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Yo!Kart vs CS-Cart – Tale of Good vs Bad Client Experience


Over the holiday season 2020, online shopping in the United States reached $188.2 billion, an almost 32% increase from 2019- as per Adobe Analytics. 

The holiday season is a crucial time for eCommerce businesses, whether you are a small eCommerce store owner or an enterprise. To prepare your online store for the upcoming holiday season, it requires extensive preparations. The most crucial step in these is picking the best multi-vendor eCommerce platform for effectively managing the inventory, orders, marketing and overall better customer experience.

The following 2 clients’ experience will help understand how important it is to pick the right eCommerce software solution for a holiday season. 

One client picked CS-Cart to design its online marketplace for the 2020 Christmas holiday season and another client chose Yo!Kart to build the eCommerce marketplace for the same holiday season. 

CS-Cart’s Client Experience

According to Capterra, a CEO of Apparel & Fashion company, who was already operating his online business on CS-Cart multi-vendor framework, had urged the team to rebuild the mobile app. Primarily, he changed his CS-Cart template, which caused mobile apps to stop working. 

The client was preparing for a Christmas Holiday season 2020, and with the help of apps, he meant to provide a well-designed eCommerce journey to customers.

What CS-Cart Team Delivered

As per client’s review, even after two months of development with an expenditure of $7000, the CS-Cart team failed to provide an iOS app. 

The client couldn’t take advantage of the Christmas holiday season, and he was also disappointed with the costly support provided. This whole experience had forced him to leave negative feedback of CS-Cart on Capterra.

CScart Capterra Review:

Cscart Review

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Yo!Kart’s Client Experience

A prospect who is the head of Digitalization and Systems Consulting was looking to switch from Woocomerce to another operational marketplace software as the Christmas season was coming. He obliged to set up an online marketplace with the required database, CMS, operating system, and other functions. 

Start Your ecommerce Marketplace with Turnkey Solution Yo!Kart

What Yo!Kart Team Delivered

According to the client’s review, the Yo!Kart team installed the marketplace on the client’s server just after the three days of purchase. The team gave extensive knowledge transfer sessions to the client, where he understood every bit and parts of the system. Because of the web version’s stable configuration parameters, the client also necessitated mobile apps, and it also got delivered within a fixed time.

The total cost of the web version and mobile apps was only $2000.

Overall, the client was happy with:

1. Streamlined communication and support of the YoKart team
2. Quick bug fixing
3. A well-refined and illustrated knowledge transfer session
4. Pre-Integrated payment gateways like ShipStation, PayPal, and Stripe
5. Timely Deliverables

Yo!Kart Capterra Review:

yokart review thumbnail

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A holiday season’s success depends upon business owners’ potential to extend the fulfilment volume and re-evaluate & replan (if necessary) the customer experience. You can connect with eCommerce solution experts as they can help you boost your sales, win over customers, and gain that much-needed competitor advantage in the industry.

The Yo!Kart team is empowered to test, learn, and improve their eCommerce platform with top-notch technology and other resources. We are persistently enhancing Yo!Kart amid changing consumer shopping behaviour. 

We anticipate and prepare for the disruption that helps online marketplaces owners to thrive. The perfect example is our latest version of Yo!Kart V9.3.0, where we embedded various new technologies in the form of APIs such as ShipStation, Stripe Connect, Taxjar, Location Services, etc. Yo!Kart V9.3.0 comes with enhanced UI/UX, optimized performance & security modules to enable a business owner to deliver strategic outcomes and improved overall customer value.

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Disclaimer: Gartner Digital Markets reviews are shared across its different brand sites and constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-users based on their own experiences and do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.

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