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Leverage increasing user preference for mobiles with apps tailormade to deliver enriched eCommerce experiences.


M-Commerce - Present Trend → Future Imperative

Mobile devices continue to catalyze disruptions in the global eCommerce landscape. Stay ahead of the curve by offering Mobile-first driven eCommerce marketplace experience - leverage Yo!Kart mobile apps to accelerate your online digital expansion - with a foundation that catalyzes the success of your business idea by offering users a platform they want to keep coming back to.

Engaging Shopping Experience

Contemporary UI to foster continued and repeat buyer interactions.

Seamless Workflows

Logic Driven UX to fuel faster and more fulfilling user journeys.

Empowering Insights

Cultivate informed decisions by users with access to key information.

Yo!Kart Buyer-Mobile App features

Yo!Kart mobile apps are built with the same result-oriented features set that have propelled Yo!Kart to a leading multivendor marketplace solution. Moreover, they include additional features for a tailored mobile experience.

Voice Search

Offer convenience and simplicity of voice search via Yo!Kart mobile apps. Leverage the precision of market-leading Text To Speach technologies to fuel natural and faster browsing experiences.

Easy Login New

To fast-track buyer's journey on the platform, the app features easy login and registration ― allowing them to log in with social media accounts or an even faster OTP-based mobile number login.

Classy Icons New

Yo!Kart mobile apps contemporary UI heightens user engagement with pleasing elements encapsulated in a pleasing theme. Use of nifty icons enhances app appeal for the users.

Push Notification

One of the easiest ways to connect with your mobile audience is through push notifications. This feature allows brands to do personalized and direct marketing.

Buyer-Seller Messaging

Allow quick resolution of buyer queries with a direct communication channel between sellers and buyers. Easy messaging features further enhance customer satisfaction.

Multilingual with RTL Support

Launch a global eCommerce business with multilingual support through MSN Language API. Additionally, the app supports Right To Left flip for Arabic scripts and more like them.

In-App Notification

Allow sellers to relay key information to the buyers by sending out in-app notifications. Buyers can be updated with actionable, promotional, or other messages.

Faster User Journeys New

Mordern interface that sieves excesses to display the pivotal, employs extensive use of filters, leverages logic-driven information flows, and empowers users with key information streamlines & expedites user journey.

Badges & Ribbons New

Capture higher conversion rates by providing an information-driven shopping experience to the buyers. Badges and Ribbons allow highlighting of sellers, shops, products, or product categories.

Deep Linking

Run Deep-linking content promotion campaigns to direct users straight to the platform app. Reduce churn rate, enhance customer retention and generate opportunities for monetization.

Mobile Apps Powered by Yo!Kart

Yo!Kart readymade apps - Where innovation meets functionality! Check out our diverse portfolio of apps that fits in just right with your unique requirements and have all the exemplary features to take your eCommerce business to new heights of success.


Multi-Category eCommerce App



eCommerce Electronics App


A1Vendor Shopping

Jamaican Fashion App



Fashion & Lifestyle App



Online Shopping App


Yo!Kart Mobile Apps Pricing

Buyer Apps
Buyer iOS App
Buyer Android App

*Requires a minimum purchase of GoQuick Package

*Source code is not included in the above pricing

Seller App

Yo!Kart Seller app offers exclusive features for sellers to efficiently manage their operations. Details about orders, transactions, buyer-seller communication, and other tailored functionalities streamline eCommerce complexities for the sellers.

A seller app can accelerate vendor onboarding for your marketplace
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Meet Distinct Business Goals with Customization

The genesis of Yo!Kart has been rooted in Agile eCommerce development practices, with expertise in delivering tailored solutions across the eCommerce spectrum ― to 5000+ clients in 70+ countries. The team's expertise has been at the forefront, pioneering transformative shifts to introduce new benchmarks, setting forth trends and delivering value-driven results.

Leverage our expertise to customize Yo!Kart mobile app(s) and go beyond the extensive capabilities of our turnkey solutions ― to lead with a business that defines unique value propositions crafted with market-specific user needs, distinct brand identity, third-party alliances, and other unique business goals. We deliver niche-specific solutions that synergizes your business objectives with user needs.

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