Easy Management of Product

Seamlessly manage your new and existing products' information. Add/Update Product titles, Selling price, Quantity, Brand, Model, SKU, Photos, Description, etc. right from the seller's dashboard.

Product management in Yo!Kart
Digital Products Marketplace

Digital Products Module

Yo!Kart comes integrated with the option to sell digital products like ebooks, software, videos tutorials, etc. It also allows the admin to display a wide variety of products on his / her eCommerce marketplace, which also means sellers can sell different type of products.

Products Videos
Upload Product Video

Drive better sales by uploading engaging product videos so that the consumer can see your product in action and get a better understanding of the product.

Inventory Tracking
Keep Track of Inventory

Get insights on all the data related to the inventory for better management. Use this feature to have a better control over catalogs and items.

Rating and reviews management

Product Review Management

An easy way to solicit reviews and highlight them on the website so that users can make an informed decision

Review management has become the core of eCommerce websites so Yo!Kart offers an in-house review management system packed with superb features that help you get notified instantly and take immediate action.

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Smart recommendation feature

Smart Recommendation Module

Yo!Kart comes with smart recommendation feature wherein a customer can see a list of recommended product. This list is determined on the basis of products that are most viewed, added to the shopping cart, marked favorite, added to wish list, etc. It attracts the attention of buyers and increases the chance of making additional sales.

Design requirements of an online store have been given due consideration by the Yo!Kart Team

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Exclusive Features of Yo!Kart to Improve the Product Sales of Your Online Store

SEO features in Yo!Kart
Manage Product SEO

Dig deep into the SEO aspect of your eCommerce site and easily manage product SEO settings to ensure that the product listing is visible among top search engine rankings. Besides options to edit meta tags, descriptions and title and it offers several other dedicated SEO settings.

Search filters
Custom Search Filters

Search is the biggest feature of an eCommerce site aiding in product discovery. Yo!Kart offers custom search filters, which make it easy for anyone to find the desired product. When catering to multiple categories, it adds much-needed flexibility to the store.

Rewards Points
Reward Points

Enhance your customer acquisition and ensure user loyalty with reward points. Yo!Kart has a built in reward points system which can be leveraged upon by eCommerce stores to gain user base. Admin can manage the reward points for referrers as well as referrals on registration and first purchase.

Currency Management
Currency Management

Reach out to consumers across the globe with dedicated currency management system. Yo!Kart makes it easy for anyone to change the currency visible on the store as per the demographic.

Easy to use Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Highly user engaging and optimized for minimizing cart abandonment issues, Yo!Kart has given major emphasis to the shopping cart. It includes various consumer-friendly features like:

  • Mark item as favorite
  • Directly add to cart
  • View product from within cart
  • Add unlimited number of products
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