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Introducing Yo!Kart B2B – eCommerce Marketplace Software Purpose-built For Modern B2B Needs


Ecommerce has been on the rise for the past decade or more. The pandemic crisis further introduced more consumers to the value of online commerce. Businesses have followed suit to meet the consumers at their preferred channel. 

B2B eCommerce was slow, to begin with, but accelerating digitization of commerce, evolving consumer behavior and expectations have opened up opportunities in B2B as well.

Ecommerce revolves around the buyer. In B2B’s case though, the buyers are businesses, which emphasize ROI, long-term value, and negotiable purchases relying on analysis-driven decisions.   

Legacy Commerce platforms are insufficient for B2B needs. FATbit realizes this, and with the experience of working with B2B clients over the years, it has now developed a turnkey solution that exclusively facilitates B2B eCommerce. 

Introducing, Yo!Kart B2B V1.0: A purpose-built platform to drive seamless B2B eCommerce with an emphasis on facilitating business interactions online – identical to the way they take place in the real world. 

The solution has been developed by deep insight into the evolving eCommerce landscape, emerging B2B eCommerce opportunities, and team Yo!Kart’s expertise in successfully delivering online B2B marketplaces over the years. 

Yo!Kart B2B – The Encore Of 2015 By The Same Team! 

Since its inception, Yo!Kart has powered 2000+ online marketplaces in 50+ countries. The marketplace software has been used to create marketplaces in niches like Grocery, Liquor, Fashion, and more.

Many amongst these Yo!Kart-powered marketplaces were custom developed to operate in the B2B space. Notably, top-end online B2B marketplaces like UNI diamonds, Bozinga, and more. 

Recognizing the growing need for turnkey solutions in the B2B industry, the team at Yo!Kart use its expertise of in-depth analysis of B2B eCommerce and its underpinnings that drive success in the space. 

Based on the analysis, the team has devised a path to create a scalable B2B marketplace solution specifically for distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, service providers, and other businesses to conduct sales effortlessly.  Fittingly, precise marketplace platform functionalities were earmarked to foster key B2B business requirements. The result has taken shape in the form Yo!Kart B2B.

With the same development ethos and a result-driven approach, the software aims to emulate the success achieved by the team since 2015 – with yet another product that plugs the market gap with precise purpose-driven functionalities. 

Entrepreneurs or enterprises considering launching an online B2B marketplace, YoKart B2B offers key B2B eCommerce features out of the box. 

Yo!Kart B2B – Perfect Solution For Distributors, Wholesalers, Manufacturers & Service Providers

Yo!Kart B2B – Fostering eCommerce Amongst Businesses Sans Complexities

The B2B ecosystem is unique where the core factors driving the business vary vastly from B2C. Yet some underlying principles of eCommerce success remain constant. Yo!Kart B2B is built with features that assist buyers to source their needs with all tools necessary to make informed and value-driven decisions in a seamless ecosystem. 

Likewise, sellers get to cater to the buyers’ requirements, and marketplace owners can manage with higher operational efficiency, market the B2B marketplace effectively, and foster their brand image with a contemporary platform. No wonder, Yo!Kart B2B is among the best B2B eCommerce platforms.

Discussed below are key requirements of B2B eCommerce and how Yo!Kart B2B fulfills the requirements:

B2B eCommerce Requirement #1: Higher Volume Transactions

Volumes are key to the value proposition of a product in a business transaction both for the buyers as well as the sellers. Because of higher revenue generated from higher quantity purchase requirements, manufacturers, distributors, or other sellers can negotiate the selling price of their products. Likewise, buyers would want a lower price for a higher quantity purchase for higher profit margins on their purchase investment. 

Negotiations, thus, are key to business transactions. Listed below are Yo!Kart B2B features that assist in the negotiation process;

RFQ Module

Yo!Kart B2B features an intuitive RFQ module inbuilt out of the box that facilitates seamless two-way negotiations between the buyers and sellers. 

Buyer-seller Direct Communication: To assist the buyers further in the negotiation process, the software allows direct chat conversations with the buyers. Furthermore, to lend transparency to the process, these chat conversations can be monitored by the admin of the marketplace.  

Hide Product Prices: Keeping the product cost open to negotiations could mean the sellers may not want to display the prices on the marketplaces. Yo!Kart B2B lets sellers hide the prices of the products on the marketplace. 

Minimum Order Quantity: Sellers also have the option to restrict the sale of products to a minimum order quantity. This can help them to set the product prices competitively, while also considering the minimum logistic costs. 

Bulk Price Discounts: The sellers can further encourage volume purchases by offering discounts on bulk orders. 

Watch the intuitive B2B Ecommerce marketplace software in action

B2B eCommerce Requirement #2: Offering Both Services And Products

Business procurements may not entail finished products. Services may be required by buyers alongside the products. Additionally, services may be required for product maintenance, installation, or other needs for the buyers (businesses) themselves or their customers.  

Offering services and products can broaden the scope of the B2B marketplace. More sellers can be onboarded. And buyers’ options increase with the availability of both on a single platform. 

Yo!Kart B2B based marketplaces allow the sellers to list both services and products on the marketplace with the following features: 

Services Listed Bundled With The Products: This allows the buyers to purchase the services along with the products. It can also be done in the same shopping cart. 

Services Listed Independently: This allows sellers that provide services exclusively offer them to the buyers. The buyers’ options further increase with services available exclusively from the sellers. 

B2B eCommerce Requirement #3: Features That Form The Backbone Of eCommerce Success 

Along with the B2B-specific features mentioned above, Yo!Kart B2B also shares virtues with the B2C offering.  

APIs pre-integrated:  It comes with multiple pre-integrated business APIs to streamline eCommerce operations, and multiple payment gateways. 

User-friendly Design & Functionality: The software also offers a seamless UX/UI and features like one-click reorder, marketing tools for the admin, and more to maximize conversions.  

Moreover, the software is also self-hosted and license-based. It is available in all-inclusive packages starting from just $1499.

B2B eCommerce Requirement #4: Reliable, Efficient After-sales Support 

As soon as the marketplace commences its operations and business transactions start to take place on it, buyers start relying on it for their requirements. Unlike in B2C, procurement in B2B follows a longer sales cycle and the dependence on procurement channels impacts business operations driving the business fortunes, both short term and long term. 

The B2B marketplace needs to offer seamless eCommerce, ironing out any impediments or including identified business-specific enhancements.  

Thus, efficient and reliable after-sales services are key to success in online B2B eCommerce. 

B2B eCommerce Requirement #5: Scalability, Fewer Overheads, And Long Term Viability 

As discussed, B2B transactions are often of high value. As the business scales, more sellers mean more products. 

Moreover, cost competitiveness drives the B2B space with companies pushing supply chain advantages, higher volumes, and other strategies to leverage that extra bit of advantage over competitors.  

Yo!Kart B2B is scalable and supports unlimited addition of products and services. It levies no hidden or transaction costs securing competitiveness and long-term viability for the marketplace owner and the sellers.  

These are some of the key features of Yo!Kart B2B that are suitable for almost all the B2B eCommerce business models. Furthermore, the solution has an extensive feature list to provide businesses with a contemporary online B2B marketplace –    

Explore Yo!Kart B2B Complete Feature List

Deliveries Of Yo!Kart B2B Has Commenced

The B2B marketplace software is available right off the bat. Any customization services needed are also available from an in-house Agile team.

Start Your B2B Marketplace with Yo!Kart B2B Platform

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