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Yield Maximum Results from B2C E-commerce


eMarketers predict that worldwide B2C commerce spending will reach $2.357 trillion by 2018. The increasing popularity of B2C e-commerce is the sole reason why online retailers are increasing day by day. The below-mentioned points will help B2C marketers to stay connected with buyers, market their product effectively and repeat purchases.

User experience

When displaying the product online, B2C marketers have to keep a buyer-centric approach. Some present their product/service by exaggerating everything while others use a subtle note depending on the brand and its personality.

Every B2C marketer uses videos, images, features, benefits and other helpful ways to describe the product. To increase the user experience some businesses also use customer reviews to personalize the experience of the visitor.

To create absolute clarity in the mind of the consumers, one should offer consistent yet distinct user experience. A consistent user experience leaves very less room for misinterpretation and confusion.

Cross-sell and up-sell effectively

Upselling and cross-selling are one of the most effective ways to increase average order size and overall revenue. Customers are also amenable to such tactics as they are easily able to locate products they would need in the near future.

The e-commerce industry is full of such cases, with many businesses offering the same products. Recommendation and cross-selling can help in getting additional revenues from each customer.

Customers surely appreciate being exposed to a broader offering beyond their initial interest. B2C marketers should focus on making their customers aware of additional items to buy when the consumer is just buying a single item.

Discounts, promotions, sale for better ROI

Discounts, coupons, promotions are a nice reminder that the brand wants more business. While sales and promotion may not have the same effect on B2B businesses, B2C marketers can use them to entice their current customers as well as potential customers.

Though every entrepreneur knows that promotions are the best way to drive sales, and maximum amount of traffic to an ecommerce website comes during the sale season, they also need to understand that they need to market their discount on varied platforms for it to reach maximum people. To earn maximum ROI, optimize your marketing strategies during the holiday season.

Social media for engagement

With the increasing popularity of social media, it is definitely more pervasive to connect with consumers on social media. According to a research by trustpilot, 20% of people now check a businesses’ social media presence before making the first purchase with them.

Strategize your social media accordingly, post a YouTube video, or a trend using a twitter hashtag or use Facebook to run a contest. B2C Marketers should leverage social media to bring in maximum engagement.

Social media is one of the best ways to have a two-way conversation with your customers or potential customers.

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Applying mobile marketing strategies to connect with maximum customers

With the increasing number of people shifting to mobile shopping, there is a demand for mobile-friendly websites. B2C marketers need to stay abreast of the latest trends in mobile marketing to provide customers with the best experience.

Mobile advertising, push notifications, etc. are some of the ways to bring the attention of customers to your application or web page.

Provide two ways to browse the catalog

Provide the type of catalog options according to the type of customer. One of the browsing methods is search. This allows those customers who already know what they are looking for to quickly buy the product. The search box should be placed in a prominent position on the homepage.

The second way is “Discovery” navigation. This lets your customer access the entire breadth of the catalog that you offer. You have many products, therefore a category filter helps in segregating the products accordingly.

Customers should have the leisure to prefer whichever browsing technique they like. A great browsing experience helps in translating customers into finding the product they require.  Satisfied customers result in increase in the sales, increase in time spent on site and improved customer retention, etc.

Quick Checkout process

When the customers have laid their eyes on the perfect product, they want to quickly finish the entire process of buying the product. E-commerce experience becomes great when the focus is to make checkout process to as quick as possible. Everything a customer would need to make the final purchase should be on one page – one click and the transaction is made.

B2C business can ease the process by saving the details and making it easy to enter additional information. Make sure that the information can be easily entered, then quick saved and modified according to the needs of customers.

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There are many other practices to be used in B2C e-commerce sites, but we have filtered the essential practices for the industry. These practices will yield maximum benefits for your business. Leverage the insight reflected from website analytics for improvement and exercise retention.

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