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  • Insecure website
  • Limited functionalities
  • Maintenance is a hassle
  • Integrations are not easy
  • Lack of or no customization options
  • Cluttered or ineffective UI
  • Unable to deliver an engaging user experience (UX)
  • Restrictions on the number of products you can add
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You must be thinking that why you should trust Yo!Kart, right?

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The biggest concern when migrating is the cost & other additional benefits. Yo!Kart is a Feature-rich and cost-effective platform to migrate your eCommerce marketplace.

Feature Packed Solution

Launch a feature-rich
eCommerce store

Easy payment terms

Flexible payments in

multivendor features
Highly Secured System

Most secure and updated

management features
Customization Capabilities

Customizable to suit your
business needs

We Understand That Migrating is Not Simple and Your Concerns are Genuine

Let’s address some of your questions related to Yo!Kart migration

Will Yo!Kart help me in improving my marketplace’s revenue?

You can leverage multiple revenue streams in Yo!Kart. This is the feature that makes Yo!Kart an ideal eCommerce marketplace platform. You can leverage multiple revenue channels like commissions, subscriptions, and advertisements. And guess what, Yo!Kart also comes with integrated affiliate marketing module to help generate more revenue.

What is the scope of customization in Yo!Kart?

Want your eCommerce marketplace to have a specific look? We can do it for you. Yo!Kart solution is completely customizable and we offer complete ownership of the source code (excluding framework) along with every license. This allows you to customize your marketplace to suit any theme or design that you want.

What existing platforms can be migrated to Yo!Kart?

Our experts can help you migrate your marketplace to Yo!Kart from any existing eCommerce platform.

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Will migrating to Yo!Kart help in improving user-engagement?

Yo!Kart platform follows a growth-oriented approach with every aspect focused on growing business and boosting conversions. Our engaging designs are UX optimized and can be managed easily. You will be able to engage more users and leverage a wide range of functionality features with Yo!Kart.

What eCommerce services does Yo!Kart offer?

We will offer the following services once the migration process begins:

  • Customized design and development
  • Third-party API and payment gateway integration
  • Data entry & catalog management services
  • SSL certification
  • Upgrade service
  • Online marketing services
  • 12 Month FREE support for bugs and errors

Did You Know That Businesses Across the Globe are Leveraging Yo!Kart to Run Some of the Best eCommerce Marketplaces?

Here Are a Few Out of Many eCommerce Marketplaces Running on Yo!Kart:
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I would highly recommend Yo!Kart for your project's needs. They focus on building excellent products that leave a lasting impression. I cannot thank Yo!Kart enough for all the help and support.

Carlos Vernier

CEO and Founder, Oil & Gas Inventories

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