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Essentials of Running a Viral Marketing Campaign for Ecommerce Businesses


Creating new content and sharing it on the internet has become easier than ever before, on individual as well as business levels.

This simply means that the internet is full of vast amount of professional and amateur level content. Have you noticed the plethora of results you get when you type a query in a search engine? Check the image below; when searched for ecommerce business, there were 34 million results. How do you make sure that people would want to read your content out of the lot?

Ecommerce Business Search

It is one thing to optimize your content from SERPs’ perspective, creating an engaging content that grabs your readers’ attention and makes them want to read it is another. The question is: how do you make the customers want to see the content on their own, without investing money for SEO or Advertisement.

There is one and only one way to make it happen; create the content from your audience’s perspective. Sure, you’ll need to put a lot of time and effort in thinking of the structure and matter of content, but the initial brainstorming will lead to your content reach a wider audience. Below, we have mentioned various types of content and how to create content which becomes viral.

Type of social media content that goes viral


Infographic is the perfect example of visual content as it combines a lot of information into an easily viewable image. Infographics are easier to understand when a lot of statistical data is present.


A relevant picture is worth thousand meaningful words. Pictures should be chosen carefully and should be relevant to the content that your brand is creating.

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Sometimes a hint on inspiration is what a person is looking for to be motivated. Quotes are something all people can relate to it. Quotes are usually highly shareable if it is designed right and the message you are trying to convey is able to reach the audience.


Everybody appreciates humor once in a while, sharing a meme is a great way to provide it. Memes usually depict humorous citation of something very light hearted, relatable and latest.

subway meme


Comics have been attracting the attention of users from a long time. Comics like meme can be funny and lighthearted. However, brands can create a serious comic if the idea is relevant to their business.


Videos are increasingly becoming popular in the online lives of people. Shorter videos have become a trend on social media these days. If you strategically plan the content of the video according to the target audience, there are high chances of your video going Viral.

Here is one video that Samsung released, the video takes a dig at Apple’s iPhone and was timed with launch of Apple’s latest phone- iPhone X. This a classic example of Viral Marketing using videos.


Brands can create tutorials to educate their clients regarding their product or services. People connect with a tutorial very fondly as they can easily learn by watching a video or looking at an image. Tutorial do not have to be boring, creating a tutorial to engage the customer can make your content viral.


Blogs and articles have always appealed the audience and have the ability to become viral. To create a viral blog you just need to induce right emotions and keep a catchy title. If your audiences are able to relate to it, they will share it and help in making it viral. Viral blogs are more than a piece of content and can help you in improving your business. You just need to know how to use your blogs for business growth.

How to make the content viral

Know your audience

The popularity of your ecommerce business is directly proportional to the clarity you have regarding your ideal customer. It is very important to have a clear idea of who your target audience is to create optimal content that has brighter chances to become viral. To understand the target audience for your ecommerce business, ask yourself these types of questions: –

  • Do you know who you ideal customer is?
  • What age-group they fall into?
  • What is their income status, needs, wants, etc.?
  • Understanding the geographical, demographic and psychological variables of the ideal customer will help you define the marketing strategy for your business.

Decide the objective of the campaign

Before you set out to a journey of creating viral content, it is very important to first plan the objective of the content. Brainstorm, take opinion, understand the reason for the campaign, develop a strategy; these are few steps for defining the objective. Understand what exactly you want to achieve with the content that you upload, whether you want to generate traffic, shares on social media network, attract potential customers or increase sales.

When you define the objective of your content, you will automatically get creative ideas. Jot down these creative ideas and plan you content accordingly.

Keep the campaign simple

In the previous step, you got ideas to create viral content. Now it is time to filter the best out of it. The ideas have to pass through various tests which determine the feasibility of converting the idea into real content. Is the idea generated aligned with your business prospective? What about the after effects of the campaign? What is the investment required to create the campaign? How easily is the message being conveyed to the audience? You’ll need to find the answers for such questions

The most important factor to check is how easily the message is being delivered to the audience. Keep the message behind the campaign simple, make sure the audience can understand the campaign easily and relate quickly to it.

Work the emotions

Emotions, high dominance, feeling of being controlled or in control are the key drivers behind creating content that is widely shared. The content that you are creating must have an emotion induced into it. The emotion factor will help the audience connect with your content and make it viral. The emotion that you are trying to induce should sync with the action you are trying your audience to perform. These are the few emotions that you can put in your content.

  • Valence: – The positivity or negativity of an emotion.
  • Arousal: – ranges from excitement to relaxation.
  • Dominance: – Ranges from submission to feeling in control.

Launch the campaign

Now that you have put all the above points in consideration and worked on them, it’s important to understand the trend and latest news before launching the campaign. Make sure your time of launch right to make your content go viral.

Understand when your audience is most likely to be online. That is the best time to launch the campaign on social media, so that they engage with the content. Spread it on all your social media sites and encourage your audience to share it. If the audience relate to the content you create, you can easily sit back and enjoy the content becoming viral.

Over to you

Creating a viral content involves a lot of brainstorming and content development strategy. The task is demanding and tiresome, but once you get to tap the pulse of your target audience, your content will start working for you. All this is impossible without knowing your desired audience as it will help in determining what can become popular within you market. Refer the above-mentioned points and let your business launch a viral marketing campaign.

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