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Accept Payments From 40M+ M-Pesa Users On a Yo!Kart-Powered Marketplace


According to the World Bank’s Global Findex Database, millions of people in Africa have either no bank account or limited access to banking services. The absence of comprehensive banking solutions has significantly hampered eCommerce growth in the continent. In addition to this, impediments such as lack of internet penetration and logistical inefficiencies offer major hurdles to the overall retail growth in the region. Despite these challenges, the demand for online retail in Africa is proliferating due to increased consumerism, the introduction/adoption of mobile payment services, and more. As per a market report by Statista, the revenue in the eCommerce market in Africa is expected to reach $24 billion in 2021, up from $16.5 billion in 2017.

Introduction To M-Pesa

A mobile money service with currently over 40 million users in 7 African countries, M-Pesa is the largest fintech platform targeted towards capturing the extensive African market. The revolutionary payment platform allows unbanked users to conduct financial transactions using their mobile devices. Since no banking setup or infrastructure is required, M-Pesa provides financial services at a considerably low rate making it a preferred payment option for eCommerce transactions in the region. 

With the increasing mobile phone penetration across sub-Saharan Africa, M-Pesa’s growth has surged as well. The payment method has transformed the African market paving the way for the eCommerce industry to prosper in the region. For instance, Jumia – Africa’s eCommerce retail giant, uses M-Pesa to enable unbanked users in Kenya to purchase goods digitally. Moreover, millions of M-Pesa users (buyers or merchants) can make secure and hassle-free international transactions by sending money to Western Union, PayPal, and WeChat users worldwide. 

Pre-Integrated In Yo!Kart

Apart from the widespread use of mobile payment services, other constituents accentuating potential eCommerce opportunities for business owners in the region are:

  • New regulations and measures taken by Government authorities (such as the Central Bank of West African States) to reduce transaction cost of online payments
  • Extensive adoption of smartphones among young Africans
  • A surge in online consumer spending and more.

This is why Yo!Kart – our standalone multivendor platform comes pre-integrated with all essential eCommerce features, including M-Pesa integration. 

Yo!Kart team has successfully delivered ready-to-launch eCommerce marketplaces for several business owners in Africa, such as Niyaleo – a multivendor store selling original and authentic products in Kenya. We empower several existing online marketplaces in the region. To check out our complete portfolio list, click here

Any entrepreneur or business owner looking to start an online marketplace in Africa will benefit from Yo!Kart. Our platform is bundled with extensive eCommerce features and integrations to deliver a competitive edge to your business.

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