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CS-Cart Vs Sharetribe VS Yo!Kart – Which is the Best eCommerce Solution?


If you’re looking for an eCommerce marketplace software to launch your platform, you’ll come across many solutions in the market. Selecting the right fit for your business requirements can be overwhelming. This can be even more of a task, if you’re new to the industry and oblivious to all the complexities that eCommerce brings forth. So, how do you choose the right one?

In this blog, we discuss three leading eCommerce marketplace software – that have gained traction globally, for their robust solutions: Sharetribe, CS-Cart, and Yo!Kart multivendor software. Fast forward your decision making process, as we take you through detailed nuances of the eCommerce entrepreneurial journey – that will be key to success in this exciting and competitive domain.

Overview of Yo!kart, Cs-Cart and Sharetribe

There can be many ways to approach the solution of a problem. Yo!Kart, CS-Cart,and Shartribe represent three distinct perspectives to start building your eCommerce platform. Let’s find out.


A self hosted solution, Yo!Kart multivendor software, leverages the best of reliability, market leading features, and affordability, all encapsulated in a package that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to get started with an eCommerce platform – right off the bat.

Yo!Kart is available for a lifetime of use with a one-time payment option. Affordability is higher, considering that all required inclusions are offered by default.


CS-Cart has emerged as a popular eCommerce marketplace software after it was used by an Indian eCommerce platform, Shopclues. Even though the business has migrated since then – it was testament to robust virtues of CS-Cart, propelling it as a popular choice in the industry for startups.

CS-Cart is also self hosted and comes with annual subscription plans.


Sharetribe is a SaaS based multivendor marketplace solution. This means that it is hosted, and one needs to just sign up and start using it straight away. However, like most SaaS solutions, the solution comes with recurring changes in the form of monthly subscription fee.

Read these differences in the table below:

Parameter Yo!Kart CS-Cart Sharetribe
Hosting Self-Hosted Self-Hosted Hosted (SaaS-based)
Multi vendor support By Default By Default By Default
Pricing model One-time Cost for License Recurring charges for Subscription Recurring charges for Subscription
Technical skills requirement Low Medium Low-Medium
Customization Support In-house Community support Provides a directory of freelancers/agencies
Scalable Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated B2B solution Yes No No
Suited For SMBs and Large businesses Large Businesses SMBs

Breaking Down the Pricing: Yo!Kart, Cs-Cart and Sharetribe

Before moving on with knowing more about the solutions, let’s discuss their pricing. Notably, all the three solutions offer incremental deliverables in their offered packages. Moreover, Yo!Kart offers additional services apart from the solution itself. Also note that with the exception of the Hobby package for Sharetribe and the Standard package for CS-Cart – all packages include a Whitelabel solution.

Price Package Yo!Kart CS-Cart Sharetribe
Option 1 GoQuick
$1249/one-time only
Standard $1250/year Build $0/month
Whitelabel WebApp, All Yo!Kart features, Tech Support WebApp (Not Whitelabel), Basic Features, Customer Care Test Marketplace (WebApp), Test Users Only upto 50.
Option 2
(Option 1 + More)
GoQuick Boost
$2499/one-time only
Plus $3150/year Onboard $139*/month
WebApp, Mobile Apps, All Yo!Kart features, Tech Support, Marketing services WebApp, Mobile Apps, incremental features, Customer Care Live Marketplace with Custom Domain, Content Management (No transactions)
Option 3
(Option 2 + More)
$6249/one-time only
Ultimate $6950/year Launch $249*/month
WebApp, Custom Design (9 pages), Marketing Services, Tech Support WebApps, Mobile Apps, Multiple storefronts & Warehouses, Customer Care Live Transactions, Payment processing. (No Customization Features)
Option 4
(Option 3 + More)
GoCustom Prime QUOTE -NA- Extend $369*/month
WebApp, Mobile apps, Tech Support, Marketing Services, All Yo!Kart features + Custom Feaures Development Code Customizations, pre-integrations, CLI interface, and more flexibility.
*Discounted prices available for yearly billing

Launch your eCommerce Business at Affordable Cost

Features That Set Them Apart: Yo!Kart, Cs-Cart and Sharetribe

From the outset, eCommerce may seem a simple endeavor – a buyer browses for a product and completes the purchase, the seller ships the product to the buyer’s chosen address. Contrary to these initial impressions, there is a lot happening under the “hood” of an eCommerce business to make the whole mechanism work seamlessly – meeting expectations of the users of today.

These features are needed for all platform participants to perform their intended roles in the marketplace.

Let’s see what all these solutions have to offer.

