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Yo!Kart Latest Version Release: Enhanced Features, Efficient Functionality and More Value

{Yo!Kart Latest Release V9.3 Is Out Now}

There has been an unending debate between marketers regarding whether eCommerce has changed consumer behaviour or consumer behaviour is affecting the eCommerce industry trends. When eCommerce was in its nascent stage, it affected consumer behaviour and moulded the behaviour to adopt eCommerce widely. Since eCommerce has become popular the consumer behaviour is shaping the trends of the eCommerce industry.

Yo!Kart is a leading solution among online marketplace platforms. Ever since its inception, we have aimed to constantly improve the product and add the latest functionalities that ensure client satisfaction. Our list of global clients and billion-dollar startups accredits our product performance. 

The Yo!Kart team is always ready to deliver customer-first forward-thinking eCommerce solutions and recent upgrades are another step towards adding more value for the clients. Let’s take a look at recent improvements.

New and Enhanced Features

1. Multilingual Functionality

MSN language API integrated for automatic detection and real-time text translation in mobile, desktop and web applications. It supports more than 60 languages.

2. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) compliance

PWA compliance improves user experience, reduces loading time and allows offline browsing on the current page.

3. Facebook Pixel integration

Added Facebook Pixel code in third-party API settings to track and configure the following events in the system:

  • Add To Cart
  • Add To WishList
  • Contact Us
  • Customize Product
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Purchase
  • Search
  • View Content
  • Newsletter Subscription

New Plugin options under system settings in the Admin console

1. For the Multicurrency module

Integrated Fixer API plugin to fetch real-time currency values from live APIs. 

Up to 1000 requests/month for currency conversion are free beyond which a subscription plan is required.

2. For Google feeds API

Integrated Google shopping feed within the product catalog to easily manage your ad campaign.

3. For Paypal Payout

Sellers can request payouts via PayPal accounts. Admin can approve the requests to pay via PayPal. Up to 5000 payments at once!

4. Abandoned Cart option

To increase the rate of conversion, minimizing the rate of abandoned carts is essential. Yo!Kart allows the admin to easily manage these abandoned carts by the console. 

  • Admin can view ‘Abandoned Cart’ option under ‘Orders’ in the admin console
  • Admin can view items in-cart that have been abandoned by users
  • Admin can view items that have been deleted from the cart by users
  • Admin can generate and share discount coupon notifications
  • Admin can view reports for the above information

Check the new & Enhanced Features of Yo!Kart Version 9.2

New Features for Mobile Buyer App

Our mobile app features have also been enhanced after keeping the mobile users in mind. These features and functionality will ensure personalized experience to the users of the eCommerce marketplace.

  • Deep Linking
  • Shop Collections
  • Shop Social Linking
  • Theme Management
  • Voice Search
  • Shop Listing

Check Complete Yo!Kart Buyer App Features


1. UI Fixes

  • Displayed order id as invoice number for subscription orders.
  • Fixed Safari Browser layout issue.
  • Added shop name when viewing the shop report listing.
  • Hide the “save search” button if no record is found after applying filters on the shop page product search.
  • Changed the “no record found” design for product search listing on the shop or global search.
  • Updated action buttons to icons in the admin console
  • Fixed display for “Add review” button as it should not be displayed on the product detail page if that item is not bought by a logged in user.

2. Functional Updates and Code Fixes

  • Reordered email notifications for orders and cancellations
  • Added shipping information in the vendor order email.
  • Fixed error on the withdrawing amount from affiliate account using bank pay option
  • Fixed multiple requests that are placed from my credits section. Added a limit on the wallet amount.
  • Fixed same product to be added as add-on product on the product detail page
  • Fixed deleted categories that were displaying in the home page category collections
  • Fixed multiple reporting of the same shop by the same user.
  • Fixed display for RTL supported languages.
  • Removed return option on digital products.
  • Fixed entry for zero when adding inventory.
  • Restricted keyword searches up to 80 characters.
  • Fixed price range slider to validate min/max price.


  • Option to select between Wishlist/favorite management in system settings for Admin
  • A new setting to choose whether the discount should be applied before or after-tax evaluations. 
  • Added consolidated/single tax setting in the system.
  • Redesigned “Buy Together” products module to enhance the user experience
  • Single master setting to manage header and footer for email templates. 
  • Added ‘Send Test Email’ button on email templates for admin to easily view changes
  • Search filters data now loaded via ajax call, improving overall performance


Ever since the inception, our team has worked to enhance the product to provide better features and functionality. We closely monitor the product and the marketing trend to bring enhancement to the platform.

In case you have a feature upgrade suggestion for us to include in YoKart, feel free to mention that in the comment section below

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