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Start your eCommerce Business with a Software Advice Front Runner – Yo!Kart


“Always deliver more than expected.” – Larry Page, co-founder of Google

These are the words that best describe team Yo!Kart ethos. Acknowledgement and accolades further solidify our commitment to delivering value to businesses of all sizes. We are pleased to announce that Yo!Kart has been proclaimed as a FrontRunner by Software Advice.

What does the Accreditation by Software Advice mean?

Software Advice is a leading destination for finding the best software and industry insights, especially for the North American audience. With over 1 million plus reviews, Software Advice leverages a method-oriented analysis to give users trusted reports and software rankings to make a data-driven decision, reliably.

For their Front Runners accreditation, the company consolidates all user touchpoints to generate validated data. Furthermore, the data is plotted to give analysis for the software on two major parameters of usability and customer satisfaction.

Getting acknowledged by Software Advice, Yo!Kart’s core values of a solution built around key user needs comes to the fore. The emphasis on adding value for businesses of all sizes, by giving them the tools to ease eCommerce complexities for the users, and offering pleasing experiences, is the cornerstone of success stories – as echoed by a 5000+ strong global Yo!Kart family.

Yo!Kart – Tailormade Hack for eCommerce Entrepreneurs

The need

As the world continues to discover the value of online shopping, consumers are increasingly turning to eCommerce channels to source their needs. Likewise, more businesses by the day have been eager to meet these consumers via online platforms. Here, the multi-vendor marketplace presents an effective business model. Entrepreneurs can connect multiple businesses with a large pool of consumers, by launching a platform and offering backend eCommerce operations. A win-win situation for all involved.

The opportunities are endless – while Amazon pioneered a B2B2C eCommerce model, Alibaba connected a dynamic manufacturing ecosystem (China) to a global audience, Etsy spearheaded a niche eCommerce strategy, Lazada explored the Amazon model in a new geographic location, and many more. Each successful eCommerce marketplace is a success of opportunities encashed via ingenious business ideas.

While these popular players remain at the forefront, millions of small and medium businesses continue to script their own success stories with their eCommerce businesses in this flourishing ecosystem, while many more continue to fan their dreams of an eCommerce startup. They have an idea, but a billion-dollar resource allocation remains out of reach or simply unfeasible for a prudent business launch.

Custom eCommerce development is unarguably resource-intensive. While there are turnkey solutions in the market, either they have very little to start with and are expensive as the business starts to gain traction, or they come with multiple hidden or recurring costs.

The Solution

This market need spurred the genesis of Yo!Kart, is a versatile multivendor marketplace solution built from the ground up to cover multiple use cases.

First, it offers an extensive list of eCommerce features, sorted and added to purpose-driven eCommerce complexities for all participants. These features allow participants to effectively and efficiently carry out their roles in an overall well-lubricated marketplace ecosystem. The logic-driven UI/UX and seamless eCommerce workflows further enhance the shopping experience and management efficiencies for the users.

Then there are multiple business APIs and reliable payment gateways pre-integrated. This is the critical support system that the eCommerce marketplace needs. With pre-integration, marketplace operators can leverage extensive functionalities right from the launch.

Furthermore, there are silent pillars of eCommerce – performance, security, and reliability. Yo!Kart has been tested to perform under high load conditions and meets global security compliance(s) and standards.

The cherry on top is flexibility. Yo!Kart is self-hosted, extensively customizable and offers businesses the opportunity to scale with robust underpinnings.

Why was Yo!Kart Recognized

With Yo!Kart, what you see is what you get. A startup can launch a contemporary multivendor marketplace with the default solution, without the need for additional plugins. The solution is offered in one-time payment packages that offer lifetime ownership of the platform. Even free installation and up to 1 year of free after-sales support is offered.

Furthermore, there are in-house customization teams that allow entrepreneurs to avail of any customization that is specific to their business strategy.

Combining the value of a robust, flexible, and rich-featured solution; reliable support teams; well-priced packages; and transparent policies, Yo!Kart has been widely adopted in diverse eCommerce platforms, globally.

Powering Global eCommerce Dreams

As mentioned, more than 5000+ eCommerce marketplace platforms have been powered by Yo!Kart globally. These vary and are tailored to meet their business goals.

Accordingly, some platforms have utilized the default Yo!Kart solution to launch their marketplace platform, some have leveraged minimal customization over Yo!Kart while some have extensively customized to launch a unique platform.

Moreover, these businesses range from solopreneurs, SMBs, to even Fortune 500 companies – and cover a diverse spectrum of industries.

And the accreditation from Software Advice elucidates value and customer satisfaction from these clients.

How to Launch a Marketplace with Yo!Kart

Team Yo!Kart has a transparent open-book policy. Interactive product demos are available on the Yo!Kart website. Moreover, personalized demos can be booked via easily available forms. Once you have chosen the solution, it will be installed by the team.

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