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Buycbdsupps Yo!Kart Client

"The team has been very efficient in their support. Their expertise is outstanding. 1-year technical support was one of the factors and design of the GoQuick package. In our opinion, the GoQuick package is more user-friendly than the competitors even if it did take some time to get used to. I appreciate that I was able to make changes to suit my requirements while giving me the option to include all of the functions at a later stage. Also, I am very happy with the marketing work that has been done.

Prabashnee Naidoo

Managing Director - Samsyn

Buycbdsupps Yo!Kart Client

"After coming across Yo!Kart, we were sure that it could help us ensure every seller could digitize their physical business into an online space. It is a great fit for startups as it can serve any industry catering to multiple needs and is easily tailored to one’s changing requirements.

Saratu Buhari

CEO & Founder, Wekasuwa

Buycbdsupps Yo!Kart Client

"I started my journey by visiting various forums and asking friends about eCommerce platforms and how I should go about starting mine. Here comes Yo!Kart. Yo!Kart from the start has always been very transparent, accommodating, and helpful.

Alexander Zebnitski

CEO and Founder - Buycbdsupps

Buycbdsupps Yo!Kart Client

"YoKart checked all our important boxes that we were looking for. It comes at a very affordable price and has an amazing UI/UX.

Mitesh Vadoliya

Ecommerce Specialist - Anyflexo OÜ

Blenderender Yo!Kart Client

"Overall, I have been very impressed with Yo!Kart. Upfront, the cost seems more than their competitors, but it's a one time cost, as opposed to a subscription model, so after about 2 years with the subscription of their competitors, it will be cheaper, and over the next 20 years, it's a fraction of the cost of their competitors... Continue reading

Alex P.

CEO and Founder - Blenderender

Crefftus Yo!Kart Client

"The system brings in everything we have been looking for an Online Marketplace, both on the front end & back end. A great all-round system.

Aled R.

CEO and Founder - Crefftus

OGI Yo!Kart client

"I would highly recommend Yo!Kart for your project’s needs. They focus on building excellent products that leave a lasting impression. I cannot thank Yo!Kart enough for all the help and support.

Carlos Vernier

CEO and Founder, Oil & Gas Inventories

Safaripedia Yo!Kart Client

"The amount of features especially for a B2B Marketplace. We found no marketplace framework or software which offers more features for this price than yokart - and it was very easy to install. The service team is great and helps a lot!

Tobias B.

CEO and Founder - tryfl.de


"Yo!Kart - the best decision we made for our business. Yo!Kart allowed us to create the multi-vendor marketplace we needed for our company. Yo!Kart was the only solution with all the features we needed for our multi-vendor marketplace. Alternatives Considered - Dokan, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform, CedCommerce Magento 2 Apps and WordPress. It has very important features no one else has.These features will allow us and our sellers to generate more revenue.

Ran Kravitz

CEO - Shagadoo


The system is very versatile and enables you to customize your settings to your required needs. They also offer extensive assistance and support. We have launched a fully functional online marketplace for our country and community enabling them to buy and sell online with ease. This is an excellent stride for a small country like Namibia.

Jean N

Digital Specialist - DotDune


"Created a brand new racing memorabilia marketplace and we were up and running quickly. Overall working with Parul and the team has been wonderful. Reasons for Choosing Yo!Kart: Quick implementation, lower costs, ability to customize product to meet our requirements! Absolutely great team to work with.

Patrick P.

Founder - Racer Collect


"Within one week of launching the website, the company onboarded two restaurants. The team efficiently managed the workflow and communicated in Google Chat. Above all, they impressively fulfilled each requested feature, which enabled the company to save time and effort.

Mohammad Atteya I Samer

Managing Director - Seplai

Safaripedia Yo!Kart Client

"Very responsive support during website setup and excellent after-sales service. The platform was everything I expected and the setup itself was quite easy. Everything they said they would do they did and delivered on time. I can relax knowing that my startup is setting off on a good solid foundation.

Chinasa U

CEO and Founder - Safaripedia

The Telegraph Says

"Digitization is doing things that were unimaginable for B2B commerce a decade ago. There are many challenges that B2B companies can solve by investing in online marketplaces. Yo!Kart identified the future need a decade ago and started building marketplace solutions specific various niches, in both B2B and B2C segments.

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Yo!Kart is a popular eCommerce platform that allows you to start a multi-vendor website like to Amazon, Etsy, or Alibaba, at a reasonable cost. If you want to start any kind of multi-vendor stores such as a grocery multi-seller store, retail store, fashion store or a sports marketplace, Yo!Kart is the ultimate choice...

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When it comes to end-to-end high-quality ecommerce platforms, the Yo!Kart marketplace platform stands high in the market. The pro about Yo!Kart is that it can build a multi-vendor marketplace for any business size (small, medium, and large enterprise). The framework’s core script files are provided in a partially encrypted...

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Compared to most other online store builders, Yo!Kart comes with more features including robust reporting and real-time tracking to see how the website sales are going on. Other profound features include a highly secure system, an intuitive interface, real-time shipping cost calculator, multi-vendor capabilities, automated SEO tools, an Android & iOS applications, multiple stores for different vendors, etc.

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Yo!Kart has far more features than your average online store builder. To start, it offers robust reporting, with real-time tracking to see how your sales are going. Periodical reporting is included to help merchants notice market trends and tailor their offerings accordingly.

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