Feature Yo!Kart
GoQuick $1249/Lifetime
*Pay Once, Own Forever
Standard $1250/Annual
For The Business
Whitelabel Yes No Yes
Free Technical Support 6 months 45 days No
Documentation Detailed Low Detailed
For The Marketplace Operator
Advance Vendor Restrictions Yes Paid Add on Yes
Category Commissions Yes No No
Subscription Module Yes Yes No
Affiliate Module Yes Paid Add On No
Admin Control Over Product Database Or Admin Added Products Yes No Yes
Pre-integrated Payment Gateways Yes Yes Yes
Product Tags Yes Paid Add On No
Inbuilt Blogging Module Yes Paid Add On No
Single Page Workflows Yes No No
WYSIWYG Drag and Drop Editor No Yes No
Design Themes Custom (Paid) Yes (limited) No
Invite Only user log in No No Yes
For Vendors
Marketing Features For Vendors Yes No Yes
Multi-Cart Checkout Yes No Yes
Booking/Rental Support Paid No Yes
Stickers/Labels Yes (Product/Shop/Product category) No No
Cross Selling (Bestsellers/On Sale) Yes Paid Add On No
Shopify Storefront Import Yes Paid Add On No
For Buyers
Advanced Search Comprehensive by Default Some Features are Paid Some Features are Missing
Sellers Rating Yes Paid Add On Yes
Product Reviews Paid Paid Add On Yes
Social Log In/ OTP Log In Yes/Yes Paid Add On/Paid Add On Yes/No
Checkout Easy Complicated Easy

Leverage Market Impact of a Feature-rich Platform

Third Party Ratings

Credible third party sources have a systematic approach to analyze and rate software for their target audience. The effectiveness of these ratings has in fact, established the credibility of these sources. Listed below are the ratings of these three eCommerce marketplace software.

Rating Platform Yo!Kart Rating CS-Cart Rating Sharetribe Rating
TrustRadius 8.5/10 8.6/10 No Reviews and Ratings
Trustpilot 4.2/5 3.6/5 4.6/5
Software Suggest 4.9/5 4.8/5 No Reviews and Ratings
Goodfirms 4.8/5 5/5
*Based on one single review only
No Reviews and Ratings

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A Comprehensive Comparison: Yo!Kart, Cs-Cart and Sharetribe

The reason these solutions are popular is because they cover essential bases for eCommerce marketplace platforms. In certain specific scenarios you can pick one of these over the other two.

For instance, if you are planning to avail a hosted solution, don’t want scale to multiple users from the start, and recurring charges are not going to add up to the overheads in the long run, Sharetribe might be a better choice.

Likewise, for a generic eCommerce business idea, that is restricted to B2C transactions, requires limited features, and needs to connect operations from multiple warehouses from a single platform, CS-Cart offers a multiple-storefront feature in its Ultimate pack, priced at $6950. Yo!Kart Multivendor software does not offer this feature by default, as it recommends going for custom eCommerce solution in GoCustom prime package to cover such needs comprehensively.

For all other needs, eCommerce businesses require a solution which leverages transparency and brings in predictability. Overheads are minimized and calculable. Performance is robust. Shopping experience is modern and appealing while still being efficient for vendors and marketplace operators. Features are included covering minutest of needs of an eCommerce business. Moreover, platform customization is reliable, convenient, and available throughout the lifecycle of your business. That is where we have Yo!Kart – that not just ticks the right boxes, but offers a complete peace of mind to businesses of all sizes and scopes.

Yo!Kart – The Complete Package

Yo!Kart benefits from more than two decades of eCommerce expertise – FATbit Technologies, the company which has developed the Yo!Kart multivendor solution, has been delivering custom eCommerce solutions to a global clientele since 2004. Significantly, it offers holistic solutions in form of readymade software, services, and consultation. Yo!Kart, since its launch in 2015, gets the edge because of this comprehensive business outlook.

Furthermore, by working for a diverse clientele, FATbit understands that no two eCommerce platforms are completely alike, and dynamism is the name of the game. Yo!Kart, the common thread in eCommerce requirements, gives a competitive advantage while still giving versatility to fulfill diverse requirements. It can power e-marketplaces based on multiple popular business models i.e. B2B2C, P2P, D2C, and others.

However, in B2B eCommerce, the buyers are businesses, and they need entirely different sales process, when compared to end-buyers. Hence, FATbit offers an exclusive B2B software i.e. Yo!Kart B2B for this specific purpose. This solution is built to host B2B commerce between businesses like manufacturers, distributors, brand resellers, and others.

Both Yo!Kart and Yo!Kart B2B are built with the Yo!Kart-advantage, which is inclusive of the following benefits:

  • The self-hosted solutions offers all features as advertised transparently on the official website. None of those are Paid add-on rather all are offered by default.
  • The price for the packages are as advertised, and there are no hidden charges thereafter.
  • The multivendor ecommerce software are built to be readymade solutions – all essential ecommerce features are included, covering minutest of eCommerce business scenarios. Popular business APIs and payment gateways are offered pre-integrated.
  • Yo!Kart solutions are built to enthrall buyers with pleasing and intuitive UI. UX is predictable and made with extensive user psychoanalysis, leveraging user-empathy. Work flows are logic-driven adding predictability and efficiency to operations – enhancing effectiveness, and reducing man-hours.
  • For more specific business needs, Yo!Kart solutions offer in-house customization, facilitating reliability and ease for your platform while also saving unpredictable third-party involvement in the development of your project.

These advantages form the crux of over 5000+ eCommerce businesses that rely on Yo!Kart- powered platforms to be the engine for growth in the competitive eCommerce ecosystem.

Start eCommerce business with a complete solution

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