The Project - Evaluating Requirements

Bozinga envisioned a pan-American B2B eCommerce multi-vendor marketplace that would provide a platform for manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and trading companies to conduct B2B trade in a cohesive online ecosystem ― purpose-built to facilitate B2B eCommerce. They shared the requirement of an RFQ module that enables. offers and counter-offers to facilitate negotiations, and upon mutual acceptance, bulk orders can be processed in accord with the buyer’s requirements. Aligned with the shared business goals, customization was done on Yo!Kart to provide a B2B solution to the client.

Bozinga envisioned

Key Features Delivered

RFQ/Order Negotiation Module
Bulk Order
Bulk Order Management
Filtering & Search Navigation
Security And Authenticity
Security & Authenticity
Minimum Order Quantity
Minimum Order Quantity
Individual Seller Storefront
Individual Seller Storefront
Real-time Inventory Updates
Real-time Inventory Updates
Streamlined Payment Collection
Streamlined Payment Collection

Client’s Feedback

Implementing core Agile practices, we worked like a well-oiled machine with an analysis of key requirements. The fruits of our labor are achieved by delivering a solution that realizes the client’s vision and provides them with a platform to propel their business. The feedback shared by the client with us echoes the success of the deliverables. Some highlights of that review are shared in this illustration.

client feedback
Meeting Requirements

Meeting Requirements with a purpose driven solution

Meeting Requirements

We at FATbit offered the client a comprehensively customized Yo!Kart marketplace solution with result-driven B2B functionalities ― based on analysis and evaluation of client requirements. The platform aided core B2B eCommerce requirements of effective negotiations, bulk selling, availability of services, direct communication channels ― while also inheriting rich-features of Yo!Kart that streamline eCommerce for buyers, sellers, and the admin.

Project Milestones Met

The Solution was delivered within 4 months meeting initial targets. The following planned milestones were met:

Project Milestones

Quotation/Re-Quotation ProcessIn Bozinga RFQ Module

Bozinga has been customized with a detailed RFQ module to streamline price negotiation between users (buyers and sellers) on the marketplace. The following flow diagram illustrates the work-flow within the RFQ module of Bozinga.

Quotation/Re-Quotation Process

Advance Search Based On Suppliers

Search Based Suppliers

Bozinga was designed to host multitude of sellers on the platform ― manufacturers, distributors, service providers & traders. Each business entity offers something unique to the buyers. So buyers need to find products based on seller type

To ease the buying process, and maximize conversions we embedded Bozinga with an advanced search solution.

Buyers on Bozinga, can conveniently search products on the basis of seller types, easing the process of identifying products that match their requirements.

Search Based Suppliers

Now, launch a B2B marketplace like Bozinga right away withour purpose-built turnkey solution ― Yo!Kart B2B

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