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Attain Greater Business Reach With Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App


The Yo!Kart V9 buyer app is a complete package that you’ve been looking for. Increase your online visibility and attract more customers with this flexible app.

Avid consumers are always in search of new and innovative products. Making these products available to them can come up as a herculean challenge for the vendors and manufacturers. However, this obstacle can be overcome by associating with an engaging app like the Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App.

In the present technology-driven era, the demand for even the most complex goods is increasing which can be fulfilled with the help of the right apps. This is the reason why having a buyer app for your business should be on your to-do list. A well-designed buyer app that is feature-rich is what Yo!Kart V9 wows to offer to the users. 

The app is feature-packed and supports options like:  

  • Multi-lingual support(LTR/RTL)
  • Multi-Currency
  • Manageable App Labels
  • Instructional Overlays
  • Swipe Actions
  • Homepage collection banners

And Much More! 

Getting started

Log in/Register as a guest or connect the account with your social media handles. Already a customer? Log in using your email credentials. 

Inquisitive about signing up? Skip it all and experience the ease of using the Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App.  

Avoid the hassle of multiple logins with the Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App. It’s easy and a single-click process. Conversion generation by inculcating customer awareness has never been this convenient! With Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App, experience the ease of creating multiple accounts for a speedy check-out process.  

Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App- Systematic Search & Listing 

Quick search results by simply typing the product descriptions are what customers root for. While typing in the omnipresent search bar, the customers can browse through numerous differentiated categories based on suggested recommendations. 

Features include: 

  • Comprehensive keyword search/b>
  • Suggestive Tags
  • Browse by categories
  • Dynamic product filters
  • Sorting of search results 

Amplify the experience of the customers by filtering their search queries and helping them explore a variety of options. The Yo!Kart V9 Buyer app will enable them to search for the exact products that they have been looking for in the shortest possible time.

Full-Proof Back-End Platform Framework   

It’s robust, feature-rich, and sophisticated!

Every business entity needs to equip a powerful back-end solution for sturdy app performance. That’s what Google’s Firebase offers. The Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App is packed with Firebase, a Backend-as-a-Solution (BaaS) platform for boosted app performance and smooth customer experience. 

Watch your business grow manifolds in no time with this feature-packed app. The Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App is equipped with all Firebase essential functionalities so you focus entirely on building your brand and increasing the customer base. 

Features include: 

  • Real-time data storage and synchronization
  • Seamless integration with Google Analytics
  • App crash reporting & bugs isolation
  • Push Notifications and messages to target audience
  • With App Indexing, generate more traffic to the app

What’s more? 

The V9 Buyer App also supports the function of push notifications. With this functionality, you can always keep the customers updated about the status of their orders. Customers are very skeptical while placing orders online. Thus, Assure them about your operational authenticity by keeping them informed about the delivery of their much-anticipated bags of joy. 

What Makes The Yo!Kart Buyer App Feature-Rich?

Let your customers experience the ease of browsing through varied catalogs and shop! The Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App is specifically designed to make it convenient for consumers to swap categories and choose between different products. It is all about facilitating a smooth customer experience and deriving maximum sales. The app is instilled with elements such as: 

  • Product categories and variants
  • Detailed information of the seller
  • Customer ratings and product reviews
  • Options for social sharing

With the help of these features, you will give consumers the power to make easy purchases with adequate information about every product. 

The Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App contains descriptive details such as product descriptions, prices, available color options, customer ratings and reviews, Seller information, availability of more sellers for the same product, option of adding to favorites, social sharing options, additional services such as warranty information and details of additional charges such as chargeable shipping fees, and much more. 

With the strategic and systematic placement of buying buttons, the buyers will be bound to make informed purchases. 

Keep Your Customers Shopping Cart Always Full

The Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App comes with an inbuilt “add to favorites” option so you never miss any anticipated sales lead. Favorites, also commonly known as wishlists allow the consumers to save products in the shopping cart that they do not intend to buy immediately and make the final purchase later.

Providing the favorites option to the users is an effectual method of minimizing the possibility of the user abandoning the shopping cart. The most important benefit of the favorites option is that it serves as a reminder to the customers. Secondly, it helps vendors ascertain the buyer’s product purchasing interests. 


  • Favorite/Unfavorite products
  • Move to cart from favorites

Like it? Add it to the “favorites!”

The favorites option will ensure that your customer’s shopping cart is always filled with goodies that they have been eyeing for a long time. Easy swapping between the favorites list and the shopping cart will ensure that the customers hot the buy-now option. 

