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Yo!Kart Is Soon Unveiling “Tribe”: An Ecommerce Store Software

YoKart Chef09.08.2020
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“Every Great Thing Takes Time For Perfection. Stay Tuned For The Launch.”

The world has been shaken up by the pandemic, while some countries have gradually recovered from the health crisis, the majority of countries are still comprehending ways to stand strong against the economic crisis. Most brick and mortar stores have analyzed the foot count and reducing sales figures, they are planning to shift their stores online to regain their customers and profitability.

During the pandemic, survival and finding innovative opportunities is the primary focus for entrepreneurs, catering to the current market needs, Yo!Kart has a unique proposition for businesses. Yo!Kart, an innovative technology solution having served SMBs and enterprises across the globe, explored cutting-edge technology to contribute during the pandemic. Yo!Kart is soon launching its eCommerce store Software under the brand name “Tribe”  to help entrepreneurs survive and thrive in the digital world. 

Yo!Kart has received appreciation from clients all over the globe as a multi-vendor eCommerce platform is now venturing into a new segment and has crafted an online store software, providing offline and small retailers a platform to connect with customers during the pandemic. Tribe will help in reducing the time to market by offering agility and scalability in the functionality without attaching a price tag to it.

Yo!Kart’ Tribe At ZERO Cost

Comprehending the economy and the need of the hour, Tribe will be available at zero cost. By Zero Cost we mean FREE, there are no hidden charges like commission or transaction fees. Unlike other popular eCommerce store software, once the system has been deployed on your server, we do not charge a penny on the number of sales or the profit that you make on the website.  There are additional charges only for technical support from Yo!Kart Expert or any customization.

Reduce Vulnerability With Secured Framework

The team developing Tribe extensively researched the market and pain points to drive features which are essentially needed for an online store. After extensive research and mind mapping, we chose the Laravel Framework which is inherently secure. The reason why our experts embraced Laravel for the single-vendor solution: it is a mission-critical application that uses two levels of security, i.e. application security and server security. As Laravel is a development framework, it won’t make your server secure, the primary focus will be the application. All the data is sanitized when you are using the Laravel PHP framework.

Designed For Accessibility

The design of the software is aesthetically planned for every user of the website. It empowers merchants to natively design the frontend with Page Builder functionality. The software is user-focused as a widget allows the seller to choose the level of expertise in UI/UX and designing. Expert, intermediate, and beginner are the level, if the seller has a fair understanding of HTML then they can edit the design in HTML. Sellers that choose beginner level, can quickly design a beautiful, custom storefront without entering a single line of code. Sellers can make real-time changes by accessing Page Builder directly from any live page for a more seamless storefront management experience.

Managing Complexity With An Easy-to-use Platform 

Our experts understand the complexity of managing an eCommerce store for a seller, thus the backend has been made easy to use. For the seller to easily set up the eCommerce website, the system guides you through the process step by step. The system is developed after understanding the target user and will notify you about the functionality during the initial setup and the day-to-day usage. To reduce the time spent in making changes, the system display is in split-screen preview allowing the seller to easily manage tasks.

Agile Team Of 150+ Experts For Customization

To change the website features and functionality according to the business requirements, we have a team of 150+ experts who have in-depth subject-matter expertise and market knowledge. Our Experts, from the past many years, have empowered 1000+ eCommerce websites in varied niches which have led to enhanced industry knowledge. An agile process is followed to maintain the capacity to stay flexible and respond rapidly to meet our clients’ varying needs.

Finally, Tribe is apt for those businesses that want to take their brick and mortar store to the digital channel. The system has been developed after an in-depth analysis of the user persona and market trends. The countdown for the launch has begun, stay tuned for updates on the release dates.

Initially, we are launching Tribe in specific countries. Get in touch with us for more details.

Start Your Digital Journey With Tribe Ecommerce Store Software. Get In Touch With Us


Author: YoKart Chef is an ecommerce guru and knows what startups need to thrive in a competitive market. Entrepreneurs & CEOs can count on YoKart Chef for valuable insights on latest ecommerce trends. Follow Yo!Kart on social media for latest updates Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

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