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Straightforward Answers For Your Most Common Questions When Choosing Yo!Kart


Updated On: 3rd January 2024

No matter how popular and well-documented an existing software or solution is, it is bound to receive a fair amount of queries from clients. And Yo!Kart is no different. Each day our team receives many client queries on various aspects. To make decision-making easier for business owners, our team tries to answer almost every query that we can.


Here is a list of few queries (with answers) we have received over the period:

CATEGORY 1: Yo!Kart – At the Core

Q1. Is Yo!Kart open-source? What framework do you use for the web and mobile app?

Ans: Yo!Kart isnÔÇÖt an open-source eCommerce platform. The core script files of our platform are provided in an encrypted format. This partial encoding prevents unauthorized installation of Yo!Kart on multiple domains but there is no restriction on third-party API integration or customization of any kind. 

The platform is developed using LAMP stack technology – a set of open-source software. Additionally, to modify and customize Yo!Kart, the developer must have experience in MVC architecture and PHP technology. We have recently launched Yo!Kart new version with revamped UI and additional features to increase the performance of a marketplace.

About the framework

YoKart is developed on a proprietary framework used for all products at FATbit Technologies (our parent company). It is a PHP-based structured platform using an in-house encrypted code library developed by our expert programmers with over 15 years of analytical experience. The complete library is tightly bound and highly extendable. Plus, the framework is extremely stable, empowering thousands of medium and large-scale web applications. 

The platform is based on MVC (Model-view-controller) pattern, an application design model useful for developing an intuitive user interface (UI). Our framework uses Javascript programming language and jQuery UI to create an interactive platform that is fully responsive working seamlessly across all devices. 

Despite being partially encrypted, the code is clean and easy to understand/modify. HereÔÇÖs a client review for the same:

Source: Capterra

Q2. Is it a white label platform and mobile app?

Ans: Yes. Yo!Kart is a complete white-label marketplace solution. The entire content on both mobile apps and the platform can be easily managed from the backend. Once you have purchased the Yo!Kart license, we will provide you the source code to easily make modifications or changes of any kind. 

Benefits of opting for a white label solution like Yo!Kart.

  1. Build Your Own Brand: You can easily re-brand it with your business identity and launch without investing excessive time or money in research & development. Yo!Kart comes fully integrated with all essential eCommerce functionalities. 
  1. Focus on your core business process: Developing a solution from scratch may take an insurmountable effort and can easily fail when it isnÔÇÖt your core business functionalities. Instead, a prepackaged white label solution allows you to invest time in marketing and focus on core business competencies. 

When your solution is prepackaged your customers wouldnÔÇÖt look elsewhere. So, the months your team required to develop a solution can now be used to meet your customer needs immediately. This will help reach your goals quicker.

My Cart Review

Q3. Is Yo!Kart CMS based on WordPress?

Ans: Yo!Kart uses its own in-house content management system (CMS) to easily manage navigation, homepage slides, banners, content pages, and more. You can access CMS settings within the admin dashboard. 

CATEGORY 2: Integrations

Q4. Do you have split payments with stripe and PayPal where the vendor takes the payments and I get a commission? I do not want to take payments.

Ans: Split payments are available in Yo!Kart through Stripe Connect. Once enabled, it allows the system to automatically create vendor Stripe accounts using their saved cards. Through Stripe connect the funds are split between sellers and admin in real-time. Also, reverse charges are created for both sellers and admin in case of refunds. The entire process is automated. To enable Stripe Connect, go to Plugins under System Settings in the admin dashboard.

Stripe Connect Plugin

Q5. Can the vendor handle returns and payment returns/refunds as I only want to collect commission?

Ans: Yes, vendors have the option to either approve a refund or escalate the matter to the admin for orders under return request. Click on the view button (for pending requests) under order return requests to access the above options. In case you want any changes to the standard flow, our team will attend to it at $25 USD per hour.

Q6. Is there a way to have automated shipping rate estimates that are dependent on the vendor’s location and customer’s location?

Ans: Yo!Kart comes pre-integrated with ShipStation API that enables the marketplace to fetch live shipping rates depending upon the vendor and customer location.

Q7. In what countries does Yo!Kart work? Please share the languages and currencies it supports?

Ans: Yo!Kart is a global marketplace software that works in almost every country. Our software is inherently designed to be multilingual and even supports Right-to-Left design (a must in the Middle East). 

Yo!Kart comes pre-integrated with MSN Language API that enables the platform to support more than 70 languages. Moreover, the Fixer Currency conversion API comes pre-integrated that fetches exchange rate data for 170 world currencies in real-time and also updates the data every minute. You can even add new currencies or manage existing ones manually through currency management within the admin dashboard.

