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Digital Products Marketplace - Harness Profitable Opportunities

According to Statista’s projections, the digital products marketplace is expected to generate revenue of US$624.20bn in the year 2023 with the US being the primary contributor. Unlock such opportune moments to establish a digital products marketplace and encompass a diverse range of offerings such as eBooks, video games, apps, and more.

Seize the advantage of this growing market and begin a profitable journey in the digital products marketplace industry.


Extensive Digital Orders Management for Buyers

Provide unparalleled freedom and flexibility to buyers over their accounts. Profile management lets buyers manage or edit their details such as addresses, orders, bank accounts, etc. Streamline order management for buyers via quick access to recent orders, cancellations and repurchase requests, and order invoices download. Discounts and rewards feature lets buyers enjoy exciting discount coupons, increasing customer loyalty. The dynamic search feature further enables customers to find the right products effortlessly.

Comprehensive Digital Products Management for Admin(s) and Sellers

Manage and sell your digital products with Yo!Kart's catalog management features. Set up an ideal marketplace by modifying various parameters, further enabling effortless management of the online platform. Get complete security and control over content and other maintenance procedures. Enjoy marketplace flexibility with features like:

How digital products
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Digital products that can be sold:

ebooks EBooks

Eliminate the hassle of finding a publisher by launching your own online bookstore. EBooks are the best digital products to sell online as it gets you maximum profits and attention from your target audience.

images Images

Unique photo descriptions and attractive themes can help your images and photographs get the attention that they deserve. Sell high quality photos, illustrations and vectors with your own online store and avoid paying third party commissions.

music Music

Launch your own online music store and distribute music directly from your website. Create offer bundles by selling products like t-shirts, mugs etc. along with your downloadable music files. Generate revenue without paying any commissions and build your own worldwide fan following.

video-and-tutorials Videos & Tutorials
Videos & Tutorials

Stand out from the competition by setting up your own store for selling video courses and online tutorials. Be it healthy living or simple DIYs, people are open to pay for genuine information. Brand your expertise by selling your own step by step videos.

games Games

Set up your own e-store for selling games and provide instant delivery to your customers. Distribute video game content by providing purchase and download services for PCs gaming and patches for console versions

other-web-elements Other Web Elements
Other Web Elements

Sell themes, PDF files, logos, wallpapers, patterns and related web content. There are endless options ranging from banners ads to entire social media packs. Sell such web products in the form of easy downloads that are in high demand.

Virtually Experience The Design

*The outlook of the website will vary according to business requirements.

Since the advent of technology, digital goods have been widely popular among the masses. Online marketplaces that cater specifically to digital goods have become the need of the hour. With such demand for digital products skyrocketing, the market size is projected to increase from $54 billion to $74 billion by the year 2025.

Distinctive Feature for Digital Goods Marketplace
  • Right Infrastructure for buying and selling Digital products
  • Non-Returnable features
  • Easy download and upload digital products
  • Various inventory options
  • Country-specific payment gateway
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