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Digitization is doing things that were unimaginable for B2B commerce a decade ago. There are many Challenges that B2B companies can solve by investing in online marketplaces

FATbit or Yo!Kart identified the future need a decade ago and started building marketplace solutions specific to various niches, in both B2B & B2C segments

-The Telegraph

The future of B2B Lies in Online Marketplaces

While brick and mortar stores won't disappear overnight, B2B players need to reckon the power of online marketplaces. Why? Here's why:

Growing Online B2B Market
Better Shopping Experience

With Yo!Kart mobile apps, you can display information in your regional language (Including RTL design flip).

Higher Order Value
New Marketing Channel

Ecommerce mobile apps enable you to engage generation Z and millennials audience with ease.

Lower Cost
Make Data-Driven Decision

Accelerate your growth by bringing clarity in the customer journey with Firebase and Google Analytics.


B2B eCommerce enables organizations to scale rapidly by introducing new sales channels and constantly reaching out to new market segments.

More Values To Customers
More Values To Customers

B2B eCommerce elevates the customer experience through self-service portals with an account’s order history and tracking information in an easy-to-use interface.

Key B2B eCommerce Features Offered By Yo!Kart

Yo!Kart is a highly customizable and scalable online B2B eCommerce marketplace platform. Some of its key features include:

Bulk Price Discounts
Bulk Price Discounts

Bulk price discount is a major feature of B2B eCommerce. They encourage higher order value and help build customer loyalty. Bulk price discounting is a standard feature in Yo!Kart.

Minimum Order Quantities
Minimum Order Quantities

Setting minimum order quantities on all or part of your products is crucial for making profits and maintaining margins in B2B eCommerce. This feature can be used easily in Yo!Kart.

One-Click Re-order
One-Click Re-order

Buyers may want to repeat the same order they placed in the past and here the One-Click Re-order option comes in handy. Get this essential eCommerce marketplace feature in Yo!Kart multi- vendor software.

Multiple Payment Gateways
Multiple Payment Gateways

Yo!Kart offers standard integration with dozens of popular payment gateways with the scope of adding more using third-party integrations.

Real-time Inventory Updates
Real-time Inventory Updates

Yo!Kart marketplace software facilitates better inventory management by offering real-time inventory updates. This feature keeps the vendors informed about the current availability of stock and helps them list their products accordingly.

Vendor Subscription Plans
Vendor Subscription Plans

Yo!Kart marketplace owners can create customized subscription plans. This enables them to collect a monthly fee from vendors in addition to the commission for listing their products.

Our Proud Partners

sawim - Taking Saudi Manufacturers Global
SAWIM - Taking Saudi Manufacturers Global

Yo!Kart multi-vendor platform is the proud developer of Sawim - the first, most comprehensive online B2B trading platform for Saudi and International business partners. As a secure and innovative commerce solution, Sawim encourages growth, efficiency, and confidence in digital transactions of the local economy.

UNI - Diamond Trading Gone Digital
UNI - Diamond Trading Gone Digital

The Yo!Kart team was behind the development of UNI - the world's first professional diamond B2B trading platform. UNI offers a B2B ecosystem for vendors and buyers while adhering to the best practices in the diamond trade industry.

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Minimum Viable Product (MVP) For An Online Marketplace

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) For An Online Marketplace

You can start small by taking a conservative approach and opting for an MVP. It is a minimalistic version of your B2B eCommerce marketplace. An MVP enables you to gauge the response of your target audience and pinpoint the flaws that could be detrimental at a later stage.

At FATbit, we develop data-driven online marketplace solutions to help our clients establish a strong market presence. We offer the best set of features at competitive pricing.Our solutions deliver the perfect price-to-functionality ratio and this enables our clients to test their online B2B marketplace idea in the real world at an affordable price.

Expand Your Marketplace's Reach With Cutting-Edge Mobile Apps

Expand Your Marketplace's Reach With Cutting-Edge Mobile Apps

Mobile apps’ influence is everywhere and the B2B market is no exception. Mobile-savvy millennials make up the largest share of B2B buyers and mobile commerce (mCommerce) accounts for 33% of all B2B sales.

By integrating mobile apps in the marketing strategy, businesses can reach newer demographics and multiply their sales substantially.

Yo!Kart brings your B2B eCommerce marketplace at your customer’s fingertips with dedicated mobile apps. The perfect combination of ‘Buyer’ and ‘Seller’ apps provides an interactive experience to the end-users.

We develop mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms that can be customized according to your business requirements.

Bring Yo!Kart’s Robust Features to Your Online Marketplace.

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