Manage Currencies

Q8.Can the vendor enter product taxes by themselves in Yo!Kart? I donÔÇÖt want that responsibility.

Ans: Vendors cannot enter their own taxes in Yo!Kart. They can only view the tax rates. To fetch real-time tax rates, we have TaxJar and Avalara APIs pre-integrated into the system. The process is automated so entering individual taxes for all products isnÔÇÖt necessary although there is an in-built tax module for manual changes (if required).


Q9. Do I have to pay for updates or features or is it a one-time price? If so, what is the price?

Ans: Yo!Kart comes in two packages. Unlike other multi-vendor platforms, We charge a one-time license fee for both packages with no hidden or recurring fee of any kind. For complete information on the pricing of our packages, click here. As per different business requirements, we release 2-3 product upgrades every year, but these are standalone versions. If you require an upgraded version to fulfill your business requirements, it will be available at just 50% of the GoQuick package cost.

Q10. Is your site mobile-friendly without using the mobile app? If I have to use the app what is the cost of upgrades every year?

Ans: Yes, Yo!Kart has a fully responsive design layout to easily cater to customers across desktop and mobile devices. Also, the platform is PWA compliant utilizing modern web capabilities to offer a native app experience. This ensures the platform can run seamlessly on all screen sizes omitting the need for a separate mobile site.

However, we also have native mobile apps (for buyers and sellers) to cater to all your business requirements. Yo!Kart comes with intuitive and feature-rich mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. To get more details on the mobile app features and pricing, click here.


Q11. Can Yo!Kart be customized as per my business model or requirements? Can we customize the Apps different from the Website?

Ans: Yo!Kart is a fully customizable platform. You can easily customize the front-end and even modify the source code for additional functionalities as per your business requirements. Regarding the mobile apps, we can customize them as per your chosen Yo!Kart-ready design at an additional cost of $25/hr. However, there are a few free customizations that are included in the Yo!Kart mobile app price. These include: 

  1. Splash Page design as per your websiteÔÇÖs theme color.
  2. Logo and App Icons update
  3. Configuring Social Media Login API.
  4. Configuring any 3rd party API to make the App work
  5. APIs set up on your website and API URL settings in the app.

Below are few reviews from our clients with customization requirements.

YoKart Review


Q12. Do you have some sort of Auction function? I want to make commissions from auctions?

Ans: YoKart can be easily customized to accommodate the auction model. In fact, FATbit Technologies (our parent company) has prepared a detailed auction module overview with features listing for admin, seller, and front-end users. The module can be used to start an online auction marketplace with Yo!Kart. To learn more about Yo!KartÔÇÖs auction marketplace, click here. 

Q13. I cannot see how to customize the website appearance on the product demo site e.g the platform logo and the color of the website. Where can I change the appearance of the store and upload the banners etc?

Ans: You can easily customize the website appearance in Yo!Kart. Please go to System Settings within the admin dashboard to change the theme color (in Theme Settings) and platform logo (in General Settings -> Media). In order to change individual store appearances like banner or logo setup, one can do that under Manage Shop in the seller dashboard.


Q14. What types of commission options do we have (percent, fixed, etc)?

Ans: Commissions are charged on a percentage basis although the admin may charge a different commission fee to different vendors/affiliates.

Manage comission

Q15. I wish to understand how Yo!Kart manages inventory and order tracking 

Ans: Yo!Kart allows both the admin/seller to easily manage inventory from within the dashboard. To maintain stock levels and track stock inventory, enable the option for the same during product setup. 

Also, Yo!Kart has partnered with EasyeCom – an omnichannel inventory management tool allowing marketplace vendors to easily manage inventory from multi-channels in a single dashboard. In case you need this functionality, Yo!Kart team can integrate it at an additional cost.

Q16. How long ago was YoKart created and have any service interruptions occurred since then?

Ans: FATbit Technologies launched YoKart in 2015. Ever since our inception, weÔÇÖve witnessed zero interruptions or downtime thanks to the risk management process in place. Also, we use PMI principles for code merge/bug/release/management, and hence the original release is not affected.

Q17. Is there a limit on the number of products or files vendors can upload?

Ans: No, our scripts do not limit the number of products or files vendors can upload to the marketplace. But when the number exceeds 100,000 you will need a more powerful server/hosting service and maybe some optimization into the scripts.

