Streamline your delivery process through

Easy Shipping Management

Shipping Management in Yo!Kart

Quick Setup of Shipping Options

Get your preferred shipping API integrated with Yo!Kart to set up a manageable shipping cart and minimize cart abandonment events.


Sellers can increase sales by offering FREE Shipping

Yo!Kart offers better shipping and fulfillment features to make your customers happier

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Integrated with ShipStation API

Get one step ahead with ShipStation API to automate tasks like managing orders & shipments, creating shipping labels and retrieving shipping rates.

Shipping in Yo!Kart
Shipping Management in Yo!Kart

Manage Shipping Companies and Duration Labels

With Yo!Kart, you can add shipping companies of your choice. Provide quick solutions for managing express shipping, purchasing labels instantly, tracking your shipments and scheduling pickups.

Add duration label such as Gold Shipping, Silver Shipping etc. to segregate shipping duration easily. Get full control by managing all your shipping from one place.

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Why Yo!Kart?

Yo!Kart helps you choose the right shipping strategy for your eCommerce business. Optimize shipping costs and methods to provide a seamless shopping experience.

  • Hassle-free setup and management
  • PayPal adaptive & other major payment gateways
  • Completely customizable as required
  • Ready for mobile users
  • 12 months FREE tech support

Launch your multivendor eCommerce store with Yo!Kart and improve sales with these amazing shipping features

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Sellers can easily manage shipping for one product

Simple and effective shipping procedures allow you to set individual rates for different products in your e-store. Distribute each product via a different shipping channel. Manage shipping charges for different countries and different products without breaking a sweat.

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Buyers can choose from different shipping options

Customers can choose from standard, expedited and other shipping options as per their convenience with clear transaction details, handling time and shipping variations on checkout.

Yo!Kart helps you grow your eCommerce business by providing streamlined shipping process
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