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  • Refreshed UI & UX for satisfying experiences
  • Reimagined Workflows for Higher Efficiency & Ease
  • Additional Result-Driven Features & Functionalities
  • New APIs Pre-integrated To Enhance Possibilities
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Inside Yo!Kart

Marketplaces of Today need tools to effectively navigate eCommerce complexities, rising competition, and user expectations. Yo!Kart is the evolutionary culmination of our years of value-driven accumulated eCommerce insights ― that provide result-oriented value to all platform participants. We focused on key eCommerce growth drivers to give businesses a competitive advantage. Ergo, Yo!Kart has a UI/UX that infuses pleasing designs with seamless workflows. Added features like Badges, Ribbons foster information-driven conversions. Sellers get tools to sell effectively.

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Yo!Kart Highlights

Refreshed Theme

Personalize your marketplace with customizable Google Font and an intuitive color theme module with preview functionality

Reinvigorated Performance

Trusted performance of reliable Yo!Kart system has been boosted further by making the code compact and enhancing its structure

Redefined Logic for workflows

Single-Page forms and Effortless Organized Sorting aids operational efficiency for Admin and reduces inaccuracies

Real-Time System Guide

Manage operations with ease ― Find information on each feature through dedicated Help-Text Section, Alerts, and Suggestions/Recommadation bar

Bolstered Security

Enhanced GDPR compliance, reworked cookie management, and more further amplifies user security in our robust solution

Badges & Ribbons

Drive higher conversions with contextual details on Products/ Product Variants/Shop listings via Images (Badges) and Text(Ribbons)

Decisive control for Admin

Yo!Kart redefines privileges for the marketplace Admin to facilitate predictable, standardized, and seamless eCommerce business operations

Faster Signup Process

OTP-based faster login method via registered user mobile phones, in addition to pre-existing password-based social, & email LogIn methods

New Features for that Advantage you need to win in eCommerce Marketplace

Customizable Homepage

Design Homepage with complete freedom by leveraging customizable homepage slides, support for multiple content formats, and more

Product Filters

Host intuitive browsing experiences with capabilities to filter product lists by price, categories, and other key parameters

Info-Driven Buyer Journey

Offer an ecosystem wherein buyers can make an informed purchase decision with details like product images, seller info, and reviews

Easy Checkout

Easy addition & removal of items, save for later cart and pay through multiple options foster checkout experience for buyers fueling conversions.

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Dynamic Product Catalog

Product catalog in Yo!Kart fosters seamless workflows ― giving the Admin the tools to enhance efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Extensive Reports & Analytics

Leverage detailed insights from platform Reports, and Analytics to power data-driven business strategies

Firm Admin Control

Incisive control for admin to have effective control over the platform. Requests and the related approval process are enhanced and streamlined

Effective Promotions

Additional promotional features such as Badges and Ribbons in Yo!Kart aid in promoting products and shops on the platform.

Buyer View
Buying Experience

The clear, lucid, and intuitive flow provides engaging user experiences leading to higher conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Multiple Log-In methods

Offer convenient, fast, and reliable Sign up via email, Phone, and social media accounts

Product Favorites

Yo!Kart allows buyers to shorten buying journeys by adding products to favorites. Added product list can be accessed in the future.

Connect With Sellers

An integrated messaging module system allows one-to-one interaction between buyers and sellers creating transparency.

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Intuitive Shop Management

Sellers get individual virtual storefronts. Further, extensive enrichment amplifies operational efficiencies for better management.

Remarkably efficient Store Management

Yo!Kart simplifies complex store management with a rich featured Seller dashboard that can edit product details, order details, manage returns, and more.

Sell Digital Products

Yo!Kart gets a complete ecosystem for Digital products. Customers can preview, get subsequent updates on purchased products, and more.

Tools To Ease Shipping

Customizable shipping APIs, personalized rates, added pre-integrated APIs, and custom pick-up intervals to ease shipping for sellers.

Now Migrate Easily & Swiftly From Shopify To Yo!Kart


Migrate your Shopify website seamlessly to our Next Gen solution ― Yo!Kart. Admin and sellers in the marketplace can transfer all of their essential data including products, customers, orders, sellers, and similar entities from Shopify to Yo!Kart automatically, accurately, and securely. Get the assurance of no downtime on the current store, and proper data transfer. Furthermore, receive dedicated support from us during and after the migration to Yo!Kart.

Enhanced Possibilities with an API-driven eCommerce Ecosystem

Achieve More With Additional business APIs and payment gateways included out-of-the-box in Yo!kart. Third-Party APIs of Shipping fulfillment providers, payment gateways, and more pre-Integrated into the system to keep your business efficient, Agile and adaptive

New Shipping APIs
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New Payment Gateways
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