and effective product catalog, and support for multiple varieties of media files ― allow sellers to audition their products on the platform effectively. This is further bolstered by product ratings and reviews and efficient search with advanced capabilities.

Seamless Global Expansion

Seamless Global Expansion

The Pharmaceutical market is spread across the American, European, and Asian markets, with countries like the US, China, Japan, Germany, the UK, and India as key to both the supply and demand side. Features like region-specific payment gateways, Multi-lingual, Multi-currency, and automated operations along with a scalable high-performing system are integral to global eCommerce operations.

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Procurenet - Yo!Kart-powered Global Pharma Marketplace

Founded by serial entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal, Procurenet connects on-demand manufacturers and raw material suppliers with B2B buyers in the Pharma industry. The purpose-built e-marketplace platform exemplifies highly efficient Agile-driven development timeframes by Yo!Kart’s in-house support team. Within a year of its launch, the Pharma marketplace is already a thriving ecosystem of high-volume eCommerce. Currently the robust Yo!Kart powered e-marketplace supports:

  • 2 M+ products from 4.5k+ Categories.
  • 1 M+ product catalog.

In-House Customization Services For Entire eCommerce Lifecycle

Start with a tailored platform customized to meet specific business needs. Meet branding goals, integrate with APIs to provide distinct services for all platform participants, or with existing legacy systems for seamless operations.

Secure the future of your eCommerce business with Yo!Kart ― an extensively customizable solution with tested scalability and internal customization support.

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