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How To Sell Digital Products With Yo!Kart

Sell Digital Products with YoKart

Digitization enables an entrepreneur to offer downloadable products like eBooks, movies, music, software, and more. The demand for a digital product depends on a number of factors. Chief among such factors is the choice of eCommerce solution to sell digital products. Ideally, the eCommerce software you select should be search engine friendly and should come with essential features for marketing.

To enable you make an informed decision, we will guide you through the entire process of uploading, selling, and buying a digital product using YoKart.

Digital Products That You Can Sell Online

We have curated a list of digital products that are popular among people and you can choose any of them to sell online.

Digital Products Items you can Sell
Video Short films, Documentaries, Tutorials, Stand-up comedy, and more.
Audio Songs, Beats, Instrumental tracks, and Podcasts.
eBook Magazines, Fiction and Non-Fiction Novels.
Graphic Stock photos, Vector Images, and more.
Software Antivirus, utility software, and more.

How to Sell Digital Products using YoKart?

Conduct a market analysis and analyse the resources available at your disposal to avoid common pitfalls that occur while starting a new eCommerce business. After the analysis, go through the following step-by-step guide to know how to sell digital products online using YoKart.

For Seller

Step 1

For Seller Step 1

Log in as a YoKart Seller and click on Products under Shop on left.

Step 2

For Seller Step 2

On the Marketplace Products screen, click on, Add New Catalog.

Step 3

For Seller Step 3

Here you can specify the product category. In this case, we will add an antivirus software.

Step 4

For Seller Step 4

Once the category is selected, proceed to add the product information. It is important to select the Product Type as Digital. Also provide details like Product Identifier, Model, Brand, Minimum Selling Price, Tax Category, Dimensions, and more.

Step 5

For Seller Step 5

Add Product Name and Description in the next section.

Step 6

For Seller Step 6

To elaborate more about your digital product, use additional tabs such as Links, Options, and specifications.

Step 7

For Seller Step 7a

After you have successfully added product information, click on the Add to Store button.

For Seller Step 7b

At this point, YoKart offers more control by putting checks in place. After you have added a product as a seller, the same has to be enabled by the admin.

Step 8

For Seller Step 8

Once the admin has approved the product, proceed to enter complete information. YoKart also offers functionality to improve the ranking of ecommerce website in search results with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tab.

Step 9

For Seller Step 9

In the last tab, Downloads, upload the file and click Back to Products.

Step 10

For Seller Step 10

Now, you can see your recently uploaded product in the Marketplace Products list. To add product images, click on the third icon under Action column on the right.

As Buyer

Step 1

As Buyer Step 1

Login as YoKart Buyer and proceed to place an order for the preferred digital product. Now go to your dashboard and select My Downloads.

Step 2

As Buyer Step 2

Under Actions column on the right, click on the download button to view the recently purchased digital product.

Build a Feature-Rich Digital Products Marketplace with YoKart


Starting a new eCommerce website to sell digital products can be hard. With multi-vendor eCommerce solution like YoKart, you not only kick start your online business but can also customize it whenever required. YoKart comes with a plethora of options available for admin, vendors, and buyers.

For queries, please drop a comment below and one of our team members will answer it.

Author: YoKart Chef is an ecommerce guru and knows what startups need to thrive in a competitive market. Entrepreneurs & CEOs can count on YoKart Chef for valuable insights on latest ecommerce trends. Follow Yo!Kart on social media for latest updates Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

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