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A single vendor solution developed by Yo!Kart to expand business opportunities around the globe.

The eCommerce Store Software Made For The Community

Technical complexities and costs hold back neighbourhood retailers and SMBs in building their own online brands. We at Yo!Kart understand the pain points and deliver to liberate them from these operational dependencies through our adept eCommerce platform “Tribe”.

Tribe is developed with a dedicated mission to empower their community with a dynamic online store for a better customer connection. In essence of nourishing the idea of eCommerce, Tribe offers to promote and strengthen their growth within the online retail ecosystem. Enriched with core values of trust, empowering each other, and agility, the single-vendor solution is an online entrepreneur’s best ally.

At absolutely NO COST, Tribe offers to bring you in the league with striking features, and resolute tech support. The experience gained and lessons learned over the years has helped us in bringing the vision behind Tribe into a reality.

eCommerce Community

Not-to-miss, Tribe Is

Open Source
Built on the open-source robust Laravel framework
Self-Hosted Platform
Self Hosted Solution
Customizable Platform
Fully customizable
Zero recurring fees
Free Software
Free for lifetime
Source Code ownership
Offering source-code ownership

Yo!Kart or Tribe - Make an Informed Decision

Yo!Kart is the finest online marketplace software that has been in business since 2015. The platform has powered 2000+ businesses including startups, enterprises, and even some Fortune 500 companies.

Tribe has been launched to augment a different league. It will be an ideal choice for businesses and retailers looking

to build their own store-fronts, and not marketplaces.

Both progressive, and yet developed with uniquely defined ideologies for unique business propositions. Here is a point-to-point comparison to help SMBs and new business owners choose the best-fit among the two products:




Business Model

The software supports launching single stores with inventory-based catalogues like Apple Online stores and the Under Armour Online Store

A multi-vendor eCommerce solution modelled to launch B2C, B2B & C2C marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy and Alibaba

Revenue Channels

The admin or store owner is the sole beneficiary of all business off the platform.

Brand advertising and direct sales of catalogue products drive the complete revenue.

Facilitates the marketplace owner with multiple revenue channels to draw maximum ROI.

Order commissions, seller subscriptions, and advertisements source for the majority marketplace earnings.

Built For

Developed to accelerate beginnings, the Tribe software cohesively offers all necessary components to launch a robust online store.

Best suited for new ventures and SMBs, the software solution enables an impressive platform to begin the eCommerce journey.

Endorsing the marketplace culture, Yo!Kart was originally developed to expedite sophisticated business transactions.

From SMBs to enterprises, Yo!Kart powered online marketplaces propel eCommerce capability across all geographical boundaries.

Technology Used

Backed by the dynamic PHP framework, Laravel, Tribe is able to build progressive and scalable online stores.

Tribe gets its dynamicity from Laravel’s robust tool kit and elegant syntax, favoring short launch cycles.

Built on the time-tested stack of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP), Yo!Kart offers a robust platform for online marketplace development.

The most popular of the open source stacks, LAMP presents web applications which are simple, stable, and powerful.

Supported Payment Gateways

Following in Yo!Kart’s footsteps Tribe too is developed with the intention of supporting global eCommerce business launches.

Promoting transactions within any local currency, Tribe is equipped with standard third-party payment gateways like PayPal.

Endorsing global operations, Yo!Kart powered marketplaces harbor secure and reliable online payment tools.

Sourcing international currencies into the admin’s account, the marketplace software comes with pre-integrated payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe Connect.


Tribe offers to launch your online store with all basic features and installation support, absolutely FREE with source code ownership.

A robust and adept eCommerce marketplace platform with competitive features can be set-up at a one-time price of $999.

Technical Support

Comparing multi-vendor to single-vendor, the number of functionalities and features vary significantly.

The single-store builder does not require vendor management. Hence, with relatively less number of modules it comes with 3 months of technical support.

The Yo!Kart marketplace solution is developed with precise attention to software quality.

For installation and in case of any unprecedented bugs, the team offers 1 year of FREE tech support.


A solution with a popular and powerful framework allows the developer to work it in-line with the store.

Tribe’s CMS editor empowers the owner to craft an online look unique to their store. Simple drag and drop features encourage easy and creative customizations.

Yo!Kart is built on a developer-friendly stack and is customizable on various parameters.

Designing business-model specific user-stories, incorporating industry-oriented features, and integrating feature-driven APIs makes Yo!Kart the marketplace solution to go for.

White Label

The single-vendor eCommerce software is available with it’s signature.

The option to create a new brand can be explored under particular customization plans.

The multi-vendor online eCommerce software is available as a complete whitelabel solution.

Allowing marketplace owners to build their own brand, endorse it, and scale beyond limitations.


Tribe is envisioned to occupy a top-of-the-list spot among popular online store-builders like

Shopify, OpenCart, and WooCommerce.

Competitors drive the quality.

Yo!Kart stands strong and confident among a list of eCommerce marketplace solutions like CS-cart, Magento, and Shuup.

Meeting The Objectives

PayPal Payouts API

A turnkey software solution to leverage new eCommerce business ideas was a much-needed component within the online retail segment. Yo!Kart embraced the popularity and stepped up to contribute as a give back with Tribe.

Considering the best way to give back to the community, in times most demanding, and to an industry ever-flourishing, Tribe envisions to support community building with its free single-store solution. Prospective eCommerce entrepreneurs can look upto a confident and impressive start with Tribe.

PayPal Payouts API

A stellar eCommerce marketplace software developed with the sole purpose of enhancing the online shopping experience. Yo!Kart has provided retail businesses with dominant and influential digital portrayal, accelerating their eCommerce journeys to new heights.

Yo!Kart and the team understand what kind of eCommerce platforms meet customer demands with exceptional online shopping experiences. Engaging customer experience, augmenting profits, and countless business opportunities, it remains dedicated to add strength to the online marketplace industry.

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