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Do’s and Don’ts of Ecommerce When Taking Your Offline Retail Store Online

Ketan Malhotra10.11.2017

When we talk about retail these days, the first thing that comes to mind is ecommerce. Consumers have started to prefer shopping online rather than visiting brick and mortar shop. This has also ringed the bell for offline retailers who have started to acknowledge ecommerce and are making the transition to take their business online. This post covers crucial dos and don’ts for those retailers offering a clear picture before making the transition.

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10 Online Purchase Drivers You Need to Ensure in Your Ecommerce Store

Kavya Nair10.09.2017

There are many aspects on an ecommerce website that collectively influence customers’ buying decision. It is imperative for ecommerce store owners that besides marketing, they also pay heed to these sales-drivers on their website to grow their business. Here in this post, we have listed the 10 most effective purchase-drivers that influence online shoppers buying decision.

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A Quick Guide on Running Ecommerce Multivendor Stores Successfully

Ketan Malhotra10.07.2017

In the current market dynamics many aspiring entrepreneurs are mulling the idea of launching their own marketplace. However, many do not actually understand challenges associated with the multivendor model, and fail to reap its maximum benefits. Here in this post, we highlight these challenges, and also list out the best practices that help in overcoming them.

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10 Advantages of E-commerce Over Traditional Commerce

Kavya Nair10.05.2017

For all those aspiring entrepreneurs who own a traditional commerce store and are thinking whether it is the right idea to shift to the online world, while traditional commerce has its own advantages, ecommerce stores have replaced all the worries of the customers. Moreover if you want your product to reach more audience the best way is to sell your product online on an ecommerce website. Read this post to find out more.

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11 Proven Ways to Stand Out When Selling Same Products as Everyone Else

Kavya Nair10.03.2017

Ecommerce marketplaces have mushroomed all across the globe as people have started to prefer online marketplaces rather than traditional brick and mortar shops. However,ecommerce marketplace owners need to keep certain tips in mind to stand out of the competition, when the competition is selling the same products. This post covers all the crucial tips for aspiring as well as established ecommerce players in that regard.

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The Future of Ecommerce is Looking Towards Niche Marketplaces

Ketan Malhotra09.28.2017

Ecommerce stores have become one of the most lucrative business ideas with big players getting investments in billions of dollars. However for aspiring entrepreneurs this sector still has huge opportunities. As the market is maturing, it has brought forth the need for marketplaces catering to niche categories. Read this post to find out more on the benefits with niche marketplaces, which sectors are the most potential ones.

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How YoKart’s Catalog Feature Changes the Way People Shop

YoKart Chef09.26.2017

Incorrect product descriptions, wrong specifications and poor quality images are the biggest foes of selling. To make sure these three factors are up to the mark, YoKart V8 gives the catalog control to the admins. Now, the admins will decide the images, the specifications and descriptions of the products that go on their ecommerce marketplace. In turn, things have become really simple for sellers, while the customers are going to benefit the most from this amazing feature. Read this post to find out more.

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Importance of Customer Support in ecommerce

Ketan Malhotra09.25.2017

The ecommerce marketplace is full of people who are shopping and going from one website to another to find the right bargain. Even then, there are some websites that are doing great WITHOUT offering jaw dropping deals and discounts. How are they doing it? The answer is customer service. Customer service takes precedence over offers and discounts, any given day. In this article, we talk about why customer service is the name of the game and why you all ecommerce business owners out there need to pay attention to the unsung hero, customer support.

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Solve Your Customer’s Problems Before It Is Too Late For Your Ecommerce Business

Ketan Malhotra09.22.2017

Every business comes across good and bad reviews of customers in the course of selling. It’s out of question to not witness customers facing problems, no matter how well you buildyour customer service and other infrastructure. When you know you can’t avoid this situation, offering a solution is a better idea than to ignore or delay it. This is most appropriate to online shoppers’ query and complaints, as they have quick access to complaint forums.

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Want Sky-high Conversion Rate for Your Ecommerce Store? Don’t Ignore Clueless Shoppers

Ketan Malhotra09.18.2017

Enter any supermarket and you would see attendants standing in different sections to help shoppers in their shopping. However the same is not available when it comes to ecommerce store. Online stores that forget about clueless shopper face loss in sales & conversion. Read this post to find out more about how you can rope in these clueless shoppers to increase sales of your ecommerce store.

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