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Yo!Kart Front-End

Experience an impeccable user experience with an all-new UI. Check out the unique front-end offerings by Yo!Kart for your multi-vendor marketplace.

Elasticsearch Module

With Elastic Search pre-integrated into Yo!Kart, the multi-vendor platform fetches the required search query within 10 ms offering a robust search.

Manageable Homepage

From Products & Categories, homepage slides to subscription modules, the admin can easily manage everything from the backend.

Product Filters

Enable customers to filter product lists by price, category, and other key parameters to help them make informed decisions when buying.

Product Listing

Unlimited number of products can be listed by the admin/seller. Essential information like product image, price, discount and quick view is available on listing pages.

Product Page

Ability to manage content, menus, images, and other vital information on the product page. Auto-zoom on the selected product image also available.

Easy Checkout

An intuitive and streamlined checkout process by Yo!Kart offers an improved conversion rate bringing more sales to a store.

YoKart front Page demo
 Multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace Solution
Ecommerce marketplace product page
YoKart Ecommerce platform category section

Yo!Kart Buyer Area

Wondering how a customer's shopping experience will look like? Take a look at buyer's demo which showcases every vital feature that Yo!Kart has to offer to enhance the customer's online shopping experience.

Order History

Check and track previous orders with details like order date, product, amount, and current status. Easily view and re-order a product, if in-stock.

Returns & Cancellation

Ability to view or track the status of cancellation requests and order return requests from the user dashboard.


Virtual wallet available for buyers to transfer credits when available. The buyer can pay through E-wallet if sufficient credits are available.


An integrated messaging module system by Yo!Kart allows the buyers to send private (one-to-one) messages to sellers. Read the latest/unread messages in the user dashboard.


Ability to add products to your favorites or wishlist with a single click. Buyers can find wishlist items in the user dashboard under the general category.

Reward Points

A referral module system that allows buyers to share a unique URL with friends and earn reward points. Admin can manage the referral reward system.

YoKart Buyer Area page
Ecommerce product order page
Requests cancellation page
Product query page

Clients' Testimonials that Depict our Commitment to Success

I am very impressed and grateful to work with Yo!Kart. All of my demands have been met and have exceeded expectations. We have developed a very good professional relationship throughout my time working with team Yo!Kart. Everyone I've worked with has been pleasant and professional. There is a lot of attention to detail when it comes to the work they do.

Alexander Zebnitski (Co-Owner) - CBD Supplements

Yo!Kart - the best decision we made for our business. Yo!Kart allowed us to create the multi-vendor marketplace we needed for our company. Yo!Kart was the only solution with all the features we needed for our multi-vendor marketplace. Alternatives Considered - Dokan, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform, CedCommerce Magento 2 Apps and WordPress. It has very important features no one else has. these features will allow us and our sellers to generate more revenue.

Ran Kravitz (CEO - Chief Executive Officer) - Shagadoo

The system is very versatile and enables you to customize your settings to your required needs. They offer extensive assistance and support. We have launched a fully functional online marketplace for our country and community enabling them to buy and sell online with ease. This is an excellent stride for a small country like Namibia.

Jean N (Digital Specialist) - DotDune

Created a brand new racing memorabilia marketplace and we were up and running quickly. Overall working with Parul and the team has been wonderful. Reasons for Choosing Yo!Kart: Quick implementation, lower costs, ability to customize product to meet our requirements! Absolutely great team to work with.

Patrick P. (Founder) - Racer Collect

Within one week of launching the website, the company onboarded two restaurants. The team efficiently managed the workflow and communicated in Google Chat. Above all, they impressively fulfilled each requested feature, which enabled the company to save time and effort.

Mohammad Atteya | Samer (Managing Director) - Seplai

The amount of features especially for a B2B Marketplace. We found no marketplace framework or software which offers more features for this price than yokart - and it was very easy to install. The service team is great and helps a lot!

Tobias B. (CEO and Founder) - tryfl.de

Very responsive support during website setup and excellent after-sales service. The platform was everything I expected and the setup itself was quite easy. Everything they said they would do they did and delivered on time. I can relax knowing that my startup is setting off on a good solid foundation.

Chinasa U (CEO and Founder) - Safaripedia

Overall, I have been very impressed with Yo!Kart. Upfront, the cost seems more than their competitors, but it's a one time cost, as opposed to a subscription model, so after about 2 years with the subscription of their competitors, it will be cheaper, and over the next 20 years, it's a fraction of the cost of their competitors. The possibility to customize, and even hire them to do the customizations, has been the biggest selling point for me.

Alex P. (CEO and Founder) - Blenderender

The system brings in everything we have been looking for an Online Marketplace, both on the front end & back end. A great all-round system.

