UX Designers and Front-end Developers

Developing a good front-end can increase the conversion rate for an eCommerce website, which is why we have a team of experienced UX designers and Front-end developers. These experts have the market knowledge and the skill to give you a front-end, just the way you like it. Our team keeps themselves updated with latest trends to give your site traffic a seamless experience. These experts are well-rehearsed and up-to-date to create the following:

  • Mobile Friendly Designs
  • Graphics
  • Landing Pages
  • Custom Front-end Designs
  • Themes
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The exterior of a building does not matter if the foundation isn't strong; similar is the case with a website. As long as the programming of the website is not done right, the website's UX and front-end does not matter. Programmers at Yo!Kart work closely according to latest coding standards to develop, maintain, debug and test.

  • Payment Gateways
  • APIs
  • Security
  • Mobile Apps
  • Custom Coding
  • CMS
  • Database
  • Jquery
  • Integrations
We have expertise in creating Customized eCommerce platform

I came across Yo!Kart through numerous positive reviews. We engaged the team to customize the platform for our own start-up and were so pleased by both the end-result and the entire working process itself.

Noorindah Iskandar

Founder, Modenseek.com

It was fun working with Yo!Kart team. They are very supportive and I received quality work from them. Whenever I needed some support, the team was always there to assist. Will definitely work with them for my future projects.

Vishal Anand

Founder & CEO , MyCart Mauritius

2 months of research, trial, and error tested Magento, OpenCart, Woocommerce and different platforms, then we found Yo!Kart, and for sure we weren't wrong. Everything you need to operate a multivendor multilingual multicurrency eCommerce marketplace is there.

Odeh N

CEO and Founder, Mostawda

I would like to thank Yo!Kart team for the excellent product. I bought the system 6 months ago. The system works superbly and technical support is very great. I encourage people to do business with this company!

Jean-Nicolas Guay

President, Ketshops

Yo!Kart turned out to be just the right product we needed for developing our website. The team behind Yo!Kart was also very professional and supportive and assisted us greatly in customizing the website as per our requirements.

Onika Griffith-Elliott

Founder, Different of Cause

Flexibility of product to customize according to business requirements. Good support team. Excellent understanding of technical requirements of clients.

Beerala Vasu Deva Reddy

CEO and Founder, ewheelers

The Yo!Kart Team & the Project Coordinator Jaspreet Bajwa is amazing. This is the reason why I purchased the Yo!Kart Markeplace Platform. Great UX design, Smooth Admin Back-end, Amazing team, Very responsive and fast - just a little too costly when I need to adjust things in the code.

Demba Lehrer

CEO and Founder, Farmed Today B.V. Marketplace

We really enjoy working with Yo!Kart Team, and think they have done a fantastic job so far.

Greg Klupar

Co-Founder & CTO, Voyij

Project Coordinators and Business Analysts

A business analyst or project coordinator forms a communication bridge between the client and the programmers working on the backend or the front-end of the website. Our project coordinator and business analysts have excellent analytical skills and are fueled by a creative mindset. Our team makes sure to handle client's challenges and problems. They try their best to provide an appropriate solution which can be implemented. The role and responsibility are as follow:

  • Project Planning
  • Feature Documentation
  • Client Communication
  • HRDs, FRDs, DFDs
  • Wireframing
  • Project Scope
  • Coordination with Team
  • Product Demo
  • UX Planning
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Why Yo!Kart is the ideal eCommerce platform


While working on a certain project we make sure the development of the project is known to the client, so for that, we have regular communication with all our clientele. Some of the ways by which we maintain total transparency are:

  • Communicating every development through emails and phone calls
  • The client can check the progress on the website through bizixx (a common communication channel for client)
  • During the process, we take responsibility to keep all data exchanged between the client and the business analyst confidential.
  • After the completion of the project, the complete source code is given to the client. The client can make changes to it according to them.

Conversion Optimized

Our experts do not only focus on the UX and development, but also integrate features that help increase conversion of your website. Some of the things for increasing conversion in Yo!Kart are:

  • Reporting and analytical tool for admin to check traffic and conversio
  • User-friendly website and easy navigation
  • Effective sales funnel and easy checkout

Conversion Optimized

Yo!Kart assures all its customers that the project will be delivered on the time specified and in the process we never compromise with the quality of the project. We assure timely delivery of the project by:

  • Pre-planned project timeline
  • Agile methodology
  • Value Delivery

Quality Assurance

Yo!Kart's experts rigorously plan and iterate to keep all the standard quality norms in place. We assure that the website we create is the best in quality; and we keep upgrading ourselves to keep up with the latest trends. Below are some ways we assure value:

  • We have created customized eCommerce websites for reputed brands.
  • We offer 1-year tech-support
  • Quality parameters with high and rigid standards
We Provide 12 Month FREE Technical Support to Our Clients

Quality Experts

After the eCommerce website is created according to the requirement of the client, it is sent to the Quality experts. These experts make sure that the end product meets the original requirement of the client. They also possess the ability to follow instruction accurately to conduct tests that ensure the application/website performs properly according to design/end-user specifications and requirement for all projects. Here are a few tests with which we assure quality:

  • Functional Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Browser Testing
  • Security Testing

Data Management Experts

When the product is finally completed in its development stage, the admin/client need some assistance in getting started with the product. A data management expert helps the client in setting up the store and making it ready to be launched. Some of the few roles of our data management experts are:

  • Product Data Entry
  • Image Optimization
  • Bulk Product Upload
  • Category Management
  • Catalogue Processing
  • Content Management

Marketing Experts & Content Architects

Our team of marketers make sure that the product which is being developed for a client has all the latest tools which hell with the marketing the website on social media and search engines. For those clients who require post-development marketing, our experts also provide it. These are the following marketing points that we cater too:

  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC
  • Pre-Launch Marketing
  • Content Planning
  • Landing Page Planning
  • Conversion & UX Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis

Well, Hard Work Always Pays Off!

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