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Launching an Ecommerce Marketplace: What is the Real Cost

YoKart Chef07.17.2017

A lot has been said about ecommerce marketplaces and its immense popularity among the entrepreneurial sector. However, very few understand the cost associated with launching and managing a full-fledged ecommerce marketplace. From setup cost to maintenance, there are different types of cost that a marketplace owner has to incur if they opt for creating a marketplace from scratch. Read this post to find out more about these costs and how to avoid them.

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Take Your Ecommerce Store to the Next Level with Social Commerce

YoKart Chef07.06.2017

For ecommerce stores, social media has always brought forth added leverage resulting in better growth and sales. Moreover, in the recent past, these social networking platforms have come up with dedicated tools, which allow ecommerce businesses to engage with consumers easily using their platform. This post covers all the important social commerce features that can take your ecommerce store to the next level.

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eCommerce – Past, Present And The Future

YoKart Chef06.26.2017

Most of the consumers were vary of ecommerce a decade ago, but within a span of few years, it has become a core part of our daily lives. Nowadays most of the people prefer to buy online rather than going out if given a choice. There has been a lot happening in this area. Read this post to find out more about the past, present and what holds in the future of ecommerce.

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Choosing the Right Ecommerce Platform for Optimal SEO

YoKart Chef06.21.2017

Finding the most ideal ecommerce platform has always been a hassle for entrepreneurs as they have to look at various aspects or features. One such crucial features relates to SEO. While choosing a platform one must take into account different criteria which come into play for an ecommerce store. Read this post comparing all the popular ecommerce platforms and SEO features they offer.

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How Ecommerce Businesses Should Do Instagram Marketing to Gain Maximum Benefit

YoKart Chef06.16.2017

With over 700 monthly active users, and 3.5 billion images & videos being shared every day, Instagram is the new star performer among social media platforms. However, on Instagram, marketing is done in a unique way. Therefore, ecommerce brands & online marketers must learn these new ways of marketing to leverage the platform in the best manner. Read on to learn more about these unique ways of marketing on Instagram.

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5 Crucial Steps Entrepreneurs Follow To Start A New Ecommerce Business

YoKart Chef05.17.2017

Are you probing how ecommerce companies take their first step towards online selling business? There’s a lot that goes behind setting up an ecommerce store but most of the things remain same. Let’s know what’s common in most entrepreneurs’ journey. This post will help you make an informed decision about how to start an ecommerce business.

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Things to Consider Before Starting an Ecommerce Business for Local Audience

YoKart Chef05.11.2017

Are you worried that big ecommerce companies will not let your ecommerce venture survive? A vast majority of entrepreneurs have benefitted by starting small and targeting local audience. However, there are a lot of steps to consider before investing and starting your ecommerce business. In this post, we have compiled few steps, that will help you make an informed decision. Continue reading to know more.

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Shopping Cart Abandonment Reasons and How to Counter Them

YoKart Chef04.13.2017

Simply getting more number of visitors does not guarantee improved sales. Out of your total number of website visitors, many abandon their shopping cart due to various reasons such as confusing checkout, hidden costs, website security, etc. To know how to reduce shopping cart abandonment rate for your ecommerce store, take a look at these important points.

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5 Ecommerce Website Features to Keep Sellers On Your Marketplace Happy

YoKart Chef04.10.2017

Starting an ecommerce business is one of the best online money making ideas of 2017. However, while doing so, you must pay special attention to website features as well. Not providing essential features will ruin the experience of buyers and vendors on your website and lower the growth rate. Continue reading to know more about such essential features.

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Grow Your Ecommerce Business with the Power of Big Data – Uses & Tools

YoKart Chef04.04.2017

Understanding customer behavior has always been crucial in the retail industry. The rise of the big data has enabled retailers to peek deeper into customer’s mind & gain critical insights to sketch more accurate buying behavior patterns. This post is aimed at educating ecommerce companies on various aspects of big data & the most effective ways to use this powerful resource for their business growth.

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