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Oil and Gas Inventories, or OGI, is an online marketplace to connect buyers & suppliers of the Oil & Gas industry. Founded by an industry insider, OGI operates with the aim to resolve the problems with surplus inventory – such as market volatility, management miscalculations, holding costs, etc., that create inefficiency in the supply chain & eat away profits. OGI operates in the US and offers shipping worldwide.

Project Highlights

Custom Design
Integrated Avalara

Sales Tax API

OGI operates internationally; thus, have to deal with varying taxes in different regions. On client’s request, we integrated Avalara (a renowned name in indirect taxation automation APIs) with OGI website to make the process of calculating transactional taxes fully automated.

Integrated ShipStation

Shipping API

To materialize its mission, OGI required an optimized shipping and delivery mechanism, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries. For that, we integrated OGI website with ShipStation, which offers a web-based, centralized management of eCommerce shipping & deliveries.

How Customization Helps?


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Carlos Vernier

CEO & Founder

What We Did

After the initial consultation with the Carlos Vernier (Founder, OGI), it was clear that OGI required a customized version of Yo!Kart, which offers simplicity at the frontend, and robustness at the backend. Once the goals were clear, our team of designers & developers came into action, built a custom UI and integrated APIs for tax calculation & shipping management to build a website that ensures a great user experience along with high performance – just as required by the client.

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