Q18. Multilingual invoices in the selected language for individual Seller and Buyer

Ans: To download invoices in your preferred language make sure the database information is available in the system for that particular language. Select the language under Languages and Currency in the seller/buyer dashboard to get the invoice in your preferred language.

For instance, below youÔÇÖll find an invoice in the Arabic language generated in Yo!Kart.

Thank you Arabic

Q19. I would like to know how to set the commission for the vendors and how it is calculated. Please provide the formula of the calculation e.g is the shipping fee included in the commission calculation? e.g is the commission deducted after deducting the coupon amount?

Ans: Commissions can be easily set up from within the admin dashboard. Go to Manage Commission Settings under System Settings to edit existing commission listings or add new commissions. Commissions are prioritized in the following order – Product Commission > Vendor/Seller Commission > Category Commission > Site Commission as visible inside the pyramid model below.

Comission working

Moreover, the admin can also set a maximum site commission fee and configure whether the commission charged will include shipping and/or tax charges. To set up, go to the Commission under General Settings.

P.S. Commission on coupon amount isnÔÇÖt included in Yo!Kart by default. If required, our team will add this functionality at an additional cost. 

Q20. Is it possible for me to upload products on behalf of the vendors? I cannot find such a function on the demo website.

Ans: Admin can add new products to the marketplace but these products will be listed under admin and not under a particular vendor. Click on Products under the Catalog in admin dashboard to add new products in the marketplace. 

If you want someone to add products on behalf of the vendors then it is possible by adding a sub-user at the vendors end. Vendors can go to Sub Users under Profile in the seller dashboard to add sub-users and assign roles like inventory upload, order management, and more.

Q21. Is there a function for me to download a data report listing all orders of all vendors of the month so that I can send receipts to all vendors each month and have a detailed record each month for accounting?

Ans: Yes, you can download the invoice for monthly orders in a CSV file format. Go to Sales under Reports in the admin dashboard for the detailed record.

Sales Report

Q22. Is there a max number of vendors/storefronts we can have active?

Ans: You can invite unlimited vendors to your online marketplace for selling physical or digital products. However, each vendor can have only one store-front. 

Q23. Does Yo!Kart have a subscription module for buyers and sellers?

Ans: Yo!Kart has a subscription module only for sellers where the admin can add new packages or edit existing ones. Go to Subscription Packages Management under System Settings in the admin dashboard to view/add subscription listings.

If you require a buyer subscription module, Yo!Kart can be customized to include this feature.


Q24. Do you provide domain and hosting?

Ans: We provide domain and hosting only for the Startup package. When you pick any of our Self-hosted solutions packages (GoQuick and GoCustom) you need to buy hosting and domain. 

Q25. For the mobile application, is it a native implementation (using android and IOS code) i.e is it implemented using a cross-platform or using native code?

Ans: Yo!Kart mobile applications use native code i.e. these are native mobile applications for Android/iOS and not hybrid (cross-platform). Check out the latest Yo!Kart v9 buyer mobile app for Android and iOS platforms.

Q26. Is it possible for vendors to upload the vendor’s various products into the marketplace, or would the person/department managing the marketplace have to do that? Is there a mass upload feature?

Ans: Vendors can easily add/manage products individually to the marketplace under the Shop Inventory section in the dashboard. To add products in bulk, use the import/export feature.

Q27. Do you have the ability to show if the same product is offered by multiple vendors in your marketplace and be able to compare the price on the spot?

Ans: Product comparison isnÔÇÖt an in-built feature in Yo!Kart. If required, our team will add this feature at an additional cost.

Q28.What are the server and hosting requirements to launch a multivendor store?

Ans: Please visit this page to check our system requirements. 

Q29. Can Yo!Kart be integrated with my current business applications?

Ans: Yo!Kart can be integrated with all your existing business applications or APIs. Get in touch with our team for more details. 

Q30. Does Yo!Kart have dashboards for each of the sellers with the ability to self-serve them individually?

Ans: Yes, Yo!Kart has an individual seller dashboard so each vendor can easily manage their shop, add/modify products, update meta tags, and do more.

Yo!Kart Dashboard

Q31. Are vendors able to set shipping rates themselves? Will the rates they set be reflected at checkout?

Ans: Yes, vendors can easily set shipping rates on products and this will reflect on the checkout page. To add/modify shipping rates go to Shipping Profiles within the Seller dashboard.

Q32. Is it possible to create a listing marketplace like Craigslist with Yo!Kart?

Ans: Yes. Yo!Kart is just the platform for creating marketplaces with listings. The platform is natively designed to support different business models and industries.

Still have more questions about our standalone multi-vendor platform?

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