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Yo!Kart, the leading online marketplace builder provides incredible apps for your Android and iOS users. Available for both buyers and sellers, these mobile apps not only help improve revenues but also enhance user engagement and their buying/selling experience with many advantages.

Always Synced
Mobile Ready Technology
Mobile Ready Technology
Feature Rich
Fast, Intuitive & Native
Fast, Intuitive & Native
Ready to Launch
Ready to Launch
Conversion Optimized
Conversion Optimized
Buyer App

Yo!Kart Buyer Mobile App

Give your customers a hassle-free and easy to use app that they will love to use. With quick access and easy to use interface, the buyer app is further enriched with features that streamline and improve the whole experience of online shopping.

Demo App
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Seller App

Yo!Kart Seller Mobile App

From sellers’ perspective, Yo!Kart seller app contains features such as order details, transaction details, and buyer-seller communication. Further, the app makes it easy and convenient for sellers to list products and manage orders easily.

Demo App
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Smart eCommerce
Mobile Apps
for Smart Business

For eCommerce merchants, mobile apps are no more a “good to have” option, for they have become a must have for all businesses. The goal is to offer more personalized and seamless experience to customers, and Yo!Kart mobile apps help you exactly do that.

Mobile Apps

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Frequently Asked Questions

What all is included in the mentioned price?

We will deliver the Mobile App with default features as you can see on demo, along with following customizations:

  • Splash Page with your website colors theme
  • Your Business Logo and Logo Icon will be updated
  • Social Media Login API configuration
  • Any other 3rd Party API configuration required making the App work for your website APIs setup on your website and API URL settings in the App

Also, we will publish the mobile apps on respective App Stores (The App Store accounts have to to be arranged by the client).

What is the delivery time of Yo!Kart mobile apps?

The delivery time for both Android and iOS Apps is 7 to 10 working days (excluding the timelines for store approval - iOS/Android App Store).

Do I need to purchase Yo!Kart web application to buy Yo!Kart Apps?

Yes, Yo!Kart mobile applications can only be purchased/used, if you own a valid Yo!Kart license.

How can I check the demo Yo!Kart iOS mobile applications?

Please send the UDID of your iPhone and we will create a demo build and send the downloadable link from where you can download the iOS build.

Do I get the source code along with the mobile applications?

No, the source code is not provided with the mobile applications. However we can provide you the source code at an additional cost. Contact us to enquire about source code.

What is cost of customising mobile app as per Yo!Kart Theme?

The cost of customising Yo!Kart mobile app as per Yo!Kart theme of your website is $20/hr.
However, there are few free customisation which are part of Yo!Kart Mobile App price, those are:

  • Designing Splash Page as per your website color theme.
  • Updating Logo and App Icon
  • Social Media Login API configuration.
  • Any other 3rd party API configuration which is required to make the App work for your website.
  • APIs setup on your website and API URL settings in the app.
I have an old version (before Version 7) of Yo!Kart, can I buy Yo!Kart app and will it be compatible with my website?

In case you own an old version of Yo!Kart (before Version 7) and want to buy/use Yo!Kart mobile apps for your store, you will first have to upgrade your store to Version 7 or Version 8. Contact to upgrade your Yo!Kart store.

Can I buy mobile app with Startup Package?

No, you cannot buy mobile app with Startup Package. If you own a startup package and want to buy a mobile app, you will have to upgrade to GoQuick, GoCustom Lite or GoCustom Package. Contact to upgrade your Yo!Kart package.

Do I get any price discount if I buy multiple mobile applications?

We offer following discount for combined purchase:

Version 8
  • Bundle of Android App (Buyer + Seller) - 750 USD
  • Bundle of iOS App (Buyer + Seller) - 750 USD
Version 7
  • Bundle of Android Apps (Buyer + Seller) - 499 USD
  • Bundle of iOS Apps (Buyer + Seller) - 750 USD
Does Yo!Kart have a mobile application for Website Admin?

As managing the complete website backend with a mobile app is a tedious task, therefore we do not have a mobile for Admin. However if you require a custom mobile application for website admin, we can design it for you. Enquire for Admin App

I want an add-on feature, can you integrate it for me in the Yo!Kart App?

Yes we can integrate custom features as per your requirement. You can share your requirements with us via website or call us at +1 832 548 5757 or +1 469 844 3346.

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