Aled R. (CEO and Founder) - Crefftus

The software offers nearly everything to start a successful marketplace. Support by the FATbit team is very good and they react really quick. Lovely design in the standard. Easy to understand backend for admin, sellers and customers. Customizations, translations and more can be done by the admin himself.

Lucas B. (CEO and Founder) - Wajemo

It was fun working with Yo!Kart team. They are very supportive and I received quality work from them. Whenever I needed some support, the team was always there to assist. Will definitely work with them for my future projects.

Vishal Anand (Founder) - MyCart Mauritius

I would highly recommend Yo!Kart for your project's needs. They focus on building excellent products that leave a lasting impression. I cannot thank Yo!Kart enough for all the help and support.

Carlos Vernier (CEO and Founder) - Oil & Gas Inventories

2 months of research, trial, and error tested Magento, OpenCart, Woocommerce and different platforms, then we found Yo!Kart, and for sure we weren't wrong. Everything you need to operate a multivendor multilingual multicurrency eCommerce marketplace is there.

Odeh N (Founder and CEO) - Mostawda

Flexibility of product to customize according to business requirements. Good support team. Excellent understanding of technical requirements of clients.

Beerala Vasu Deva Reddy (CEO and Founder) - eWheelers

I love the platform , I like the customer service and they always help in any question that I have.

Cristina Villar Nova (Founder) - Servimerx

Yo!Kart/FATbit provided me a ready made platform that suited my needs as having a little knowledge in the IT background. If anybody have business idea but no knowledge of IT then the platform is perfect for those people would like to invest and develop their business.

Tejkumar Sunuwar (Founder) - Mastang

The team has been very efficient in their support. Their expertise is outstanding. 1-year technical support was one of the factors and design of the GoQuick package. In our opinion, the GoQuick package is more user-friendly than the competitors even if it did take some time to get used to. I appreciate that I was able to make changes to suit my requirements while giving me the option to include all of the functions at a later stage. Also, I am very happy with the marketing work that has been done.

Prabashnee Naidoo (Managing Director) - Samsyn

Yo!Kart Seller Area

With a focus on simplifying the store management process for a seller, Yo!Kart experts strive to deliver new features to optimize order, return processes, reviews, and more.

Shop management

Quick shop setup and store management with features like catalog management, option management, tax category settings, and more.

Products management

Add/update product information like title, selling price, photos, and more right from the seller dashboard. Keep track of product inventory and seamlessly manage new/existing products.

Order management

Ability to view details of all orders, manage order cancellation requests, and process return orders accurately from the seller dashboard.

Subscription management

Sellers can choose different subscription plans to list their products. These packages can be found in the seller dashboard.


In-built reporting tool to review store performance and make better choices based on a sales report, product performance report, and more.


With an endless array of features like special price or volume discount focused on selling and promotion, Yo!Kart enables sellers to gross more sales and increase the user base.

YoKart Seller Area page
YoKart Shop management page
Ecommerce marketplace products management
YoKart Tax Categories section

Yo!Kart Admin Area

Robust admin features by Yo!Kart to easily manage your marketplace. Check out the admin demo to see how Yo!Kart offers complete authority of the website with powerful functionalities at your disposal.

Product Catalog

Ability to maintain and configure product data for buyers and sellers. A product catalog system can be easily found under the admin dashboard.

Order management

Most efficient process enabled by Yo!Kart for its online marketplace. Order management allows the admin to view/manage seller orders, subscription orders, and more.

Sales reports

Detailed report on total orders, sales earnings, shipping, refund, and more. Get insight on all transactions taking place in your marketplace.

Commission Settings

Admin can easily manage vendor commission and charge a different commission to different vendors. Commission settings are under system settings in the user dashboard.

Shipping & Tax Management

Streamline the delivery process with better shipping and fulfillment features on Yo!Kart. Also, input correct tax information and manage product taxes in admin dashboard.

Marketing Features

Ability to grow your eCommerce marketplace with an abandoned cart, affiliate module, and other robust marketing features.

YoKart Admin Area front page
YoKart Product Catalog  management page
Product Catalog  management
Ecommerce marketplace Order management

Starting A Marketplace Is Easy With Yo!Kart

Easily set up, launch, and manage multi-vendor marketplace by Yo!Kart. Enjoy complete authority over the website and experience powerful functionalities with robust eCommerce features.

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Maximize the online shopping experience for buyers with Yo!kart marketplace solutions and mobile apps for buyer. Available in Android and iOS platforms.

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  • Multilingual With RTL Supprt
  • In-App Notifications
  • Google Firebase Analytics
  • PPC Advertisements

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