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20 Powerful Marketing Words That Can Make Or Break Your Conversion & Sales


Businesses in the 21st century cannot just rely on marketing and advertising to boost conversion. One of the most important factors that impact marketing and advertising is the choice of words being used to communicate with the target audience. Marketers have a list of powerful marketing words that similar niche businesses use, now is the time to analyze if these words can impact your sales.

Wondering for a long time what words can help you increase your conversion? While few words have to power to help you convert better, there are few that can prove counterproductive. Every word that a business uses and is portrayed in front of the audience has an impact. Like reaching the summit of a tall mountain, business owners have to strategically plan each word of their marketing campaign.

We did an in-depth research and compiled a list of 20 words – 10 which will boost conversion and 10 which are commonly used but repel the customers from the e-commerce website.

Read along to analyze the list and understand how you should plan the content for your next e-commerce marketing campaign.

Words That Boost Sale


Though it may seem clichéd, it works. “Sale” is an old faithful marketing word to attract customers to your website. Sale has the power to motivate customers to buy a product from you. When customers read the word “Sale” on your advertisement, they are more likely to convert.


Try adding the word “Off” to your advertising campaign as it catches the eyes of the users quickly. Try using the word “Off” to denote a particular sale or offer you advertise. “25% off” or “10% off for first time user” are some of the ways you can use the word for your e-commerce website. Take a look at the image below for clearer understanding.

Top Trends


This word is a part of this list because it encourages people to act. It gives away a feeling of urgency and desire to act immediately. “Now” is usually used as a part of a Call to Action. Example: Shop Now, Act Now, Register Now, Subscribe Now. Whatever action you want your customers to take, add the word “now” with it. Refer to the image above for a practical usage of the word now.


If you see the trend on internet people prefer to check new items, gadgets, electronics and even electronics. People are intrigued by the word new and usually grab attention to it. So when you a new collection let your customers know using appropriate wordings. Go ahead try the word “new” in your next email to your customer and you will see the difference.


Word of mouth and other people’s opinion on a specified product has always been the best marketing tactic for any e-commerce website. A “Bestsellers” section is a good option to boost your sales. This section has products that are bought the maximum. “Bestsellers” is an amazing marketing strategy, as a word as well as a section.

Best Sellers

Be the first

People have a strong urge to be exclusive and unique and ahead of others. Adding the words “be the first” to your marketing campaigns and advertisements will induce the feeling of being ahead. Include advertising words that sell your product in your marketing campaigns.


Addressing customers in second person is beneficial for conversions. Make sure you make them feel as if you are directly selling the product to them. This simple trick gives them a sense of personalization which results in increased sales. Take a look at the subject lines of the emails below.

direct selling ways


Your customers are super busy with their daily routine; it is a good thing if you mind them after some time about your existence.  Just sending out an email that there is an event is not enough; remind them that the event is going to happen. You can also remind them of a certain time to use reward points they would have accumulated. One very good example that you can use is: “Remember, you have few hours left to redeem the offer”.

Thank You

Appreciating your customers will go a long way for e-commerce business. Show your customers a little love by appreciating them when they perform an action on your website. You can also appreciate your customer with a new deal when you achieve a particular goal. Sending a kind email to the customer appreciating them for registering on your website can also help in boosting sales.

Thank You Mail


When a person reads the word “Tips”, people prefer reading the article as they associate tips to quick and highly informative reading. Plus, it seems as if the e-commerce website is extending a hand to help when they write “Tips” in their content. Send an email to your customers regarding how to use a specific product and add the word “Tip” to it.

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Words that push away customers


It is totally understandable that you want your customers/visitors to act immediately but using this word does not justify that. “Hurry” is an overused word and does not engage customers to act. Try using “Act Now” or “Limited-Period Offer” for the desired effect instead of using hurry.

Look inside

You must have read a lot of subject lines of emails for e-commerce website saying “Look inside for promotional offers”. This phrase not just states the obvious but also annoys the readers. The first thing a reader does when they receive an email is open it and read the content. Better skip this phrase and get to the point. Usually, such emails are treated like bulk by the customers.


The word Guarantee is a very strong word. An e-commerce website owner cannot take guarantee of anything. So it is best to refrain from using such powerful sales words. If you want your customers to know that your product is good quality try to back it up with testimonials, statistics or even glitter words on the website. But do not use the word “Guarantee”.


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Similar to the words above, “Groundbreaking” is also a very strong word. Try to steer your brand clear of it. While this word might sound appealing to you, it does not connect with the customers. Unless you are selling a product that actually breaks the ground, try not to use this word on your marketing channels.


Trump’s favorite word! For a brand, every sale/ event/ offer is huge, then why to categorize just a few under the huge category. So if you are writing huge for a specific sale, customers would assume other sales are not huge thus not important. So try finding alternatives. One way to portray it is “Biggest Sale of the year”.

Huge Savings


This is just an example, avoid using words which are outdated and people do not use it. Cyber-space is a term referring to the internet; most people would not even understand the meaning of the word. Words like cyberspace, information superhighway are obsolete. So unless you are trying to ironic and you think your target audience will understand it, do not use this word.


Sure it does sound engaging but you are still associating the word hassle with your business. So try using synonyms of this word like “Easy” to give out the same meaning to customers. Just carefully pick the words that you associate with your brand.

Hassle Free

Once in a lifetime

It is not a fairy tale, plain and simple. This phrase only suits in a fairy tale but does not go well in an e-commerce website’s marketing. Plus, make sure every word/phrase you use is true and makes sense. It is very clichéd word which has been overused marketers. Use original phrases for your brand.


This phrase (Exactly how it is written) has a lot of mistakes and can specifically hamper your e-commerce websites conversion. One of the problems is most marketers do not even know that writing in capital letters does not mean creating more impact. Instead, it portrays an idea that you are imposing the statement on the person reading it. The second problem in the phrase is the 3 exclamation marks. If you exclaim too much, you lose the charm. Just keep the phrase plain and simple.

Saving offer

Final days to save

This phrase is vague. If customers see these phrases late and start shopping from your website, they would be disappointed to know they arrived a day too late for discounts and other offers. When you offer a discount or sale make sure you provide a specific time frame as to when the sale is going to end.

Include the words that increase the conversion of your marketing campaign and let go of the counterproductive words from your website. Share other such amazing words you have in your arsenal, let’s know what words we need to learn and what we should better forget.

Engage Your Customers and Increase Conversion Easily

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