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Learn more about key features and functionality of Yo!Kart.

Product Filter

This video tells how to manage product filters on Yo!Kart. Admin can search, add, set the order of filters and can even assign those filters to product categories.

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Banner Management

Easily manage all the homepage banner images from admin area as well as set their display priority.

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Yo!Kart - Logo Management

Detailed info regarding adding and managing different logos of the website from the admin area.

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Product Category Management

Learn how to manage product categories from admin area including adding new product categories and assigning products to those categories.

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Yo!Kart - Shipping Company Management

Find out how shipping/delivery companies can be added to the system and product info from the admin area.

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Yo!Kart - Coupon Code Management

How coupon codes can be managed from the admin area and all the settings related to it.

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Country Management

Easily add countries in the system along with their codes, which can later be used by vendors as well as buyers.

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Yo!Kart - Collection management

See how product, shop and category collections can be managed on the homepage from the admin area.

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Social Media Platform

Learn how to set social media platform icons of the store in the footer

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Yo!Kart - Slides Management

Manage the slides of the carousel slider located in the first fold of the homepage.

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Yo!Kart - Empty cart items management

Manage all the item tiles that admin wants to be displayed when the shopping cart is empty.

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Yo!Kart - Seller Dashboard

Overview of the seller dashboard and all the features included in it like total sales, account balance, orders, products, etc.

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Seller Area - Account Information Section

Learn how sellers can manage their account information such as personal info, bank account details, email, and password.

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Seller Area- My Wallet

Explanation about various elements and functionalities present in the My Wallet section of Seller Area, including cash withdrawal and deposit.

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Seller Area- My Sales

See how sellers can manage the My Sales section including order, their status, and credit summary.

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How to Create a New Shop

A step-by-step guide on how a seller can create his shop and manage it on Yo!Kart.

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How to manage order status

Detailed information about managing order status including where does order status show in admin and seller dashboard.

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Yo!Kart - Return and refund management

Find out how buyers can place return/refund request and how can admins approve/disapprove the request.

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Yo!Kart - Seller Addition

How to create a seller’s account and open shop easily. Plus, how admins can approve seller request.

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YoKart-General-Settings - GeneralTab

Manage all general settings related to the website including site name, email, address, logo, phone, etc.

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YoKart-General-Settings - LocalTab

Manage local settings including language, time zone, currency, date format, and country.

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Yo!Kart - Processing of payment and commission

Get in-depth view of how payments and commissions are processed as well as how to manage sssion settings.

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Yo!Kart - Shop "Report Reasons" Management

Manage all the reasons which can be used by users to report a shop to the admin.

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Yo!Kart - Bulk Import/Export Feature

How the bulk import and export feature is be used for moving categories, products, attributes, filters, shipping settings etc.

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What's on Yo!Kart Dashboard

The video explains how to manage Yo!Kart Admin Profile settings including your name, email, profile picture, username, and password.

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Yo!Kart - Management of Product Reviews & Ratings

See how buyers can post a review for a product on the website and how it can be moderated by the admin.

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Yo!Kart - Cancel and Return Reasons

See how to add and manage all the reasons pertaining to cancellation and returning of products.

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YoKart- Product Addition

How sellers can easily add and manage products in their catalogue including adding it to their shop.

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Affiliate Module

All information related to the affiliate marketing – how to become an affiliate and how to manage your affiliate account.

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Smart Recommendation module

Easily manage smart recommendations by listing criteria and their weightage. Also, access which products belong to that category.

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Share and Earn

Get to know all the possible ways of referring new users and how users can earn rewards points from sharing.

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