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Author: YoKart Chef

YoKart Chef is an ecommerce guru and knows what startups need to thrive in a competitive market. Entrepreneurs & CEOs can count on YoKart Chef for valuable insights on latest ecommerce trends. Follow Yo!Kart on social media for latest updates Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Accept Payments From 40M+ M-Pesa Users On a Yo!Kart-Powered Marketplace

YoKart Chef04.07.2021

Help merchants sell more with M-Pesa – a mobile money service with over 40 million users in Africa. The payment gateway now comes pre-integrated with Yo!Kart, our standalone multivendor platform. Read the blog to learn more about M-Pesa and its significance for eCommerce business owners.

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Announcing The Launch Of Tribe: The Next-Gen Free eCommerce Store Software

YoKart Chef04.02.2021

Yo!Kart is soon launching a single vendor eCommerce solution i.e. Tribe to help retailers and small businesses survive and thrive. The solution will help in reducing the time to market by offering agility and scalability in the functionality without attaching any price tag to it. Check the USPs of the single-vendor solution here

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Stripe Connect Split Payment For Online Marketplaces – Working & Benefits

YoKart Chef03.16.2021

Automated fund transfer with real-time split payments is an increasingly important aspect of every eCommerce marketplace to operate effectively. This is why Yo!Kart has introduced Stripe Connect. To learn about its working and integration with Yo!Kart, read the blog.

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Straightforward Answers For Your Most Common Questions When Choosing Yo!Kart

YoKart Chef02.19.2021

Since the launch of Yo!Kart, the platform has powered thousands of businesses in delivering customized marketplace solutions as per requirements. In this blog, we have shared answers to 30+ questions that have been asked by business owners when choosing Yo!Kart standalone multi-vendor software. Have a read!

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Yo!Kart Releases V9.3 to Personalize Shopping Experiences & Automate Payouts, Taxes & Shipping

YoKart Chef01.04.2021

Yo!Kart is a standalone multivendor eCommerce marketplace solution with a mission to continuously evolve with changing consumer trends. We proudly present Yo!Kart Version 9.3.0 with automated fulfillment, Revamped processes, and extensible system. Read the blog ahead to know more about the new API Integrations, Features, and Enhancements.

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Yo!Kart: Addressing Pain Points That Affect eCommerce Marketplace Efficiency

YoKart Chef12.15.2020

For an eCommerce marketplace to run successfully, there are many potential roadblocks or pain points that must be addressed beforehand. Yo!Kart – an industry-leading eCommerce multivendor platform smartly addresses these pain points to improve marketplace efficiency. Read the blog for more details!

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Customer Experience: A Defining Factor For Success In An eCommerce Marketplace

YoKart Chef11.12.2020

Consumer experience is a strong differentiator in an eCommerce marketplace. Yo!Kart with its user-friendly design and list of intuitive eCommerce features is the perfect platform to build an online marketplace. Read this blog to learn about our amazing features that help entice and engage shoppers.

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Top Online Multi Vendor Marketplace Business Ideas

YoKart Chef11.11.2020

Great ideas usually come to multiple people at once. It isn’t just the idea but the execution that matters the most. Read this blog to learn about the marketplace benefits and what key factors you must focus on to build a successful online marketplace.

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Why Vertical Online Marketplace Model Is Gaining More Popularity Over The Horizontal Model?

YoKart Chef09.23.2020

Although retail giants like Amazon or Alibaba continue to dominate the horizontal marketplace, potential businesses are prospering in a vertical marketplace. With minimal dominance in several niche-specific markets, the vertical marketplace model is gaining more popularity. Read the blog to know more!

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Go Ethnyk, Luxembourg: A Prospering Cosmetics Marketplace Powered By Yo!Kart

YoKart Chef09.01.2020

Missinn Aklo, the founder of Go Ethnyk, had this amazing idea to start an online cosmetics marketplace that loves all ethnicities. With Yo!Kart, his vision became a reality. Read the blog to learn what his vision was.

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