Why Yo!Kart Demo at your Place is the Way to Go?

We are always prepared for a demo, whether it’s online, over a phone call or on-site. While the previous two methods are technology driven, it’s the third one that reaps maximum benefits. Here’s how:

  • Time & Cost Effective
  • In-Person Interaction
  • Discuss User Stories Effectively
  • Better Addressal of Issues
  • Continuous Meetings
  • Better Trust Building
  • Faster Onboarding
  • Real Time Query Addressal
  • No Communication Gap


The charges you see on the right are all inclusive. The cost covers everything, right from the commencement of the journey to the demo and back.

And guess what?

If the total project cost reaches $20,000 or more, we’ll adjust demo charges in total cost of the project.

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Scheduling an On-Site Demo is Really Easy. Just give us a little heads-up about yourself in this short form below, and we’ll get in touch with you really soon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions indicate that someone is listening at the other side and the other someone wants to know more. And there always are few common queries. We will answer them for you right here.

Q1. Who will deliver the Yo!Kart Demo?
Two Yo!Kart experts, a Business Analyst and one from the Sales Department will deliver the On-Site demo.
Q2. What is fee for the on-site demo?
The charges (Per Person basis) for the demo vary according to the 4 regions of our operations:
  • Asia & Middle East: $750
  • Africa: $1,000
  • North America, Europe and Oceania: $1250
  • South America: $2,000
Q3. What will be the duration of the demo?
8 hours. The duration includes requirement gathering, on-site demo and subsequent Q&A session.
Q4. What if I need more time of your representatives?
Although our representatives will give you complete walkthrough within the specified timeframe, we do offer room for extension in special cases. In such an event, the extended demo will cost $250 per person per day.
Q5. Will on-site demo cost be adjusted in the total invoice amount?
Yes, we’d be glad to adjust the on-site demo cost in the total invoice if the finalized project is billed at $20,000 or more.
Q6. Do you provide on-site demo in India?
Yes, we do! Click here to know more about on-site demo in India.
Q7. Is the demo fee refundable?
No, the demo fee is adjustable, but not refundable.
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