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MyCart – Mauritius’ Leading Online Shopping Platform Powered By Yo!Kart


Mycart Mauritius is an online shopping platform, powered by Yo!Kart. The store aims to facilitate ease of online shopping for customers. It strives to make the shopping experience fun and enjoyable on its e-store. The marketplace, which is Mauritius’ best online store, enables the customers to shop for any product in the Mauritius and Rodrigues region with just a few clicks.

It always starts with a vision…

Vishal Anand, a Mauritian entrepreneur, conceptualized a marketplace that enables customers to conveniently shop online, from street vendors to enterprises. He wanted to bring all customers and vendors from Mauritius & Rodrigues onto a single online platform. 

Since all businesses, big or small would be able to sell on this common platform, the customers will have access to a wide range of products irrespective of their location in Mauritius and Rodrigues

From Concept To Reality

His vision was realized by team Yo!Kart. The team engineered a user-friendly and reliable website, i.e Keeping up with the trend of customers’ preference to shop using mobiles, Mycart also features mobile apps on the Google Playstore.

Mycart’s motto is “Great stores Better choices”. By offering exceptional services,  the store has been able to grow to feature multiple sellers that sell thousands of products. The marketplace has products from numerous product categories ranging from trendy gadgets to the latest in fashion on sale. The marketplace experience for customers remains fabulous despite the increased product volume. 

Mycart lets the vendors sign up without charging anything from them. The marketplace also facilitates ease of doing business for the vendors. The vendors can customize and manage their online store. They can also manage their orders, inventory, product listings, and more. 

A customer-centric approach has been a cornerstone of Mycart’s success. To ensure complete customer satisfaction Mycart offers customer support through live chat support.  

One Of The Most Valued Yo!Kart Clients 

Team Yo!Kart takes pride in the success achieved by Mycart. The product and services delivered by the team have been a part of the success story. The client shared his valuable feedback about the team. 

Client Review:

A scalable, reliable, and fully customizable marketplace solution for a flourishing ecommerce business

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