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Go Ethnyk, Luxembourg: A Prospering Cosmetics Marketplace Powered By Yo!Kart


Powered by Yo!Kart, Go Ethnyk was launched with a single aim to offer sellers of all ethnicities a chance to sell more without paying hefty subscription charges. Retailers can create a new store with just a few clicks and enjoy optimal visibility on Go Ethnyk.

Missinn Aklo, the founder of Go Ethnyk, had an idea to start a specialized marketplace for selling beauty, cosmetics, and perfume products for every skin type. As shared in an interview with magazine, “he desired to help small retailers and enterprises get more brand exposure and in-process create a network of loyal consumers. 

The founder strived to offer young brands and small retailers a platform to sell cosmetic products quickly and with ease. His vision to start an online marketplace for all ethnicities irrespective of age or gender, providing them essential eCommerce tools to sell, and develop their business on the web was evident from the get-go”. 

On Go Ethnyk’s about us page, there’s a line that aptly answers Why choose Go Ethnyk?

“Whatever your origins, your style, or your skin color, it will be impossible for you not to find something that suits you. Go Ethnyk: a website that loves all ethnicities.”

This made Go Ethnyk a special project for the Yo!Kart team.  Now, that the marketplace is live for almost 4 years and doing so well we, at Yo!Kart feel proud. Our platform is helping communities thrive online and we couldn’t be happier.

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