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Best Ecommerce Software Features & Recent Updates- Yo!Kart


Kaizen being dominant in Yo!Kart’s DNA, adapting to changing market currents and constantly improving to meet the business needs of customers and ecommerce market is on course for us. It is very important for any business to keep up with the changing pace of market developments and Yo!Kart has been successful in doing so. This is the reason why Yo!Kart is best ecommerce software of eCommerce industry.

Keeping in touch with our existing clients and queries from our potential customers have helped us improve our multivendor ecommerce platform by many folds. Delivering one of the best solutions for ecommerce and living up to the expectations of our clients are two of our biggest drives. And to gratify such drives, we constantly endeavor to make YoKart better in every respect.

In the same regard, we present our new list of features updated in latest version of YoKart (Version 5). Following is a detailed report of updated as well as upcoming features of best multi vendor ecommerce software.

Bulk Import/Export

The Import and Export functionality has been added to YoKart to make it easy for store owners to transfer the store’s data. The data, which includes categories, products, attribute definitions, and more, can now be easily imported from or exported to various file formats, such as XLS and XLSX. Using this feature the store owners can add/edit or remove the products in bulk from their store. This feature is also beneficial from analysis point of view as now owners can export the store data in bulk and conduct various analysis using different tools.

Affiliate Module

This feature has been added to add to the revenue stream of the ecommerce store. By referring products through a link on their website or blog, affiliate partners can earn money.
Whenever a purchase is made through the link shared on the affiliate partner’s website or blog, they earn commission.
Affiliate Module will help website owners in increasing the sales, connecting with more users and building a stronger brand image.

Theme Management

To improve the user experience of multivendor ecommerce stores powered by YoKart, theme management feature has been added. Now the website owners can update the color of ecommerce website as per their wish.
Colors have a huge impact on the minds of customer and help in improving engagement. For example: A store selling beauty and wellness products having feminine colors like pink, purple, red will have better impact on visiting users than colors like black and grey. So this is a great feature for all those who want to experiment with color theme of their ecommerce store.

Revamped Admin dashboard

Managing your ecommerce store has become easier and worthwhile. The new admin dashboard is loaded with some paramount add-ons, which will take your store to a next level. Some of these features include- displaying store’s conversion statistics, social media engagement, visitor traffic source, top referrer sites, top search platforms, top selling products and much more.

These analytical add-ons to the dashboard will help website owners in managing their ecommerce store in a better way and formulate business strategies accordingly.

New Payment Gateway integration

The buyers will get more paying options as 10 more payment gateways have been integrated in the new Yo!Kart version. All these payment gateways are a part of the default copy and the website owners will not have to pay extra for the payment gateways. The list of newly added payment gateways include CC avenue, Paytm, 2 checkout, Citrus, Amazon, Zaakpay, Razonpay and Khipu.

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Introduction of PayPal adaptive payments

This feature will reduce the website owner’s burden of managing financial transactions pertaining to the buyers and sellers as the Adaptive Payment API helps in handling payment between sender and one or more receivers. When the buyer makes any payment through PayPal, the payment will be split into 2 parts i.e. order commission will go directly to the website owner and the remaining amount to the seller.

Blog Integration

Customer engagement is the key to ecommerce success. So to take you a step closer to success the updated best ecommerce software comes with an inbuilt blog.
Website owners will now get the opportunity to leverage the power of content marketing and take their multivendor ecommerce store to new heights.

Smart recommendations

Smart recommendations feature will be inducted in upcoming best ecommerce platform’s version. This feature will recommend products to visitors/customers on the basis of the previous purchase and search pattern. Hence, delivering better customer experience and ultimately achieving increased sales for the website will be easier than now.

This is all for now. Do let us know if you want us to add some more useful features to Yo!Kart to make it best ecommerce software of this industry; we will be happy to hear your suggestions and work upon them.

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