What’s More For The Customers? 

Is there a better way of telling your customers that they matter the most to you? Well, sure there is! 

Reward your customers and see your sales skyrocket. Potential customers are always in search of ways and tricks that help them minimize their gross bill. Discount coupons are the perfect method of grabbing the customer’s attention. When users are allowed to redeem their collected reward points and make purchases, it increases their loyalty towards the brand and increases customer retention in your marketplace.

Discount Coupons: 

Approach the customers to check the “Rewards & Coupons” tab for exciting marketplace discounts coupons. 

Reward Points: 

The customers will be able to keep a check on the rewards earned on every purchase under the “reward points” section.   

Share & Earn: 

With the option of sharing on social media available, the users can help spread the word amongst fellow users on different social media platforms. As an incentive for sharing the news across these platforms, award the customers with some reward points. 

Rewarding your customers is an essential growth strategy that the Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App offers. For the growth of your business, it is an absolute necessity to include a “rewards and discounts” section in your marketplace. 

Bridging The Gap Between Sellers And Customers Through The Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App

Customers are indeed the spine of any business. It is thus essential for a seller to stay connected with the consumers. This is a technique that will increase customer engagement and boost marketplace sales. 

While shopping or browsing through the categories, the customers might raise certain questions about the products that they wish to purchase. The Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App lets you connect directly with the customers and resolve all their queries about their purchases.  


  • Browse shop products
  • Dynamic product filters and easy sorting options
  • Message Seller/Shop
  • Review Shops
  • Report Shops
  • View Shop Policies

Practice customer retention on your marketplace by allowing users to browse their favorite shops. Facilitating smooth communication between the sellers and the consumers with the help of the Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App will aid in increasing the customer base and building the brand name.  

Easy Order Management

Never let your customers miss out on any update regarding their orders with the Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App.

By offering easy reordering, returning, and cancellation options, you can build the value of your marketplace and win customers’ trust and loyalty.


  • View physical/digital product orders
  • Order details
  • Download Digital Orders
  • Re-order
  • Cancel Orders
  • Return Orders
  • Email Order Receipt 

Manage your inventory effectively and practice easy order management with the Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App. Management of orders can be a time-consuming and confusing process. Especially in this era of cut-throat competition, it becomes a necessity to practice effective order management techniques. Yo!Kart lets the users systematically manage their orders.

Convenient Payment & Checkout Options 

Fast. Convenient. Reliable

The Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App consists of easy payment and checkout options. Want better conversions? The option of easy payment and checkout can be an effective tool for achieving that. Customers get the option of completing their purchases through multiple payment channels. Also, the customers can apply and redeem earned rewards and discount coupons while completing the checkout process. 


  • Move products to favorites
  • Apply Discount coupons
  • Select Shipping Options
  • Apply Reward Points
  • Pay by Virtual Wallet
  • Pay by Payment Gateways

Having multiple integrated payment platforms for customers to make their final purchases is an essential ingredient for crafting a solid mobile strategy. Yo!Kart V9Buyer App provides you with a robust payment platform that is fast, safe, and secure.

Managing The Account 

With easy account management and update options such as profile maintenance, adding address, management of orders, and much more customers can take control of their accounts. 

Users can edit their profile picture, add or change their Email and password, manage their bank accounts, manage the address, manage the wallet, and logout with just a click. Easy account management will aid in easy swapping between tabs and make it hassle-free. 

Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App Pricing Strategy

Get Bundle Pack (Web Portal + Apps for Android & iOS) for USD 1999 after availing a discount of 800 USD.

Also, get the Yo!Kart Buyer Apps (Android & iOS) for USD 750 each.

Yo!Kart is an award-winning eCommerce platform that has been specially curated for startups and SMBs. As featured in the Inc, “Specially designed for startups and SMBs, Yo!Kart is a turnkey and features rich eCommerce marketplace solution to build multi-vendor stores such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. While many other eCommerce platforms do offer a multi-vendor version, Yo!Kart specializes in this particular field.” Also Yo!Kart V9.3 is a recent version with an abundance of new features to facilitate personalizing shopping experiences, automate fulfillment processes and increase the performance of your marketplace.

Launch your very own multi-vendor marketplace with the Yo!Kart V9 Buyer App. It is cost-effective, easy to use, and a user-friendly interface that will help improve online business presence and boost sales.

Add convenience to your Yo!kart eCommerce Marketplace buyers With Buyer Mobile App Solution

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