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Complete Control with Efficient Centralized Management

eCommerce Marketplace

From customizing the marketplace user interface to effortless management with streamlined workflows, Yo!Kart offers marketplace owners comprehensive control across eCommerce marketplace operations. Furthermore, our white label marketplace software empowers businesses to scale rapidly with no restrictions whatsoever ― fostered by its proven technology, versatile underpinnings, and Agile after sales support.

Source Code Ownership

Code Ownership

With complete access to source code*, you can modify the platform to cater to unique processes, specific preferences or integrate new functionalities. We provide complete documentation for developers to refer to and make new integrations/customizations of any kind.

Leverage an extensive e-marketplace feature list for an unparalleled eCommerce advantage
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Top Features to Elevate Your eCommerce Platform

eComerce Feature

Build a marketplace with Yo!Kart where buyers can transact and settle in their regional currency. Fixer API is pre-integrated for real-time currency conversion.


Yo!Kart uses MSN Language API that translates into 70+ languages automatically making it a truly multilingual platform for global business reach.

User Management

Organize your marketplace users (buyers, sellers, and affiliates) and manage approval requests, GDPR requests, and more in simple and easy steps.

Customer Order Management

Streamline your customer orders right from order placement, dispatch to delivery and optimize distribution with real-time analytics.

Discount Coupon Management

Easily create custom discount coupons to promote sales or manage existing ones under the Promotions tab within the admin dashboard.

Product Catalog

Add new product categories, manage custom catalog requests, and do more from within the admin dashboard. Yo!Kart Enable sellers to quickly add products and start selling.

Content Management System (CMS)

FATbit's In-house CMS to keep your audience hooked through regularly updated visual content, banner layouts, and more.

Multicart Checkout

Allow buyers on the marketplace to browse/add items from different vendors in a single cart and check out everything in one order.

ShipStation Integration

Fetch live shipping rates and automate all your shipping processes/tasks quickly with the ShipStation API pre-integrated in Yo!Kart.

Separate Vendor Storefronts

Individual vendor storefronts with excellent user Interface to enable sellers personalize the storefront in-sync with their brand.

Multiple Payment Gateways

From PayPal to Stripe, Yo!Kart comes pre-integrated with 20+ payment methods including 19 payment gateways with an option to integrate even more.


Advanced reporting and quick sales tax configuration with our in-built accounting management system to build a successful business.

Tax Management

Fetch real-time tax rates and automate tax compliance with pre-integrated Tax Jar and Avalara APIs. Admin can also assign taxes through Yo!Kart's in-built tax module.

Robust Security Solutions & High Performance

Breach of data due to phishing, DDOS attacks, and other cybersecurity threats can be hugely damaging for businesses of all sizes. Yo!Kart is developed in an encrypted format with a tightly bound library to ensure total security. Moreover, the solution is fully optimized, delivering faster loading speeds with better performance. The platform is tested for over 1 million products and 250+ concurrent users with a 100% pass rate.

  • Restricted SQL Injection
  • SSL & PCI Compliance
  • Restricted Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
  • Restricted Cross-siteRequest Forgery (CSRF)
  • Handle SensitiveData Exposure
  • Data Validation & Sanitization
  • Broken Authentication
  • 3rd Party Payment Processing
  • Restricted Direct Access To Folder/Files

Highly Customizable


Yo!Kart allows business owners to customize the design, integrate new functionalities, or modify the entire source code to cater to the business requirements. The platform is fully customizable and built using agile methodologies to deliver sustainable business advantage.

As a case in point ― UNI Diamonds, an Israel-based B2B diamond trading marketplace was built leveraging Yo!Kart’s versatility. Our team worked on customizing Yo!Kart and adding distinct features like 360° Diamond View, AI-Powered Diamond Price Calculator, Compare Diamonds, and more to deliver the world's first B2B eCommerce polished diamond marketplace.

Imagine Rapid Scalability with Yo!Kart

Scalability With Yo!Kart

Build a sustainable and scalable online business with our standalone multi-vendor eCommerce platform solution and respond to changing market demands much quicker than the competitors. Our team strives for operational efficiency and flexibility to deliver a perfectly scalable solution.

Start your eCommerce business with a dynamic multi vendor marketplace

  • Custom Web & Mobile Experience
  • Vertical Specific Design
  • Custom Feature Integration
  • Extra Backend Functionalities
Leverage the capabilities of our hyper-personalized marketplace solution.
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Lead with API Business Advantage

Yo!Kart comes with pre-integrated third-party business APIs to ensure interoperability in eCommerce marketplaces. Furthermore, seamlessly integrate additional third-party APIs such as preferred payment gateways, popular shipping software, and more into the platform.

PayPal integration in Yo!Kart
Google Analytics integration in Yo!Kart
MSN Translator
Mailchimp integration in Yo!Kart
Shipstation integration in Yo!Kart
twilio integration in Yo!Kart
Google Maps
api shiprocket
api easypost
api aramex
Api shipengine

Complete Ownership with Lifetime License

Lifetime License

A sustainable, flexible, and robust eCommerce solution that comes with lifetime ownership. Each Yo!Kart license provides full access to source code, system features & functionalities making it a smart, value-for-money investment for business owners. Additionally, any changes or modifications to the existing code can be done on your end.

No Storage Barriers

Storage Barriers

Pre-determined server storage limitations can easily hamper your online marketplace efficiency and affect eCommerce operations. With our self-hosted eCommerce solution, your business will face no such issues. You have the freedom to host your online marketplace on a server of your choice and upscale or switch to a new server as per the business requirements.

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Easier Deployment on all Popular Servers

Easier Deployment

Simplify your eCommerce marketplace setup and configuration on a reliable server, although we recommend AWS hosting for optimal performance and scalability. Our in-house team will help you with the deployment process reducing your time-to-market.

Streamlined Installation Process

Easily setup your multi-vendor marketplace with Yo!Kart's streamlined installation process. Our technical team facilitates the installation for you to get started with your multivendor eCommerce platform quickly and hassle-free. We provide an absolutely free installation service for your choice of domain & server.

  • Once you buy a Yo!Kart license, a dedicated project coordinator is assigned to you
  • You may discuss any specific request for platform customization (on a design-level, feature-level, or complete personalization) with the coordinator assigned.
  • The project coordinator discusses the same with the technical team to implement your requests and coordinates regarding server specifications.
  • After successful implementation of the requested changes (if any) & complete pre-installation testing of the system, our team deploys Yo!Kart on your choice of server.
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Better Privacy Controls with GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

Every business with its operations in Europe must comply with GDPR to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for online transactions. Non-compliance with these rules will result in hefty fines and sanctions from GDPR regulators. Yo!Kart is GDPR compliant enabling sellers/buyers to request or remove their data from the platform. With transparent privacy policies and total control, we ensure an efficient marketplace setup for businesses of all sizes.

One-time Fee Makes it Affordable

No business owner likes to pay a software's subscription fees, transaction processing fees, and other recurring charges. Yo!Kart - our resilient self-hosted platform comes with a one-time license fee and no recurring charges (monthly or yearly). We provide flexible payment options allowing businesses to pay a nominal upfront fee and the rest of the payment in milestones. Yo!Kart pricing packages are tailored for every business' needs.

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Businesses That Trusted Yo!Kart to Launch Their eCommerce Marketplace

White Label Marketplace software

Align your Yo!Kart-powered marketplace with your brand signature. Yo!Kart is a true White Label marketplace software which means you can put your brand at the forefront by replacing 'powered by Yo!Kart' signature with your business’ brand signature throughout the platform.

Pay Once, Own Forever
Pay Once,
Own Forever
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