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Liquor and Wine sales via eCommerce channels continue to accelerate with the momentum gained in recent years. According to the IWSR Drinks market analysis, alcohol eCommerce sales are predicted to be more than US $42 bn by 2025.

Capture the rising opportunity at the right time ― while the market is maturing to embrace digital channels, and gain traction amongst target platform participants and investors. Launch an eCommerce marketplace that solves key pain points in the Liquor and Wine industry and adds value for all platform participants.


eCommerce Features central to Online Liquor marketplace success

The Liquor and Wine industry is driven by key pain points ― the pivotal determiners in the value chain that are distinct to the niche. Your Liquor and Wine eCommerce platform can lead with a competitive advantage by including features that allow all platform participants to navigate through these industry specificities, and perform their roles effectively, efficiently, and with ease.

Offer D2C channels


The need for online Direct To Consumer Sales channels is gaining accelerated traction with B2Balcohol vendors. Offer D2C sales on your platform by building an ecosystem to attract these sellers. Provide a cohesive API-driven connected platform; frictionless selling with efficient workflows and logic-oriented store management; secure and popular payment gateways like Stripe for seamless finance management; high brand element with purpose-built distinct front-end; secure and robust underpinnings.

Click And Collect


Shipment Time-frames can be long due to the ingrained complexities in the delivery of the products in this niche. Allow buyers to buy products from the platform and collect it from physical stores to avoid shipping wait times. Additionally, offers can be introduced via reward points or discounts to equilibrize buyers.

Geolocation Functionalities


An integral feature to further navigate shipping complexities, geolocation allows you to offer products to consumers based on their location. Only those products that can be shipped to their location will be displayed. Furthermore, map integration with Vendor shops will facilitate buyers to locate the physical location of shops.

SEO and Marketing


With a precisely defined target audience, Liquor and Wine marketplaces have the opportunity to run focused and productive marketing strategies. Reach your target audience via effective blogs, affiliate partners, and other high-yielding strategies. Sell with incisive features such as share to social media, product recommendations, and more.

Assurance of secure ecosystem


Liquor marketplaces typically host premium, and high-value products. To foster high-value sales, the platform should give buyers the trust and sellers the reliability of a completely secure ecosystem. Accordingly, a secure platform with GDPR compliance, trusted hosting services, robust payment processors, and traceable shipping services are prerequisites to facilitate end-to-end security and trust.

Lead with Result-oriented features to navigate eCommerce complexities
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