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25 Promotional Strategies To Boost Sales of eCommerce Marketplace This Christmas

You might have noticed a dip in the temperature which marks the beginning of the winter season. Along with that, it is also indicative of the fact that the jingle season and new years are just around the corner! This might excite the avid shoppers out there but this is an even bigger opportunity as well as a challenge for numerous eCommerce Marketplace to garner the consumer’s interest by opting for holiday offers promotional strategies to shoot up sales.  As a vendor, improving your ROI and attracting more customers to enhance the sales figures this Christmas might be your sole agenda. To achieve this, we have curated a list of 25 eCommerce marketplace promotional strategies that will up your sales game.    Continue reading to know more about the top Christmas offers that you can run on your online marketplace for more sales. 

1. Curate gifting cards for customers

Sending attractive gift cards to the customers is a great way of increasing the visibility of your product. Also, it is a tested marketing trick that many vendors utilize for better sales. With every purchase that the customer makes, you can give them an additional gift card of a certain value. The shoppers will be enthralled by this and will spread the word among fellow shoppers. Customer retention can also be practiced by offering great discounts and vouchers. 

2. Extract benefits out of the celebratory vibe

This is an ideal marketing strategy for your eCommerce marketplace. Keep skimming around the festive wave to extract maximum advantage. Businesses generally have to take the initiative of creating awareness in the public about their Christmas themed products. This is done to drive maximum sales. A lot of time, planning, and energy are vested in this task. People are already very excited during the holiday season, which is a plus point for the vendors. Campaigning around this celebratory wave can prove to be very beneficial. 

3. Make use of social media 

Social media can prove to be your best friend when it comes to driving sales for your business this Christmas and new year. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook marketplace, Chirpify, and more will enable you to increase product visibility and escalate the sales. As per the social media engagement stats, 80% vendors targeted users on different social media platforms. This was a key strategy that brought in more sales and improved the numbers. It is a powerful tool that can help you extract maximum output. 

4. Tap the customers’ emotions 

Customers become extremely emotional due to the beliefs that they foster. As a vendor, you can convert this sentiment into an eCommerce promotional strategy and derive more sales. Attach a story with the product that you want to sell to the consumers so they can link their sentiment with it and make instant purchases. 

5. Source unique products

Shout it out loud! Customers root for products that are unique and scarce. It is indeed an excellent promotional strategy of captivating the customer’s interests. Got an exclusive product? Focus more on highlighting its features and bringing it under the spotlight. Accentuate the exclusivity of the product and see your sales boosting. 

6. Gifts with every purchase

Who doesn’t love gifts?  This is the perfect marketing strategy that will definitely get you more leads and ultimately lift your sales game. Keychains, miniatures, or Christmas candies! It can be a little something for your customers that entices them to make more purchases with you over time. This will help in establishing a more valuable relationship with the customers.

7. Jingle themed campaigns

Understand the gist of the festive fervor. A majority of the shoppers look for festive clothing such as red sweaters, Santa themed apparel, Christmas hats, and much more. By showcasing the products in a strategized manner and assuring the customers about the quality of the products, you can certainly garner customer attention and boost your sales. Invent catchy taglines and categorize products intelligently as per the customer’s needs which will facilitate a quick shopping experience. Ensure that the theme revolves strictly around the holiday season and the festivals to come. 

8. Flash sales at huge discounts

Did that catch your attention? It will surely catch your customer’s attention too! Flash sales are a favorite amongst shoppers who are looking for deals and discounts all through the festive season. Introduce flash sales on your eCommerce marketplace. This is an exceptional sales tactic to escalate sales. 

9. Ascertain the customer’s pain-point

Buyers always have some specific purchasing habits which the vendors must tap to their advantage. Target the customer’s pain-points and ascertain what exactly is the buyer looking for in a product. Create an exclusive product around the customary requirements and use a combination of marketing strategies for more sales. 

10. Early bird passes and sale access

eCommerce giants such as Amazon extract a major chunk of revenue by giving early purchasing access to their prime customers.  As an eCommerce marketplace promotional strategy, vendors can resort to giving early bird passed to prime customers so they can shop the exclusive products. This will not only create a great impression on your customers but also instill the instant urge to shop. 

11. Run an Adwords campaign

Google Adwords campaign is an effective method of targeting customers and boosting sales. Strategize to adjust the Adwords around the campaign and notice the sales graph go up. Google Ads is the ultimate source that helps you in driving more sales. Target holiday-specific keywords to run a successful Adwords campaign. 

