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Various Channels to Catapult eCommerce Marketing

YoKart Chef08.23.2017

Digital marketing is the spine and soul of web based businesses. Every ecommerce website owner understands the importance of staying ahead of the competitors. This is where the role of marketing comes into action, and given the rate at which marketing evolves, relying on only one marketing channel is not fruitful. In this article, we will talk about the various ecommerce marketing channels through which you can make sure you have a high prominence and visibility on the internet.

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How to Use Customer Data to Improve Conversion of Your Ecommerce Store

Ketan Malhotra08.21.2017

For an ecommerce website owner, it all revolves around ensuring that users come to the website and make purchases. However many a time, these users trickle out of the purchasing pipeline due to one reason or the other. This is where you, as an ecommerce website owner, must incorporate certain strategies involving customer data to increase conversions of your website. Read this post to find out more.

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YoKart in $999: Smart Investment to be a part of $1.9 Trillion Ecommerce Industry

Ketan Malhotra08.18.2017

The ecommerce ecosystem is expected to grow multiple folds in the coming years. You can also be a part of it and earn huge profits in the process. However, being a part of the ecommerce ecosystem is not easy as a lot depends on the platform on which you will build your website. This is where YoKart steps in and assists you in solving various problems associated with operations, management, scalability, etc. Continue reading to know more about features of YoKart and the delivery process.

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Make your customers the biggest salespersons for your ecommerce store

Deepak Sharma08.17.2017

For a long period of time legacy businesses have been relying on word-of-mouth to increase the sales of their stores. However the same has been missing from ecommerce stores which can use customers as the biggest salespeople to increase revenue and sales. From social marketing to in-website reviews, ecommerce stores can use numerous customer centric strategies to enhance sales and generate more profit. Read this post to get a more closer view.

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How to Influence Customers during Different Stages of the Purchase Cycle

Ketan Malhotra08.14.2017

For a long period of time, companies and brands have been using different strategies to influence the purchase decision of the consumer. With eCommerce coming into picture the notion of conversions has become more prominent. By defining the purchase cycle of the consumer, eCommerce marketplace can target it to ensure that the consumer does convert and make repeat purchases. Read this post to find out more.

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Improve Conversion by Perfecting the Checkout Process of Your Ecommerce Store

Ketan Malhotra08.10.2017

Many ecommerce marketplaces boast of ecstatic traffic to their website, but when it comes to sales figure, the numbers do not match. The reason behind it is shopping cart abandonment. Studies have shown that ecommerce marketplaces that do not have a consumer friendly checkout process tend to lose more than half of their revenues. Read this post to find out more about shopping cart abandonment and how to create a perfect checkout page.

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How Dynamic Product Recommendation Can Help Increase Sales of an Ecommerce Marketplace

YoKart Chef08.07.2017

Dynamic product recommendation plays a very important in increasing your sales. It means you are paying attention to their choices and you want them to make a well-informed decision. When done right, dynamic product recommendation also speeds up the buying process and converts a customer more quickly and efficiently. And at the same time, user experience also enhances multi-fold. This article talks about how you can master dynamic product recommendation and how to apply it during different stages of purchase funnel.

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Tips to Increase the Average Order Value (AOV) of Your Ecommerce Marketplace

Ketan Malhotra08.04.2017

From merely focusing on increasing user base, ecommerce marketplaces are now shifting their attention towards increasing sales and revenues. One way in which this can be achieved is to increase the average order value (AOV) of the shopping cart. Read this post to find out about different tricks & hacks through which you can easily increase average order value of your ecommerce marketplace.

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Latest Ecommerce Stats To Understand Shopping Tendencies of Online Buyers [Infographic]

Ketan Malhotra07.28.2017

There was a time when launching an ecommerce marketplace with a long list of features was enough to make it a success. As the markets have matured and the numerous marketplaces have populated the whole sector, it has become crucial for website owners to develop marketing strategies based on data collected. This helps them identify how, where and what the consumers are shopping. Read this post to get a better idea.

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Why Statistical Reports are Must for Ecommerce Marketplaces

Ketan Malhotra07.26.2017

For an ecommerce marketplace owner, everything revolves around how the website is performing. However, most of the entrepreneurs looking to launch an ecommerce marketplace, an inbuilt statistical report tool does not even break the top 10 feature list. This is where most of the startup marketplaces falter. Statistical reports provide the base for analytics, thus, play a crucial role in the formulation of growth strategy. Read this post to find out more.

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