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A1vendor ― Empowering Fashion Landscape in Jamaica

Fashion eCommerce Marketplace
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Aggregating and inspiring talent across Jamaica, A1vendor is a Fashion eCommerce marketplace built to foster the country's rich culture and craftsmanship. By leveraging a versatile platform that gives its users an end-to-end eCommerce experience, the brand is set to catalyze a transition in the country's fashion landscape.

According to Statista, the online fashion Market is expected to Reach

$1016B By 2028

The Vision

Dave, the founder of A1vendor, had a profound vision for the platform ― a contemporary fashion platform that is a breeding ground for local talent and is also a launchpad for sellers ― with an ecosystem that offers a dynamic engine for sales and a window to a global audience.

To get the sales engine running the client envisioned purpose-driving the platform with result-oriented features tailored to its target audience. Moreover, he conceptualized a conversion-focused UI/UX that inspires the uninitiated and amazes the regulars.

Deliverables ― A Fashion eCommerce Marketplace

YoKart is a holistic readymade solution for fashion marketplace platforms. This meant significant business requirements in the A1vendor project were achieved by the out-of-the-box functionality of YoKart. These include both multivendor-specific and essentials that foster key eCommerce drivers for the industry. Furthermore, the versatile solution was customized to give the client a platform aligned with his vision.

Robust Payment Solutions

A region-specific payment gateway Wipay was integrated to complement existing payment solutions in YoKart, building a system to host seamless eCommerce transactions for the marketplace operator, sellers and buyers.

Powerful Search

Fashion e-marketplaces host multiple product variations arising from permutation combinations of all products and their types. YoKart has an in-built advanced search module to give buyers efficient and accurate search results ― catalyzing satisfying shopping experiences.

UI/UX to enthrall

YoKart’s clean UI/UX drives impact with a strong initial impression and leads consumers through a fluid buying journey to catalyze higher conversion rates. It was further aligned with the client's brand signature.

Need for Speed

eCommerce Buyers today need a faster way around their needs. A1vendor was given this key impetus by integrating with faster social logins ― to add to the existing virtues of frictionless checkout and smooth workflows.

Mobile Apps

To encash the growing significance of mobile apps to eCommerce success, A1vendor has set foot in the industry with native mobile apps from YoKart. Furthermore, these apps are customized like web apps, giving buyers a unified experience.

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