About UNI Diamonds

UNI is the first and foremost professional diamond business-to-business trading ecosystem. With a vision to build a transparent and trustworthy network for both the diamond buyers and vendors, this collaborative polished diamond marketplace enables them to seamlessly and digitally search, compare, value, bid and buy diamonds, verifying all the required information and market data. Known for maintaining best practices in the diamond trade industry, it lets you focus on what you do best.

Growing Online B2B Market
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Growing Online B2B Market
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Growing Online B2B Market
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Growing Online B2B Market
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UNI Diamonds Case Study

The Problem

U.N.I Technologies, a team of highly experienced professionals from Israel Diamond Trade Industry were looking to launch a unique & smart B2B multivendor marketplace solution that could seamlessly connect diamond buyers and vendors across the world. To achieve a first-mover advantage, gain a competitive edge in the diamond industry and simultaneously make an indelible appearance in the Hong Kong International Show 2018, U.N.I Technologies decided to follow in the footsteps of Yo!Kart - a multivendor marketplace as a B2B diamond trading solution. That’s where FATbit Technologies came into the play!

UNI Diamonds

The Solution   

As the technology partner to UNI Diamonds (U.N.I Technologies), FATbit’s team of experts executed the process of requirement gathering, defining the expectations and then customized Yo!Kart to come up with an advanced marketplace; MVP (minimum viable product) within the strict timeframe. With a deep and proven experience of building powerful and best-in-class multi-vendor marketplace, FATbit successfully brought multiple vendors and buyers over the same platform.

Understanding the business model, analyzing the backend operations and getting insights into the importance of data precision w.r.t. to Diamond Industry, FATbit delivered a scalable, robust and secure solution that radically transformed the traditional diamond trade industry into the new digital trading arena.

By examining the psychology of the multivendor marketplace along with its ever-changing medium, we accelerated the process of B2B diamond trading for U.N.I Technologies. This further enhanced the efficiency of the back end operations and enabled customers to make better purchase decisions.

Successfully Covered Tradeshows   

Attended the world’s largest diamond trade shows and presented the 1st online B2B system for diamond trading.

First online diamond tender Uni Tender Jan. 2019
Online Diamond Bidding Uni Tender Jan. 2019
Diamond View Uni Tender Jan. 2019
Hong Kong trade show Hong Kong Show 2019
Hong Kong Exhibition Hong Kong Show 2019
Diamond trading Platform Demo Hong Kong Show 2019
Las Vegas show Booth JCK Las Vegas 2019
UNI Diamonds CEO JCK Las Vegas 2019
UNI diamonds 360 View JCK Las Vegas 2019

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