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An operative online marketplace involves three stakeholders ― the buyer, the sellers, and the admin. For smooth working of the eCommerce platform, all three parties must be able to perform the roles in their respective environs while the eCommerce platform connects these processes holistically for seamless workflows.

Yo!Kart has been built with an in-depth understanding of eCommerce operations. The software intertwines mutually independent workflows impeccably to facilitate a smooth flow of transactions. For a deeper understanding of how Yo!Kart works and executes the shopping process, refer to the eCommerce marketplace flow illustration of Yo!Kart.

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Step 1

Select a Package Based On Your Requirements

Start using Yo!Kart by selecting a package. We offer four different packages to accommodate the varying requirements of eCommerce business. All packages come with lifetime validity and upto one-year free technical support*.

Please Note: We provide 6 Months FREE Technical Support for GoQuick & One-year FREE Technical Support for GoQuick Boost, GoCustom, and GoCustom Prime package.

Step 2

Get the eCommerce Marketplace Installed

All the packages are Self-Hosted* and you just need server space from the hosting service provider of your choice.

Streamlined Installation Process:
  • Once you buy a Yo!Kart License, a dedicated project coordinator is assigned for your project
  • Project coordinator coordinates with the technical team regarding server specifications
  • After the proper pre-installation testing of the system, our team deploys Yo!Kart on your server

Step 3

Configuring Your eCommerce Marketplace

After installing Yo!Kart on your purchased server space, it is time to configure a few settings. Start by setting up important system settings such as theme colors, payment methods, seller subscription packages (if any), and more. Once done, the following things must be configured:

  • Product Catalog setup to maintain universal product data making it configurable for buyers and sellers.
  • Content management system (CMS) set up such as adding new web pages, blog set up, and more.
  • Addition of admin sub-users with access to selected features as required.
  • On-Page SEO optimization by verifying Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, XML site map, Robots .txt file, & more.

Step 4

Begin Onboarding

Easily set up vendor subscription packages through the admin dashboard. The subscription packages can be either paid or free depending upon your preferences. And you can always change these plans. The onboarding process starts as such:

Streamlined Installation Process:
  • Vendors fill out the registration form with all the key details and submit their requests. Admin has the right to approve/reject these onboarding requests.
  • Approved vendors begin by choosing the best package for selling (if any).
  • Next, the sellers can start setting up their shop by adding new products, tax categories, and more.
  • Lastly, sellers must add inventory to their shop from the existing product catalog. In case, the catalog doesn’t have all the products they sell, vendors can quickly create a private product that is approved/rejected by the admin.

Step 5

Adding Products On Your Marketplace

Yo!Kart comes with multiple checks. They are present to validate that no listed products violate your website's policy. Here are some additional advantages.

By Admin
  • Using a catalog system, admin can add products
  • Add products in bulk using import/export feature
  • Option to enable or disable product upload by vendors
By Vendor
  • Add information to make the web page SEO friendly
  • Ability to sell physical as well as digital products
  • Support for multiple file formats for import - xls, ods, csv

Step 6

Your Marketplace Is Ready to be Launched

Once your e-commerce website is configured, it is time to create awareness about your brand. Yo!Kart offers many useful features to help you along the way.

  • Add blog posts regularly to keep the readers engaged
  • Use the pay-per-click feature to showcase exciting offers
  • Announce discount gift vouchers via email
  • Offer rewards on a purchase order of a certain amount
  • Increase sales with affiliate commissions

Additional marketing efforts can be put through email marketing, and strategic tie-ups to provide exclusive offers with specific credit cards.


Step 7

Manage Your Marketplace With Ease

Management is easy with Yo!Kart since the platform comes preloaded with a wide range of features. Plus, it supports various third-party integrations for streamlined operations. Here are a few additional reasons why managing an online marketplace is easier with Yo!Kart.

Extensive Order Management

Monitor existing orders, handle cancellation requests, recover abandoned orders, and do more with in-built management features within the admin dashboard. Yo!Kart gives you full control over order management.

Reliable Seller Management

Accept/reject multiple onboarding requests, transfer seller payments, or manage shops from within the dashboard. Yo!Kart has all the right tools to manage sellers and sustain your eCommerce venture.

Effective Marketing Tools

Manage discount coupons, create volume discounts, offer rewards on the purchase, and perform other post-launch activities with Yo!Kart’s in-built features. Click “Promotions” under the admin dashboard to access these tools.

Complete Performance Reports

Instantly measure your marketplace performance with quick reports readily available via the admin dashboard. Quantify individual store performances and discover the best selling products for better promotion and tactical marketing decisions.

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Yo!Kart Mobile Apps ― Augment eCommerce experience

Offer a complete digital experience with feature-rich Yo!Kart mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. Complement your Yo!Kart-powered web app to offer the signature Yo!Kart user-experience across devices.

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Buyer's App (Android and iOS)

The buyer-app engages users with an intuitive interface, logical workflows, interactive functionality, and robust performance.

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