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Customer Experience: A Defining Factor For Success In An eCommerce Marketplace


A strong differentiator in an online marketplace, customer experience defines real success in today’s omnichannel world. An impeccable customer experience usually brings positive word-of-mouth recommendations, which according to Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one of the best predictors of business performance. 

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos talking to The Economic Club of Washington famously shared his company’s secret to success, “(T)he No. 1 thing that has made us successful by far is obsessive compulsive focus on the customer as opposed to obsession over the competitor.” This focus on delivering consumer-centric solutions has made Amazon – a retail giant with unparalleled success miles ahead of its competitors.

User-centered design is one of the key criteria for an impeccable customer experience. And, Yo!Kart – one of the most promising marketplace platforms in the market today, delivers just that with its amazing list of features.

Top eCommerce Features

  • ElasticSearch – Distributed, open-source, scalable search engine that indexes big volumes of data quickly and in real-time. ElasticSearch is an increasingly popular enterprise search engine that analyzes data and provides accurate results in 10 milliseconds. It is incorporated in multi-vendor marketplaces powered by Yo!Kart to deliver an incredible user experience.
  • Intuitive Product Pages – Intuitiveness is more of a characteristic than a feature that means ease of use. Creating an intuitive product page requires a strict understanding of your target audience. Yo!Kart offers conversion-centric product pages with complete attention to details in an eCommerce marketplace.
yokart V9 product page
  • Streamlined Checkout – To improve average order value, reduce abandoned carts, and provide a faster purchase funnel; a streamlined checkout process is essential. Yo!Kart incorporates a quick view option on every product ensuring direct checkout from any page. Also, the platform offers 16 pre-integrated payment gateways with an option to customize. 
  • Mobile-Commerce – More than half of all global website traffic comes from mobile devices. Yo!Kart offers a responsive design layout across all devices. Plus, our marketplace solution is PWA compliant with native mobile apps in iOS and Android for an enhanced mobile shopping experience.
  • Language and currency – Yo!Kart incorporates MSN Language API that can translate more than 70 languages, enabling truly multi-lingual functionality. Also, a real-time currency converter API is pre-integrated for automatic currency conversions. Both multilingual and multi-currency features add to the overall consumer experience.
  • Security – The multi-vendor platform offers reliable security solutions to restrict cross-site scripting, eliminate cross-site request forgery, handle sensitive data exposure, and more. SSL and PCI compliance – the most widely used protocols in an eCommerce industry are easily incorporated using Yo!Kart.  
  • Buyers Dashboard – Allow buyers to manage addresses, update credentials, check messages, and do more from within the dashboard. Yo!Kart offers a separate dashboard for marketplace buyers to register and manage all their account activities. Even language and currency preferences can be changed from within the dashboard.
  • Multicart – A popular feature incorporated by Yo!Kart, multicart lets buyers purchase from multiple sellers simultaneously. There is no restriction of any kind and buyers can purchase multiple items from different sellers in a single order. 

Features That Entice And Engage Shoppers

  • Special Price – Listing products at a discounted price with special offers is a popular method to lure/entice shoppers. Yo!Kart allows both admin and seller to add special prices to selected products with a start/end date. To use this feature select “Special Price” under “Promotions” within the respective dashboards.
Special Price List
  • Volume Discount – A popular incentive method that encourages customers to purchase goods in bulk. To apply, select product, add minimum quantity, and enter discount percentage under volume discount feature in the admin or seller dashboard. With the volume discount feature, buyers can avail reduced prices on goods purchased in bulk. 
Volume Discount List
  • Buy Together Products – An upsell feature popular in eCommerce marketplaces, buy together products allow the admin and seller to tag items that can be bought together. This feature originated from consumers browsing/purchasing habits and is typically used for items purchased by a large number of customers previously at the same time. 
Buy Together Products List
  • Related Products – Customers who purchased a camera may need batteries or those with a new dress may need matching shoes. These are all related products that customers would be more interested in purchasing. This is a popular eCommerce feature that boosts sales, offset shipping fees, and more. To add related products, go to Related Products under Promotions in the admin/seller dashboard.
Related Product List
  • Discount Coupons – A fairly common eCommerce marketing strategy to generate more sales, discount coupons encourage purchases on the eCommerce website. Yo!Kart provides a distinct section of “Discount Coupons” where the admin can add coupon code, discount type, maximum discount value, minimum order value, and more. 
Coupons List
  • Rewards on every purchase – Delighting your customers by offering them rewards as an incentive on each purchase is a tactical marketing move. Yo!Kart provides extensive admin capabilities to set up rewards on minimum purchase. To apply this feature, go to the “Rewards on Purchase” section under the admin dashboard.
  • Product Reviews and Ratings – For a successful eCommerce marketplace customer feedbacks on purchased products are very important. To ensure transparency and prevent spam reviews, only the admin can approve product reviews/ratings on marketplaces powered by Yo!Kart.
Product Review List
  • Smart Recommendations – Intelligently upsell products on your marketplace and deliver an engaging consumer experience with smart recommendations. Set up weightages to pre-defined events such as product view, product order paid, and product time spent from within the admin dashboard. Under smart recommendations, manage custom weightages and validity. 
Recommended Products

Amid the pandemic with the increasingly changing consumer habits, user experience (a vital eCommerce aspect) has transformed into a defining factor for success in an eCommerce marketplace. This is why retail giants like Amazon are surging ahead. To build an eCommerce marketplace with a seamless customer experience, choose Yo!Kart.

Quickly upsell or cross-sell products with the cutting-edge Yo!Kart features

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