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CX Marketplace is a B2B cannabis marketplace platform by London-based entrepreneur, Alex. He has been pioneering a comprehensive infrastructure in the B2B Cannabis industry, inclusive of both digital and physical assets, operative across Europe. His network of solutions includes a Cannabis commodity-trading platform that boasts 400+ members and €65 million in inventory value spread across 40+ product categories; secure payment solutions, niche-tailored Logistics, and more. A crucial thread in this cannabis ecosystem, CX Marketplace is interconnected with its network of solutions. It offers a complete product catalog of industrial hemp, CBD, and medical cannabis ― connecting B2B buyers directly to leading vendors across Europe.

CX Marketplace

According to Statista, eCommerce is the largest (40%) solitary contributor to CBD sales which can reach upto

$16B By 2027

Project Goal

The client, Alex Arkentis, vision is to redefine the Cannabis industry with a comprehensive ecosystem. Where B2B buyers will get access to CBD products and services from leading wholesalers in Europe on a contemporary multi-vendor marketplace with secure and efficient transactions.

To meet his vision, the client shared the requirements for a marketplace platform that is aligned with their brand signature and connected with their existing exchange platform and services. Furthermore, the marketplace was to give users a secure and exclusive digital space ― and the sellers tools for efficient sales.

Crafting Alex’s Vision ― Our Solution

Discerning Alex’s requirements and leveraging our industry expertise in designing purpose-built solutions ― a marketplace platform was engineered, powered by the versatility of Yo!Kart. Notably, B2B users of today need a high-performing, secure, and intuitive platform. CX Marketplace is a platform built for B2B eCommerce ― engaging users with compelling experiences, driving higher efficiency with a range of result-oriented features, and fostering higher brand affinity with unified UI. The deliverables included the following personalizations.

Brand-Aligned UI

A unified user experience is quintessential to multi-platform businesses. The User-Interface of CX Marketplace has been tailored in line with the brand signature of Alex's undertakings ― adding predictability for the users and enhancing brand affinity for the business.

An Interconnected Space

Alex’s business vision is pillared by offering users an interconnected ecosystem of platforms. We have delivered a Yo!Kart-powered platform and facilitated seamless connection with the business’ allied platform.

Security Bolstering Restrictions

B2B eCommerce relies on personal business relations between sellers and buyers. CX Marketplace fosters such interactions by offering users an exclusive ecosystem. Also, un-registered users have restricted access to the platform.

Robust Selling Features

Sellers on the platform get holistic features for effective and efficient sales. The CX Marketplace platform has further integrated tools to engage sellers and help them stay one step ahead of the competition.

Custom Buyer Journey

Considering the operative niche of the eCommerce platform, CX Marketplace has been tailored to give buyers of the platform intuitive search experiences based on redefined filters, additional sign-up options, and more.

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