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How To Boost Sales On Your Ecommerce Website?


Evolving web trends have changed the way people compare products and make shopping decisions. They don’t have the obligation to buy a product out of the first store they see it in. Most people prefer to look for the best option online as it is a very convenient and hassle free shopping method.

This, evidently, puts a lot more pressure on online retail sites as thriving in increasing competition is always a close call. One can find a lot of advice on how to increase sales and get more conversions at almost every nook and cranny on the internet; which most of the times is very generic and outdated.

In this competitive online market, spending blindly on advertising will surely not help you in getting more conversions for your online shop. Read further to get the most useful and fruitful tips that are bound to show you results as soon as you start implementing them.

Be Active on Your Blog

Investing in a blog may not generate any revenue for your online business instantly; but this is definitely something that you would want to invest for the long run. Blogging helps you overcome many barriers indirectly, be it customer communication or brand credibility.

An active blog can help build internal links which divert traffic to your website’s home, landing and other product pages. They also boost SEO and make way for storytelling thereby giving you an opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level.

Blogging can help you be less dependent on paid advertising eventually and also allows for natural link building which will improve the authority of your domain. You can focus your content around long tail keywords and other audio-visual avenues which is always beneficial for your business.

Use your blog to establish communication channels with customers, launching product reviews, how to guides and other important announcements.

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Invest in Influencer Marketing

Finding influential people of the digital world to market for your online store can help you associate these stars to your brand directly, thereby helping you gain popularity and sell more. There are various offline and online outreach programs that can help startups and less popular businesses get a hold of such marketing masters.

International clothing and accessory brand Zara collaborated with many top fashion bloggers and instagrammers like Teesh Rosa and Rachel Ballard for their #iamdenim campaign. The idea behind this was to work with real people with a big fan following to showcase the accessibility of their products. Zara gained approximately 4.6 million new followers in a just a matter of eight months.

Give your brand a human face, preferably people relevant to your target audience and campaign. Be creative when working with influencers by getting unbiased reviews that eventually authenticate your product.

Be Social Proof

Social Media has no doubt been the rising star of this decade. To consolidate your brand presence, always engage with your audience on social media platforms. Invest in Facebook Dynamic Ads and Facebook Carousel that let you optimize visual content for advertisements.

Selling products on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and even Snapchat is the new trending norm. Use Knowledge sharing, storytelling and run frequent giveaways to convert more leads. Leverage upon social proof to advertise multiple products at the same time and gain popularity among your audience.

Embed social buttons within your website and through other marketing communications to help you increase exposure. Post bite sized content for fast and natural user consumption. Also run a Q&A session to keep your growing community live and proactive.

Why Does the Content Need to Engaging?

Content marketing is an effective tool for increasing sales by engaging the audience. The key here use a relevant content strategy. Great content compliments and enhances the overall sales for any ecommerce business.

Make sure to invest time and effort in product listings, videos, posts, articles and other hand-translated content. Custom content allows admin to form a bond with their audience. 60% of people look for a product only after reading about it.

Content marketing will cost you less than other traditional marketing techniques and will also initiate better networking with other companies in the industry.

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Build an Email List

Emails are a very personal and direct channel for digital marketing. Make sure to always keep building your user lists as more email leads mean higher sales opportunities and eventually better conversions. Most users end up forgetting about your website as it is very easy to get distracted when searching online.

Always ask visitors to subscribe for your mailing list, so that they never miss a new offer or a special discount. It is estimated that for every 1$ invested in email marketing; about 38$ is the return that you get!

Make sure that your sign up form stands out whether it is an email pop up, a sign up bar or an exit offer. Dispense more value to your customers by providing free content, content entry and promo codes. Create unique content for your emails and make sure you keep building address lists consistently for fruitful results.


The trick to boost your online sales does not lie in committing to any singular strategy in particular. Be it content generation or setting up an email workflow system, you need to be aware of the latest trends in order to bring your ecommerce sales out on the top.

Investing in these main avenues can help you generate not only more visitors, but will also help you turn them into loyal customers eventually. Keep a tab on your marketing expenditure budget and make sure you give equal importance to all different revenue generation channels.

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