12. Discounted App-only deals 

Unable to drive more customer traffic on your mobile application? That’s because the customers are not getting a reason to shop from the mobile app. Post a sale of exclusive products on your mobile application and see your sales rising. Introduce some limited and exclusive app-only deals.  

13. Offer monetary gifts to the customers

Surprise your customers by offering them some dimes. Encourage them to utilize this money by making purchases from your website. Source some of the marketing funds and utilize them in this promotional strategy. It will bring in instant sales. 

14. Quirky packaging that attracts customers

Keep it quirky this Christmas. Packaging that is quirky and attractive plays a crucial role in providing structure to your brand. Elevate your customer’s shopping experience by introducing customization options.   

15. Invest in a social cause

Conceptualizing the Christmas theme and weaving it with certain marketing promotional strategies can aid in creating brand awareness and increasing sales. It helps customers stay connected with the celebratory wave. Also if the theme supports a social cause, people will make more generous purchases that will ultimately lead to increased sales.

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16. Post-festival offers

Statistics suggest that almost 70% of the shoppers are expected to shop on the next day falling after Christmas day. This is a trend that repeats itself every year during the holiday season and is expected to extend till new years. This is a great way of making some additional profits and gaining the attention of new customers.   

17. Trending graphic Imagery

The use of strong imagery and graphics that communicate a message can help create an impact on potential customers. Curate catchy images that reflect the Christmas theme and highlight the products that you wish to sell. 

18. Track trending festival keywords

Keywords are the backbone that helps define the promotional marketing strategy that you select. This is one crucial reason that must be kept in mind when planning marketing strategies. Repeating the same keyword year after year during the holiday season might result in dropped sales. Kick-start the festival campaign by tracking trending festival keywords.

19. Offer enigmatic discount coupons 

What’s hidden inside that mysterious gift coupon? Asks every shopaholic customer. There’s no doubt in the fact that customers love gifts. Tapping this habit, vendors can make amends for customized mystery discount coupons that take the customers to the dedicated website of the brand. After getting redirected to the website, customers can scratch out the coupons digitally and reveal the discount

20. Thoughtful and motivating content

Precisely, insightful content is the king of marketing. You can commence with posting quirky and innovative taglines that will bring in more leads. Post animated videos with engaging introduction across different social media platforms that interests the consumers. Also, #hashtagit! This is a tried and tested method of promoting the brand. 

21. Conduct giveaways

Apart from the above-mentioned eCommerce marketplace promotional strategies, various other tricks will help you gain customer attention and also practice retention. Giveaways are a great method of achieving the agenda of increased sales. You can collaborate with an influencer or a celebrity for the promotion of your products on any social media platform.   

22. Run Email marketing campaigns

Take the traditional digital route! Although there are numerous digital platforms where you can market your product, running email marketing campaigns tops the list. Sending personalized emails to the customers is an effective promotional strategy that can help you draw leads. 

23. Target the audience against numerous social media platforms

As per the trend, social media is the king of marketing your brand. With the help of planned marketing strategies, vendors can target the masses and spread awareness about their products. There are a variety of platforms where you can practice this strategy and drive sales. 

24. Website and app optimization

Social media engagement has been increasing considerably on a daily basis. According to statistics, it was predicted that around 60% of sales across various eCommerce platforms shot up due to the increased use of social media platforms. So make sure that you pay special attention to optimizing your website and mobile apps to prep for the holiday sale. 

25. Set a stopwatch  

“Last two pieces left at flat 70% off”  “Offer till stocks last” “1 min 30 seconds left for free shipping across all orders” Caught your attention? This is indeed a sure-shot way of grabbing your customer’s attention and generating leads. The target customers will get anticipated and make purchases which will, in turn, increase your sales. 

Why opt for eCommerce marketplace promotional strategies this Christmas and new years? 

Imagine a situation where you as a vendor have stocks in bulk, have announced great discounts on the products, and even decide to conduct a giveaway to attract more customers.  Even after adopting certain strategies, you are not able to garner as much customer attention making the sales stagnant. This is where opting for these eCommerce marketplace promotional strategies comes in handy. Sales planning in culmination with effective promotional marketplace strategies are the key to increasing sales this Christmas and new years. Holiday offers promotional strategies that will enable you to tap more customers and boost your revenue

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